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Move Over Regular Book Cafes, This One Comes With A Balcony Library!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - March 12, 2020 1 min read

With the concept of "book cafes" gaining immense popularity over the last few years, both Delhi and Gurgaon now have a cosy book nook cum eatery on virtually every street corner. So when we come across one that clearly stands apart from the rest, of course, it demands to be checked out. And check it out, we did. 


Image Courtesy - Facebook Jagah Co.



"Jagah" is a creative co-working space that houses India's first balcony library, and that recently opened its doors to G-Town residents. With an impressive collection of interesting reads, plenty of corners to curl up at, an adjoining cafe that serves steaming cups of coffee and decadent lemon tarts, and vibrant, verbose decor sealing all of it together, "Jagah" has quickly taken over as the talk of the town. At a price as pocket-friendly as INR 100 per day, you can spend several hours at this book lover's paradise, with your nose buried deep in a book or with your trusted laptop keeping you company, or simply lounging around on the sinfully comfortable bean bags. 


Image Courtesy - Facebook Jagah Co.


Whether you're a working professional looking for a quiet corner, a creative writer scrounging for some inspiration, an artist in search of his muse, or just bored and in the near vicinity, "Jagah" will take care of you like no other book cafe has! Oh, and this book cafe also hosts a number of events and workshops periodically, so keep a vigilant eye out for upcoming and ongoing events. 


Image Courtesy - Facebook Jagah Co.


Yes, your "Lazy Sunday" plans just got sorted. You're very welcome. 



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