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How To Pick A Pair Of Sunglasses

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Oct. 9, 2020 6 min read

The best part about the strong summer sun shining on your face, is being able to block it out. If you're psychologically allergic to bright light and have seriously considered the possibility of being a vampire in a previous life, you need a sturdy pair of shades. Besides, going beyond the utilitarian factor, a trendy pair of sunglasses can really go a long way in enhancing your style quotient, especially if your idea of accessorising is "less is more". The right pair can give your appearance a certain coolness, elevate the most basic of looks, and improve your selfies by miles. 


Here comes the inevitable but....picking a flattering pair of sunglasses isn't exactly child's play. Far too often, we tend to walk into a store while sunglass shopping, with a frame and shape that's trending worldwide in mind, and walk out with a new pair of shades that are fashionable, yes, but may or may not work for us personally. The thing is, not every shape of sunglasses is going to suit your face, and that's regardless of how much it's being talked about and flaunted on social media. And also, trends change. But a great pair of sunglasses is usually not cheap. So it's an investment that should last you a couple of years, long after several trends have come and gone. 


Of course, we want to help! So here's a guide on how to pick a pair of sunglasses, that look ultra-trendy but also enhance your individual style. 



Step 1 - Figure Out The Shape Of Your Face 

The general rule of thumb while sunglass shopping is to pick a shape that's opposite to the shape of your face. But before we get there, you need to figure out what your face shape actually is. There are 5 general face shapes, and you're most likely one of these: oval, square, round, triangle or heart. If you aren't quite sure where your face fits in, all you need is an old lipstick or a temporary marker. Go up to the mirror, and using your lipstick or marker trace the outline of your face, starting from the chin and ending at your hairline. Now, it should be easier for you to figure out your face shape. 

Step 2 - Pick Sunglasses That Flatter Your Face Shape 

Back to the general rule we mentioned earlier, the shape of sunglasses you want to go for, should soften as opposed to clash with your face shape. We've curated a round-up of what will work for which shape. 



If you have a round face, your face is most likely symmetrical with almost the same width and length. A round face is typically the widest across the cheekbones, and identically narrow at the hairline and chin.


What Shape Should You Pick In Sunglasses

Rectangular, square, pointed and angular like cat eyes, or wayfarers will work the best on a round face. These sunglass shapes tend to visually lengthen your face and give you sharper proportions. 


Image Courtesy - Coastal 



Oval face shape is longer than being wider, with a rounded chin and jawline. Your facial features are likely to be fairly even, and the width of your forehead is slightly more than that of your jaw. 


What Shape Should You Pick In Sunglasses

An oval face shape is one of the most versatile in terms of sunglass styling, which means both square/rectangle and round-shaped sunglasses will work well for you. Aviators and cat-eyes can also be flattering. However, you need to be mindful about the proportion of your sunglasses so as to not distract from your face's natural symmetry. Avoid sunglasses that are either too big or too narrow for your face, and ones with very sharply defined edges. 


Image Courtesy - Coastal 



Square shaped faces typically tend to be identical in width and length, with a strong jaw and wide cheekbones. The forehead and jaw will likely be of similar width, and your face is more sharp angles than rounded. 


What Shape Should You Pick In Sunglasses

The most flattering sunglasses for your face will be in a shape that softens your sharp angles and features. Rounded frames will help you achieve that, and you should avoid square shapes with sharp corners. Sunglasses with soft lines or rimless edges will work really well. Oval, tear-dropped, aviators and browline shades are also great options. 


Image Courtesy - Coastal 



If you have a traingle-shaped face, your face length will be slightly more than your face width. A triangular face tends to be the widest at the jaw, and narrow towards the temple. Your chin will typically be wide and sharply angular. 


What Shape Should You Pick In Sunglasses

Since your face is the widest towards the bottom and narrow at the top, you need a mirror-opposite shape of sunglasses to flatter your face shape. Choose sunglasses with a broader upper part, and avoid sharp square outlines. Rounded shapes will work well for you, along with aviators and cat-eye sunglasses. 


Image Courtesy - Coastal 



A heart-shaped face is usually the widest at the forehead area, with the length of your face being slightly more than its width. The narrowest part of your face will be the chin and the jawline. 


What Shape Should You Pick In Sunglasses

Heart-shaped faces also fall in the category of the most versatile in terms of sunglass styling and shape. Rounded, smaller frames that are just a tad bottom heavy can work well for you. Avoid oversized sunglasses, and pick a pair that draws attention downwards. Aviators, Wayfarers, rimless frames and d-frames are great options. 


Image Courtesy - Coastal 


Step 3 - Pick Something That's More Classic Than Trendy 

Like we said earlier, sunglasses are usually quite an investment so you want a pair that lasts for a while and through trend changes. Within the category of shapes that flatter your face outline, try to pick something slightly less experimental and likely to stand the test of fashion changes. Unless you're trying to build a collection, it's advisable to go for classic shades as your go-to pair. 


Step 4 - Pick A Colour 

The colour you pick should also be flattering for your face shape. Rectangular faces are typically advised to steer clear of bright, colourful frames, but that's general advice we'd give to most. Again much like the shape, classic colours are your best bet. Blacks, muted-browns, deeper reds and neutral shades like beige always look great. If you don't want a solid-colour, tortoiseshell sunglasses look very classy. 


Step 5 - Factor In The Sun Protection

All said and done, if your sunglasses aren't protecting you from the harmful UV rays of the sun, kind of defeats the purpose doesn't it? So do check the extent to which the lenses you are picking will protect your eyes from ultraviolet light and the glare of the sun. Another important thing to remember, is that polarized sunglasses feel great because they're mostly keeping the sun glare away, and not the UV rays. So go for something that gives you 100% UV-protection. 


Image Courtesy - Pexels

"Future's so bright, I gotta wear shades!"


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