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Match Day With Friends? Here Are 5 Ways To Stay On Diet While Binge-Drinking

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Oct. 8, 2020 3 min read

IPL season calls for a boatload of excitement, unimaginable tension and gallons of alcohol flooding down the bloodstream of you and your friends. Pardon my intense emotions but I couldn't think of a more fitting way to express the myriad of sentiments one must feel when their favourite team is playing on the field. And dare I say, there's no way better to enjoy the day than being drunk with friends and cheering out loud for the team you're rooting for. 


But you see, alcohol is not exactly a healthy drink. And in a gathering alongside it, things are bound to go south especially when you're taking the dieting business seriously. I'll admit you'll have a great time drinking and munching with your best buds but it's going to cost you; your health. Well, I don't think that should happen. If you're with me on this, there are 5 ways that will help maintain your diet when binge-drinking with your friends. Thank me later!



1. Eat Before You Drink

Now I am not talking about heavy greasy meals exactly, but a belly well-fed will assist you to drink better and more. Never forget, an empty stomach is alcohol's worst enemy. It retains water weight and certainly affects your health. So I'd suggest, feasting lightly on food items such as bread, crackers, eggs, chicken, fish, nuts, etc. and then start drinking. 


2. Drink Lots & Lots Of Water

Your first drink of the game; a tall glass of water. Why? Well, facts show that alcohol is a diuretic, which means it makes you thirsty. Thus, refuelling your body with water from time to time whilst drinking will not only keep you hydrated but help avoid nasty hangovers later. Add some sparkling water or soda in your drink to keep a track of your water intake and you'll be fine. 


3. Choose Low-Carb Alcohols

Alcohol, as we all know, isn't an elixir of healthy-life. But when you're spending an entire day... drinking, picking up a tad healthier option will always be a good idea. Therefore, poisons like pure vodka, whiskey, scotch, gin and tequila are some of the zero-carb alcohols you can get drunk on. Other than that, wine and light beer are also an enjoyable way to go since their carb content is limited to 3-5 grams. Not only this helps you stick to your diet but guarantees a good time. I sincerely hope your team wins. 


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4. Munch On Healthier Snacks 

Hefty meals while drinking is an invitation to aggravated hurling. You're more likely to get sick with greasy food items on the table than by drinking too much. The deal is to nibble on protein-rich food rather than stuffing your face with carbs. Now, that being said, I think light snacks such as baked chips with salsa dip, salted peanuts, peanut chaats, homemade trail mixes, etc. are all possible choices you can pick from. 


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5. Stay Away From Fancy Cocktails

Mixers might not be the best idea when the plan is to drink all day. You'll have a better experience if you keep to low-profile drinks. Adding too many sugary drinks to your glass is a recipe for disaster. A much better way to go around this would be to sip on your favourite spirit but on the rocks. 


Now that you're equipped with healthy drinking habits and how to stay on diet, I suspect you'll be able to better enjoy the match and the time after. 



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