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5 Gym Outfit Inspirations For Chubby Girls And Where To Buy Them

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - March 3, 2020 3 min read

Long gone are the days when a workout meant putting on your baggiest, sweatiest and least flattering clothes and heading out with a hairband plastered on your forehead. In 2020, the gym is the new runway, and every lady out there working hard to get into her best shape, deserves to walk into the gym feeling nothing less than a true-blue diva! 


While women with slim, petite or athletic bodies might have an assortment of clothing options at their dispense, it's often those with a fuller, curvier figure that end up getting the short end of the stick. Well, we say, enough with that! 


Feeling conscious of your body, especially at the gym when regardless of your body shape, you're highly likely to be surrounded by someone fitter, leaner or stronger, is entirely understandable. So, what we have here is a rack full off gym outfit ideas for women who don't fit into the convention of the "ideal thin girl", and instead revel in all their curves, and rounded-edges! 


1. Tank Top With Capri

The first look is the most basic and easily achievable. It cloaks everything you want to during your workout, and it's also super comfy. A plain black, grey tank top will work out perfectly with a pair of printed Capri pants. Try sticking to a darker, and more basic colour palette, as it can make you look leaner than you are. Complete the look with a high ponytail and your running shoes and you are good to go.


Tank top with capri pants

Image Courtesy: Pinterest



2. Strappy And Loose

A loose strappy tank top is also a good way to slightly swank up your gym outfit. These tops are usually quite comfortable provided you don't play with the quality of sports bra underneath. A seriously padded sports bra with a statement back-lets along with basic yoga pants and sports shoes will land you a few envious stares at least. 


Strappy tee

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


3. Do-Knot Worry Be Trendy

Ladies, don't ever think twice before buying a knotted tee or top for the gym. Nothing hides your heavier areas better than knotted tops. Don't forget to keep the knot up to your waist and pair the top with high waisted compression leggings. With the teeshirt/top you can wear the colour of your choice but keep the pants plain or slightly printed. Never pair a print with another print.


Knotted tops

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


4. Fix-It With A Breathable Jacket

This synthetic jacket can be pulled off over any tank top, teeshirt or sports bra whilst also hiding your middle area. Down the belt go creative with either yoga pants, sweatpants or track pants. You even have the liberty to go with deep neck tank tops or sports bra for a more knock-off look because the jacket will take care of the rest. 


Synthetic breathable jackets

Image Courtesy: Pinterest


5. Don't Mesh With Us

Pun Intended! A mesh top bought from a branded store can get you results without even hoping for it. It works like a translucent shield for a curvy body. Which means, wear all the neon bright-coloured sports bras but top it off with a mesh sweat and you are ready to work out like a diva. One note: Try to keep the colour of the mesh as dark as possible for the edgy results.


Mesh tops

Image Courtesy: Pinterest




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