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Gruesome Stories Behind The Most Haunted Places in Delhi

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - Oct. 25, 2018 bookmark icon 8 min read

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Ghosts - Spirits - Abnormal happenings and Horror stories! We bet hearing the title itself must’ve awakened your curiosity. Mystery is something everyone searches for because it’s intriguing to know about things that are not easily believed by people. But what if that mystery is just next door? Delhi is a crowded and historical city but no place is hidden from supernatural beings. Here are some of the scariest and haunted places in Delhi that’ll give you goosebumps. 


Caution: It is suggested not to visit these place alone or at night. Try at your own risk!


1. Delhi Cantonment

Delhi Cantonment - commonly known as Delhi Cantt was originally built by the British. But no one can imagine the mysteries going on there. When it’s 11 pm and your car is on the isolated Cantt road, creepy moments lie ahead of you.


A lady standing on the side of the road will ask for a lift. You’ll see her wearing a white dress with her face blurry. You’ll speed up your car in the hope to escape. But guess what? That lady will run comfortably along with your car. Impossible to believe right? Delhi cantonment road is a really terrifying place for those have seen this eerie ghost lady. Some people claim that the lady probably died in a car accident on that road or maybe she was a hitchhiker. More than that, everyone on that particular road is strictly advised to not stop the vehicle if someone asks for a lift.


Where: Delhi Cantonment


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2. Lothian Cemetery

A mere 5-minute walk from Kashmere Gate in Delhi is one such graveyard called Lothian Cemetery. It’s believed to be one of the most haunted cemeteries in Delhi. Official records state that this cemetery was built by the British in the year 1808 which makes it around 200 years old. It’s believed that it was a Muslim burial ground but was snatched by the British in order to show their supremacy.
There are main three stories that are believed to be true regarding this place.



The First story is of a British lover, Sir Nicholas, who fell in love with an Indian girl but when he was informed that she’s already married, he committed suicide. It’s believed that his ghost haunts the cemetery where he still calls out the name of his beloved. Some people say that he walks there every night holding his own head in his hands. How did his entire head come off if he shot himself is beyond our understanding.



The second story is of a boy who has been seen walking in the cemetery in the dark in search of something. People who claim to have encountered this boy say that he asked them where his parents were.



The third story is the most spooky. There are stories that after British dug open the old graves in order to claim Lothian burial grounds as their own. It’s said that they upset the souls of people who were already buried here. Even though the bodies were removed, all these souls were still bound to this graveyard and now every night there are fights between old ghosts and the English ghosts for their claim over the graveyard.


Where: Netaji Subhash Marg, Priyadarshini Colony, Kashmere Gate, New Delhi


3. House Number W3 - Greater Kailash

When the haunted place is a house, it gets spookier. Yes, this house in Greater Kailash is supposedly a haunted house. Infact, it’s one of the most haunted places in Delhi. This house is the witness of a gruesome murder of an aged couple, whose bodies were later found in a water tank.


In 1986, a couple, Yadu Krishnan Kaul and Madhu Kaul, were murdered by an entrusted yoga guru who buried them in the underground water tank of the house. The reason behind the murder was their land and property. Though there is no proof of the place being haunted, the neighbors have heard sounds coming from that house at night. The house is still unoccupied.


Where: Greater Kailash


4. Jamali Kamali Tomb and Mosque

Jamali Kamali Mosque & Tomb is located in Archaeological Mehrauli village, Delhi. This architectural structure comprised of two ancient monuments: one side is the Mosque and the other side is the tomb. It is said that 2 people, Jamali & Kamali, were buried there. This historical site is a tourist spot from 10 AM to 6 PM.


Despite the commotion in the day, it’s considered as a haunted spot. There have been many sightings of apparitions in the evenings. Visitors have witnessed things like the dogs growling and chasing after nothing. Voices have also been heard at night.


Where: lado sarai, Mehrauli Archeological Park Trail, Christian Colony, Mehrauli, New Delhi


5. Khooni Nadi

Unlike the famous serene lake at Hauz Khas Village, this bloody river situated in Rohini will give you the creeps. Scary name right? There has never been any direct proof, but the locals say that the river is haunted. According to the legend, whoever goes near the river is lured into committing suicide. Many say that people who go near the river are sucked inside by an other-worldly power. Several people have died in this river.


Where: Kamla Nehru Ridge, Civil Lines, Delhi


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6. Dwarka Sector 9 Metro Station

The otherwise peaceful sub-city of Dwarka has some unsettling experiences rolled up its kitty as well. Just outside the entrance to the metro station, people have been overcome by a barrage of inexplicable energy thrust upon them all of a sudden. The paranormal sight of a woman appearing out of nowhere in front of the commuters, and then disappearing with remarkable alacrity has done nothing to improve the situation. The fact that most of these experiences took place during the night has added to the speculation that the place is infested with spirits during the night.


Where: Dwarka Sector 9, Dwarka, New Delhi


7. Khooni Darwaza

Literally meaning the Bloody Gate, Khooni Darwaza is a monument which has centuries of bloody history attached to it. But the most well-known story is that the sons of the last Mughal emperor, Bahadur Shah Zafar, were executed here in full public view. It is said that these spirits still linger about this place but they don't cause any disturbance to the Indians, but strange things have happened to foreigners who've paid a visit to this place.


Where: Bahadur Shah Zafar Marg, Balmiki Basti, Vikram Nagar, New Delhi


8. Sanjay Van

This 10 km stretched forest is a haven for children and nature lovers during the day. However, it completely transforms into a nightmare by the time day comes to an end. The eerily poised elder women in white and children with shrill evil laughs may follow you into the darkness from which you can’t come out. Sudden pushes, resounding slaps, the disappearance of trinkets, spotting of fog in summer nights may sound funny and amusing to you but not when the entity doing it is not a human.


Where: Sanjay Van, New Delhi


9. Agrasen ki Baoli

Creepiest of all the haunted places in Delhi, this Baoli is claimed to be a residence of evils. Once filled with black mystical water who lured people to commit suicide in it by drowning, this 104 level step-well gives you creep the further you descend the steps. You may feel the presence of other beings or some unaccounted noises around you.


Where: Hailey Road, Near Diwanchand Imaging Centre, KG Marg, New Delhi


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10. Chor Minar

Some of you must have noticed this tower while heading to Delhi's most happening and vibrant neighborhood Haus Khas Village and noticed that the tomb is completely covered in holes. Let's just say, these holes were spiked with spears bearing heads of slayed thieves back in the times of Alauddin Khilji. And that if you happen to be in the area after dark, you might be treated with that scene again.


Where: Kharera, 2, Chor Minar Rd, Kaushalya Park, Kausalya Park, Block L, Padmini Enclave, Hauz Khas


On that note, I'm dropping my pen and going to hide in my blanket fort with all the lights in the house on. You go ahead and explore away - at your own risk!