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5 Subtle Ways To Tweak Your Hairstyle At Home

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - April 25, 2020 3 min read

With each passing day of the current nation-wide lockdown, we discover new reasons to feel annoyed. Besides the obvious causes like missing our friends, and significant other, the lack of change in our immediate surroundings is also starting to get bothersome. Our current reality is proving to be static, with the same things on the same days with the same people. 



While we can't help you much with switching up your lock-down partners, we can definitely suggest some instant changes that will dissipate some of the monotony. And as all of us girls are already familiar, nothing in the world has the potential to alter our mood, the way a style makeover does. So if you're so bored of your current hairstyle, that you've given some serious thought to shaving it all of, please stop for one minute. 


Read on to discover 5 subtle tweaks you can make to your hairstyle, without the need for a professional stylist at an expensive salon. These hairstyle changes are easy and quick, while also being noticeable enough for you to freshen up your regular look. 


1. Use Chalk To Temporarily Colour The Ends Of Your Hair 

You don't need to necessarily resort to permanent chemical dyes, when you're craving a colourful change. A thrifty way to switch up the shades of your locks is to die the ends with soft pastel chalk. Dampen your hair by spritzing on some water, and rub a piece of pastel chalk in your favourite colour down the length you want to be coloured, in smooth motions. Since you have the option of washing the colours off when you please, you are free to go crazy with your choice of colours. 


Image Courtesy - Next Step Beauty 


2. Switch Up Your Parting 

A change in your usual parting style can be a very subtle, yet impactful way to switch up your hairstyle. If you usually go with a side parting, try a sleek middle part look instead. Or, if you've always had a middle part, try a side swept hairstyle by putting all your hair on one side, and pining up the other part to look smooth. 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest


3. Give Yourself Fresh Highlights With Lemon Juice 

Lemon juice can actually be used as a great natural bleach, and considering your salon is off-limits for a considerable period of time, this might be your best strategy for getting fresh highlights. Just cut a lemon in half, and squeeze the juice onto the strands of hair you want to highlight. Sit out under the direct sun for about 1-2 hours, till your hair strands are as light as you'd like them. Remember to keep combing you hair while waiting for the lemon juice to lighten your hair. 


Image Courtesy - WikiHow



4. Get Beachy Ways By Wearing A Braid Over Night 

This is a great idea for switching up your hairstyle, especially when you're usually sporting pin-straight strands, and that too, with no application of heat whatsoever. Get hassle-free beachy waves, by washing your hair before bed, and wearing it in two braids. The tighter your braid, the curlier your ringlets. Wear the braids over-night, and wake up the next day with a new wavy hairstyle after you take off the rubber bands. 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest


5. Give Yourself A Trim, But DO NOT Cut Your Own Bangs 

If your split ends are driving you up a wall, and you are a cent per cent confident in your hair cutting skills, you can go ahead and give yourself a quick trim. If you're trimming your own hair, remember to use a comb to even out the length before you snip your scissors. Watch plenty of tutorials before you get started to have a basic idea on how to go about it. And lastly, we know our current times are difficult and stressful, but always remember, no matter how bad things get, cutting you own bangs is NEVER a good idea. Take it from a DIY bangs survivor. Man, 2012 was a dark year *shudders* 


Image Courtesy - Cnet

So, hair we are. 


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