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Celebrate Holi Guilt Free With These 5 Healthy Snacks

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Feb. 18, 2020 3 min read

Celebrating Holi would never be deemed complete without indulging in some heavenly Holi treats. After the hors-de-oeuvres of special Holi Thandai, whatever that follows is what brings is nothing short of an easy way to getting a heart attack in India. Gujias, Kachodis and so many things on our mind, these Holi Snacks can make a serious dent on your fitness regime. But you don't worry anymore for there are some healthy alternatives available nowadays. The same flavours, the same punch and the same intensity of gastronomic pleasure, just without the guilt of having anything unhealthy.



Baked Gujia

Going with a baked alternative to the fried deliciousness of Gujia won't hamper the taste, but would only add to the healthiness of this dish. To make it all the more fun, you can even fill it up with caramelized apples and other fruit-based options. This or that, you won't have to spend a single minute extra in the gym after having this.   


Image Courtesy: NBT Rangmanch


Oat Idli

Holi breakfast is awaited throughout the year. And starting this day with deep-fried awesomeness is soo good, not! Instead, let's just start the day with Oats, a high-fibre alternative to rice and lentils, that makes for a perfectly delicious and healthy breakfast for such an occasion. Add some nuts and veggies in the mix to twist this delicious tweak.   


Image Courtesy: Archana's Kitchen


Low-Calorie Thandai

No Holi celebration is fun without some special Holi Thandai, if you know what I mean. But getting high on this sugary delight is surely not on the healthy list as well. Toppling down some fun is good enough, but not on the cost of your hard-worked fitness regime. Instead, keep it well on the fun part, just loose out the fat and fab from it. Use sugar alternatives like palm sugar or jaggery instead and going with some skimmed milk will add to its goodness as well.


Image Courtesy: Rasoi Menu


Brown Bread Dahi Vada

Dahi Vada an unconditional element of Holi celebrations, is something we can't stay away from. When the tangy-sweet bliss of tamarind and custardy goodness melts in your mouth, the explosion of flavours is something you can't replicate or you can! Instead you can make a brown bread Dahi Vada, which packs in the same taste and pleasures of this Holi snack and is still a healthier variation.    


Image Courtesy: Grab On Blog


Baked Namak Paare  

Namak Paare is an all-time favourite among the Holi fans in the country. Many would agree with me that a nice cup of tea and some Namak Paare after you're quite drenched in the spirit of this festival of colours makes for a soulful pleasure if nothing else. But this festive speciality comes with a price of the shape of your body. A handful of these can make some serious damages to your body sculpting routine and instead, if you really insist on having these, the baked version is just perfect. You can buy these online or simply head to the nearest confectionary to order some, they taste the same as their deep-fried counterparts but are definitely more healthy. 


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Q. Which are the best places to celebrate Holi in India?

A. Mathura & Vrindavan, Jaipur, Udaipur, Hampi


Q. How to Protect Your Skin from Harmful Colours?

A. Follow the below techniques to protect your skin from the harmful colors of Holi:

1. Apply Coconut and Mustard Oils
2. Don't Forget Sunscreen
3. Apply Nail Paint
4. Wear Sunglasses
5. Beware of Cuts and Wounds
6. Use Herbal Colours
7. Don't Stay in Wet Clothes
8. Stay Hydrated


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