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A Trip to Ahmedabad Lets You Crave More For Gujarati Delicacies

By Swarnali Das

Updated - June 1, 2020 4 min read

A Trip to Ahmedabad lets You Crave More for Gujarati Food

The city of Ahmedabad is a major business hub in India. This city is thronged by thousands of visitors from different parts of our country on a regular basis. Apart from its versatile culture and traditions, Ahmedabad is known for its culinary styles and practices.

Few local delicacies that will help you catch up with their authentic flavors have been mentioned below:



The legendary snacks of Ahmedabad have been praised all over the world. Gujaratis have certain preferences when it comes to having farsan. While you’re on a visit to Ahmedabad, you’re bound to come across numerous savory cakes called Khamans that feel fluffy and soft besides tasting sweet. Khamans are composed of chickpea flour (besan) and they taste really good when you have them with fried green chilies. Some of you may even prefer to have Khamans with date chutney or tamarind.

The nylon khaman has gained much popularity among the multiple variants of Khamans that you come across on the market. You can serve it with nylon sev just to satisfy your culinary desires. If you find little time out of your busy schedule, you may try visiting Mani Nagar just to get a taste of the Das Surti Khaman. Having another tasty snack called the Khandvi will add to your delight while you’re on a visit to the no-frills surroundings of Mani Nagar. The Khandvi comes in small pieces and bears the perfect blend of spices, yogurt, and gram flour.

gujarati food khaman



You’re likely to come across several roadside carts in Ahmedabad wherein pakora (bhajiya) are served with fried green chilies on a piece of paper. While getting past the Raipur gate, you may check out this snack at an authentic shop – the Raipur Bhajiya House. You may try the mouthwatering onion, chilly, and potato bhajiya at regular interval. Your checklist for Gujarati food is incomplete without trying Bhajiya.

bhajiya gujarati food


Maharaj Samosa

You’re bound to be engrossed in three varieties of lip-smacking samosas at Maharaj while passing through the Stadium Road. Accompanied by a unique sauce and served with dry green chilies, these samosas yield a great taste due to their potato and green peas stuffing. You may get them packed for your evening snack or take them semi-fried just to store them in the fridge for months.

samosa gujarati food



All you need is a charcoal stove and a pot to prepare this rice-flour dough, which is typically Gujarati in its taste. The smooth feel is achieved as the Khichu simmers for long hours. The simmering water in your pot will help in cooking the key ingredients of Khichu e.g. cumin seeds, green chilies, salt, and rice flour. Pour some groundnut oil and garnish with pickle masala, just to turn your khichu into an offbeat delicacy. It’s a must-have for those that participate in the Navratri festival and witness the traditional folk dance called Garba. You’ll find stalls serving Khichu in the surrounding areas.

khichu gujaratifood



Kharek is another mouth-watering delicacy prepared with a dry date layered with different types of churan. A unique spice coating makes the ‘hajamahajam’ so special among all popular digestive varieties. Gujaratis have a strong inclination towards the spicy-salty-sweet taste of the Kharek. You can have enough of this tasty snack while driving past the Law Garden. You may even check them out in the street carts near Manek Chowk.

kharek gujarati food



The residents of Ahmedabad show a distinct taste for ice creams and a wide variety of branded and local options are there to keep them overwhelmed. You may catch up with the creamy rich Kulfi at any of the outlets belonging to Ashrafi Ni Kulfi’s. This is certainly going to yield a great evening delight for your loved ones at the end of a hot summer day. If you’re one of those that are fond of delicacies based on fruits or nuts, you may indulge in their wide range of selections varying from custard apple, chocolate, kesar-pista, strawberry, mango, and kulfi-malai.The right blend of traditional flavors has placed Ahmedabad among the most sought-after tourist hotspots for foodies. You must remember this Gujarati food - main delicacies while planning your trip. Once you identify with your favorite hotspots, you can book a trip in advance. 

kulfi gujarati food



Swarnali Das is an avid reader and indomitable traveler besides being an ardent foodie. She has earned much critical acclaim from fellow mommy bloggers and e-book writers of late. Her passion for food and travel has helped her contribute unique recipes belonging to various geographical locations on her blog and even suggest a few travel coupons for the online visitors.


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