Men's Fashion Guide On Summer Trends 2019

By Vaishali Valecha

Updated - Sept. 28, 2022 6 min read

Gone are the days when men used to ignore the fashion trends and wear those same old regular basics lying around in their wardrobes. Men are now taking initiative and improving their fashion and styling sense by experimenting and we are here to help you with the same. From the cool tropical prints to edgy chinos and epic vintage watches, We give you a list of upcoming summer trends that you must add to your closet to become the coolest guy in your crib.


1. Light-Denim Wash

Denim is evergreen and you can wear it all year round. Men tend to go for darker shades of denim but a light wash style can give a twist to your wardrobe as it looks best in summers. It gives a fresh and cool vibe and you can style it in multiple ways. Be it a form of jacket, jeans or shorts, the market is filled with various options to choose from. Also, you don't need to stick to the basic black and blue you can experiment with colours and go all out. If you wish to keep it classic, go for a casual and comfy look by styling a black t-shirt with jeans and a light washed jacket along with white sneakers.



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2. Vintage Watches

Who doesn't love a luxe watch? What if we tell you something can be even better, and that my friend, is a retro style or a vintage watch. No matter what the occasion is, formal or casual a watch is a classic accessory that you can adorn and look fancy. You can get these online or in exclusive stores. If you are not into vintage tho, a watch is still a great accessory with which you can keep a track on your schedule and that too in style!


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3. Plaid Pants

Nothing and we mean nothing can replace the trend of plaid. You can see it in every available garment in the market. It is indeed a popular unisex trend that we all love to adorn. From formal to casual the plaids can be worn for any and every occasion. Plaid pants are great for a professional chic vibe. Grey or black you choose the colours that suit your mood and rock it with a solid coloured shirt. Pair up with loafers and a nice faux leather belt. You can go for the monochrome effect by wearing a plaid suit with a plain shirt for 'em meetings and conferences and walk with confidence looking oh so amazing!


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4. Lightweight Blazer

You might think we're crazy to tell you that a blazer is something you can include in your summer closet. But if you choose the right fabric like cotton or linen you can still get that dapper and professional suited look. You can pair it up with a classic white shirt or pastels coloured shirts for a summer vibe. If you wish to go informal then go ahead and style it a t-shirt and jeans combination instead.  


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5. Chinos

Chinos look super edgy and stylish. They are best for an understated formal look. They give you a smart and fitted look and are cropped at the bottom. Colours like beige, grey and navy blue are classics. You can style them with a basic button-down shirt for a casual look. You can try adding suspenders to your look for a cool and preppy vibe. For a proper professional look, add a blazer on top, a statement belt and a pair of loafers to finish off the look.


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6. Sunglasses

Sunglasses are hands down, one of the best and easiest accessory items one can style. A never-ending list of shapes, styles and colours are available in the market to choose from. If you choose a right pair according to shape, cut and size it'll add symmetry to your face. Also, always remember the practical reason and benefit of using them, i.e. protection from the sun and its harmful UV rays. So, protection in style is a bonus that you'll get. So choose wisely, according to your face shape, features and your preference.


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7. A Classic White Shirt

As always, one can never go wrong with a classic white shirt, so when in doubt pull one out and get ready to look simple and sophisticated. You can style a white shirt with anything and everything. So be it casual jeans, formal pants, cool shorts or fitted chinos a white shirt will compliment each and every look supremely well. Finish off the look with a tan or brown belt, a leather duffle bag and loafers.


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8. Loafers

Loafers are great as it goes well with both, a smart and sophisticated professional look and a relaxed and casual look. From jeans to pants to even shorts, loafers are practically the only footwear option that suits each and every possible look you wish to go for. Colours like grey, navy blue, brown and black are classic. They also come in a variety of textures and patterns so choose wisely.


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9. Shorts

The temperature is rising and the last thing you want is to feel trapped in a heavy fabric. If you like to go short and move over full-length pants and jeans, shorts are your best bet. Tailored and structured ones are great for a daytime outing or brunch with your buddies. Printed and swimwear ones are great for a beach day. Loafers or basic flip flops, an oversized shirt/t-shirt are the best options to pair up with when you're going for the shorts.


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10. Tropical Print T-shirts

Okay Okay, we know these might look over the top and gaudy but hear us out when we tell you that you can actually stand out (in a good way!) by wearing these. You have to style these tropical moments with a basic pair of chinos or jeans to balance out the drama happening up top. You can also try incorporating it into a plain and classic suit and let the tropical print be the star of the show.


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11. White Sneakers

Sneakers are love but "white sneakers", they are quintessential. Be it a formal suit or a casual t-shirt with jeans/shorts they make a statement with every outfit. So when in doubt grab a pair of these and they'll take you places, from work to party you can style them for any occasion. 


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Now that we've sorted you out with the list of these must-haves, get started with your stylist skills and master these trends out in the town. Let us know in the comments below, what are you planning to add to your essential shopping list out of the lost. Until then, PEACE!


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Question: What are the best accessories for men?

Answer: Watches, Belts, Caps, Hats and stacked bracelets.


Question: What are the best fabrics for summers?

Answer: Cotton and Linen.

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