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Be Holi Ready With Our Beauty Tips - Pre & Post Holi Skin & Hair Care Routines

By magicpin

Updated - March 18, 2019 5 min read

Getting Holi colors stuck to your hair and skin is not the BEST idea for sure. We're here to save you from the trouble of ruining your skin and hair post holi. Hence, we have sorted out a few skincare tips for holi. Not just Pre-Holi Skincare tips but also Post-Holi tips to takecare of your skin if any damage has been done.


Pre Holi Skincare & Haircare Routine

1. Get Your Skin Moistureised Completely

When we say that you're going to expose your skin a hundred of chemicals on Holi - we mean it! How about saving your skin from the trauma these chemicals can cause. Before you plan to step out to play Holi, slather your body with a good body oil or a moisturiser. Give your body a good massage so it sokes in the moisturiser well. It will act as a shield between your skin and colors, and also helps you get rid of the colors easily.



2. Nail Paint To The Rescue

Not just your body but pay attention to those pretty nails as well. Avoid getting extensions anytime before or near Holi as you will end up wasting the money because the colors will definitely ruin them. So save your nail enamel from any kind of harm, paint your nails with a dark nail polish. The nailpaint acts as a sheild to protect your enamel from long-lasting colors. Also, cut your nails for hygeine purpose as the colors might settle down in your nails.



3. Cover Your Body

We know you would prefer dressing up the way you want but we would recommend going for clothes which cover the maximum of your body parts. Go for full-sleeves tops & kurtas, salwars, full-length joggers or trousers - it helps you to protect your skin from the damage of colors. Also prefer wearing dark colours as it ensure that colors don't get to your skin easily when mixed with water. Talking about the fabric, go for wearing cotton clothes as it's a breathable fabric whereas Synthetic and Tight Clothes can lead to rashes.



4. Vaseline To The Rescue

Neglecting your lips, eyes and ears wouldn't be the right idea - Quickly apply some petroleum jelly around these area as it becomes difficult to get rid of colors when they reach these areas of the body. Apply some vaseline on your eyelids, under the eyes, lips, & earlobes to protect them from toxic colors.



5. Buy That Waterproof Sunscreen

Give your skin the priority it deserves - Applying waterproof sunscreen will definitely prevent your skin from more damage. The colors can also always react with teh UV rays and cause irritation - why take the risk? Apply SPF lotion every 2 hours to every exposed body part in order to protect your skin from any damage.



6. Hydration Is The Key

A lot of ended up consuming Alcohol in the form of Thandai or generally as well as we are in the mood to party - Drinking water, juices or glucose throughout the day would be a better way to keep your skin away from becoming dry and lifeless. Stay hydrated - as it helps your skin from facing any puffiness or dryness.stay-hydarte-skincare-tips-for-holi_image


7. Wear Your Sunglasses

Better to be safe than sorry - Your eyes are a crucial part of your body, infact every part is important to protect. A wiser decision would be to wear sunglasses in order to protect your eyes from any contact with colors as it can cause a serious damage to your eyes and can also lead to infection. Avoid contact lenses as it tends to absorb colors which can cause irritation to the eyes.



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Pre Holi Skincare & Haircare Routine

1. Scrub Your Skin

Done with playing a dirty holi? You've definitely exposed your skin to a lot of chemicals, time to get rid of them - Get yourself a face scrub and apply it in circular motions on your face, wash it off with lukewarm water. Apply a moisturing lotion later to soothen your skin. It's the best way to get rid of the dirt from the pores and the buildup of any dead skin cells. Time to remove all the impurities you gained throughout the day.



2. Ice Treatment

Playing holi in the sun does put your skin through a lot - there are huge chances of getting your skin sunburnt and dry. The best rememdy to cure your skin post-holi would be rubbing ice-cubes over your neck and face. This treatment helps in shrining pores and makes your skin


3. Avoid Makeup

Since your skin has been exposed to so many chemical through out the day, we suggest to avoid wearing make-up for a couple of days to keep your skin toxin-free. If you can't resist then you can also go for light basic makeup rather than layering up heavy foundation or heavy products. Go for a light BB cream, moisturiser and compact powder. Please still recommend that you avoid using makeup.



4. Time For A Facepack

We are sure the skin must have gone through a lot of chemicals throughout the day, how about some cleansing now - It's time to put in some extra effort and make yourself a homemade facepack. It helps you get rid of the color as well and restores the lost moisture as welll. Not just that the natural ingredients help you soothe your skin too. Try making a curd and honey facepack or a papaya and olive oil one.




You might already be aware of this one but to remember to oil your hair throughly - It help you prevent the color from seeping into your scalp and also acts like a protective shield to your hair. You surely don't want to cause any harm to your hair.


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