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Ditch The Masks, Bulk-Buy Jockey Inner & Outer-Wear Online Instead!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - March 18, 2020 1 min read

No mincing words. The current Coronavirus health crisis has all of us squirming in our seats with worry. So while we are it, who's to say being comfortable is not a choice we can opt for? 



If your self-distancing process is starting to morph into piles of undone laundry, and looking for fresh underwear is now an adventure quest you embark on every morning, we have an offer that you won't (or shouldn't) refuse! 


Keeping the current global need for staying indoors, and avoiding crowds in mind, magicpin is now offering some insane vouchers and offers on online orders from Jockey India, on its app! Some of the awesome rewards, and benefits up for grabs are: 


  • Flat gift cards on minimum online purchase 

  • Vouchers and gift cards at mindblowing discounts 

  • Bumper savings up to 99% on the use of magicpay


Image Courtesy - Jockey India 



So, basically, what's waiting for you is a discounted, fresh closet of brand new inner and outer-wear. No more attending to video calls in chocolate-stained t-shirts. 


And guess what? You don't need to do anything, except for download your magicpin app, and bag your favourite offer. Sounds exciting? Well, because it is! 


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