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Dear Men, Here's How You Wear Jewellery Without Looking Tacky

By Gaurav Sharma

Updated - Sept. 7, 2020 4 min read

What comes to your mind the moment you hear the term jewellery? Glamorous and shiny accessories that only a woman can pull off? If yes, then it's not really your fault, because jewellery has always been associated with women. That is why the two words - ‘men's jewellery’ usually results in a frown of disapproval. Even the supposedly cool people of the 21st century are not so cool when it comes to men’s jewellery, considering it to be feminine. 


But for those who do not consider men’s watches, cufflinks and bracelets as men’s jewellery, we are to tell you about all the things that fall in this category, and how to wear them to amp up your style quotient. Because as long as you wear it right, the result is going to be tasteful. So, here’s a list of 5 essential pieces of jewellery that you being a man can consider accessorising your fingers, neck or wrists with.


1. Watch

Let’s begin with the most generic accessory that we all wear every day but fail to recognise as a piece of jewellery; a Watch. Most guys love to invest in timepieces - one for everyday use, one classy for special occasions and one to track the calories. Watch is the most-used accessory in a man’s closet and if... carried well has the power to raise your style quotient instantly. Some general rules to make your watch fashion choice right -  Wear it on the opposite arm you write with and make sure it fits. Avoid loose, dangling ones. They only look shabby. 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


2. Bracelet

When wearing a bracelet, make sure that it does not have pendants or charms or anything oversized, unless you are a big Salman fan. Then you're allowed. Apart from your watch, this is another piece of jewellery that can boost your style quotient. But this is definitely not a piece that you should wear with a suit or anything formal. It will add the right amount of edge and compliment the best when worn with a simple casual outfit. A sleek leather or a metal band or even a simple chain is what you should go with. 


Image Courtesy: Professional Jeweller


3. Necklace

Yes, you heard it right. We are talking about a necklace for men and it is one piece of jewellery that the majority of Indian men are still not comfortable wearing. To most, it comes across as feminine. But have you ever stopped and looked at Renan Pacheco, who can seriously rock anything from a chain to a ring. Every modern man must own at least one necklace with a slim metal chain - silver or golden (we leave that choice to you). Look for a moderate length chain that peeps just up above the top button of a spread-collar shirt or one which complements a round neck t-shirt.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


4. Ring

A ring is no longer just an accessory that shows a man's commitment but an accessory that can turn up the charm in a single slip. Irrespective of your marital status there are all sorts of rings in the market that a man can pull off graciously. Make sure you know the right ways to wear it and the right styles to stick with. When in a corporate environment, limit yourself to a silver or gold single-band ring with a simple design and minimal glitz, although you can go try out big rings with stones if heading to a friend's party.


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


5. Earrings

It is not like Indian men don’t wear earrings. A decent percentage of the male population wears it but the majority has no idea how to. Well, in my opinion, the basic black studs are the safest way to go. But there are many options available that you can choose from. The only thing you need to keep in mind is that, whatever you pick, make sure they're not bigger than your face. Hoops, big or small are a big no-no for us and stay miles away from the tacky. 


Image Courtesy: Pinterest


So, next time you hear the word “jewellery”, don’t associate it with just one specific gender because you can wear it, anyone can. 


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