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Majnu Ka Tilla – Down The Alleys Of Mini Tibet

By Kavya Bhardwaj

Updated - July 20, 2018 bookmark icon 2 min read

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When I reached Majnu ka Tilla, the dingy lanes seemed a bit unaccommodating at first. But as I went on to explore further, I fell in love with the charm of “Delhi’s little Tibet”.

majnu ka tilla

The style sense of fashion forward Tibetans is portrayed throughout the outlets in the market where you can get the best of street style at the most affordable prices.

The Tibetan souvenirs – especially the handicrafts and other things which narrate the story of Tibet as a struggling nation, protesting for a free Tibet – are worth to take a look at.

Everything about this place excited me so much that I reached there well ahead of time. While the market was being set up, I went to Ama Cafe to grab breakfast. There I had pancakes with banana and honey, and Vanilla Frappé to beat the heat. Ama Cafe is a great place for breakfast. You can find everything from omelettes, sandwiches, cakes and porridges to milkshakes, tea, coffee and other drinks.

majnu ka tilla

After that, I decided to visit the Majnu Ka Tilla Gurudwara. This place has great significance. The ‘Majnu’ after whom Majnu Ka Tilla was named, was a Muslim disciple of Guru Nanak Dev Ji and converted his Khanqahn into a shrine of Shree Guru Nanak known as Gurudwara Majnu Ka Tilla Sahib. I spent a pretty peaceful time here before heading out for shopping.

majnu ka tilla

I went straight to the market right beside the temple in the Majnu Ka Tilla colony. Here I found a wide range of clothing and footwear to satisfy my ‘Fashion goalzz’! Those of us who are crazy shopaholics know how important quality and quantity both are. Majnu Ka Tilla will always have you leaving with numerous shopping bags without burning a hole in your pocket.

majnu ka tilla

A trip to Little Tibet seems incomplete without shopping for some cool Tibetan stuff, right? So I headed to Akama – The Tibet Shop, the perfect destination for all handicrafts, tapestries, books and shawls. It’s good to experiment sometimes, isn’t it? Definitely head here for some real twist in your style!

majnu ka tilla

After a long day of walking and shopping, my stomach again was growling with hunger. This time I thought of trying something new and went to Dolma House. The place was so warm and the people so welcoming that I swore to come again for sure! And what do I say about the food, well, the best Tibetan food I had ever had!! I would totally recommend Rut-chose Chicken Thukpa with the evergreen Virgin Mojito.

majnu ka tilla

Although one could never have enough of delicious food, my Tibetan treat ended with the hot, spicy and heavenly pleasantries that delighted me to the core and satisfied my ever – hungry soul! Hope you have a great one too! Chagpo nang people! (goodbye in Tibetan)