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These Grocery Stores In Kolkata Will Deliver To Your Doorstep!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Nov. 23, 2020 2 min read

The crux of the matter is quite simple; pandemic or not, lockdown or not, the threat of infection looming in the air or not, some things you just can't stop doing. And on this list of essential tasks, periodic grocery runs snag a top spot. So, what does it matter if its chilly outside, and you don't want to move an inch from your bed? If your mom wants Dhaniya for today's lunch, you better get a bag of Dhaniya ASAP. And some Nimbu, to go along with it! 


But running to the corner Kirana store, is no longer just a matter of putting on a sweatshirt, sliding on some slippers, and making a dash through the front door. Some really important (and annoying) variables are now to be considered *cough* Coronavirus *cough*. If it weren't for our favourite departmental stores making their way to us instead, I'm sure a lot of us would comfortably prefer starving to death. Thank God, that's not the case here! 


So, on that note, we're here to talk about some home-delivery grocery options in the city of Kolkata. And after thorough research, we've been able to list 6 grocery stores in Kolkata that'll deliver your essentials to your very doorstep! 



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For mid-week emergency pantry restocking. 



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For when you need a packet of wafers to munch on. 


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For when you find out you're out of toothpaste in the morning. 




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For your daily cup of Chai.



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For your leafy greens and nutritious fruits.



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For the vinegar you want in your salad. 


A few swipes here, and a couple of clicks there. Tada! Your next month's groceries are now sitting in front of your house!


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