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Check Out This Handmade Ornate Gajra By Nandni Studio

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - July 14, 2021 2 min read

A sucker for handmade apparel and accessories inspired by Indian culture? You clicked on the right blog! Our country is known for its rich heritage all around the world. The fabrics, the prints, the designs and the techniques we use remain unmatched to this day. It's surprising how present-day modern jewellery and fashion trends across the globe still draws inspiration from traditional Indian artistry. 


Lucky for you, we found the perfect homegrown fashion brand promoting Indianness, simplicity, comfort and finesse through their range of clothing and accessories right here. 


All you fashion-forward peeps, meet Nandni Studio. 


More About Nandni Studio

From the heart of an artist who pursued her passion, Nandni Studio is the brainchild of Soojata Gupta, a senior IT executive turned fashion entrepreneur. The label aims to combine contemporary aesthetic with ethnic to create artworks you can wear. 


They work with handpicked weavers who craft impeccable couture with a mix of dyes, prints, cuts, patterns and styles that reflects traditional Indian artisanal skills fused with modernity. The brand uses breathable fabric for extra comfort and unique handprints to set you apart from the crowd. 


You can get your hands on dresses, tops, jackets, pants, skirts, jumpsuits, Indian suits, crochet jewellery, hair accessories, cushion covers and upcycled flip-flops at Nandni Studio.

Image Courtesy: Nandni Studio


I received a surprise package from the label with a beautiful "Ornate Gajra" in the box and here are my first impressions.


Ornate Gajra

Handmade and gorgeous, Ornate Gajra by Nandni Studio is an artificial hair accessory inspired by the flowers Indian women from all walks of life wear in their hair. The only difference, Nandni Studio’s gajra is not made from real jasmine flowers.


This Ornate Gajra is a set of five crocheted flowers tied together on a crochet dori  made from anchor crochet yarn. There are hints of metallic crochet yarn in the flowers and the edges of the dori are finished with beaded tassels. Every product is made to order and you can pick from 10 different colours. 

Image Courtesy: Nandni Studio


What Do I Think?

This hair accessory surely belongs in your cabinet if you love to wear ethnic outfits on multiple occasions. The structure of this gajra is quite sturdy and break-proof. It looks beautiful on almost all types of hair buns. The tassels at the end of the dori are a great touch which I really liked. And there are 10 different colours you can pick from.


Now, the cost of one gajra is Rs 1,600, which is a bit steep. However, the good news is, you can make the most of this hair accessory by doubling it up as a hairband, choker and hand bracelet. 


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