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5 Milk-Based Recipes For People Who Hate Milk

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - May 28, 2020 4 min read

You can take as many supplements as you want or as many pills as you can pop, the solution to almost all your health problems lies at the bottom of your glass; provided that the glass is filled with milk. Other than being one of the best sources for vitamin D, milk has generous amounts of calcium and proteins, both good for strong bones and healthy skin. Everything that you hold dear; from butter to your beloved cheese to satisfying ice-creams, sweet-sour yoghurts to skin packs, moisturizers and more, is the kind courtesy of milk. While I can go on and on about wonders of milk but there is nothing I can tell you that your school textbooks haven't already covered.



Which brings us to the part that our teachers forgot to address in the class. I am basically referring to people, like myself who despite all the good-natured virtues of milk fail to consume it as most of you can. Regardless to say, even today after my mom's countless efforts I still can't bring myself to have a glass or two once in a while. But that doesn't mean I or you should devoid this body of all the nutrients and minerals that come from milk.


As a compromise, well a happy compromise; I am putting forth these 5 delightful milk-based recipes that will not only get your body the milky goodness it deserves but also keep the taste, that weird smell that we hate so much at bay.  



1. Milk Soda

If life gives you milk, well just add some fizz, few flavours and a handful of ice to make it better for everybody. This easy to make summer cooler is the final solution to all those milk-related problems you've been complaining about for quite a while now. But wait till you hear the best part; Milk soda is so versatile that you can use anything from chia seeds to a bunch of fruits to literally any flavoured squash and still end up with a heartfelt beverage for yourself and your family. 


Learn How To Make Milk Soda Here

Milk Soda

Image Courtesy: Tasted Recipes


2. Apple Rabdi

From all the Indian sweets that you can make at home, Apple Rabdi is by far the most innovative and comparatively easier to whip up with milk. While Apple will take care of the nice texture, milk and nuts will add vital nutrients and essential oils our body and skin need. And let's face it, you get a delish dessert.

Although if your tongue is also doubtful about this apple-milk medley, rest assured this dish is a tested combination of flavours that you'll definitely love, especially for all the people who absolutely hate milk. 


Learn How To Make Apple Rabdi Here

Apple Rabdi

Image Courtesy: Vimmi Sharma


3. Cake Rusk

When the sweet aromatic flavours of a sponge cake can be devoured with an agreeable crunch of a plain rusk, a symphony thus created is what most foodies live for. And guess what, even here milk is one of the base ingredients to the recipe. Originally Cake Rusk requires baking but I've found the perfect tutorial that teaches you how to cook it without an oven in the house.

Yes, not only you get a bake-free dessert at home but also a convenient alternative for tedious cakes. 


Learn How To Make Cake Rusk Without Oven

Learn How To Make Cake Rusk Without Egg

Cake rusk

Image Courtesy: I Knead to Eat


4. Vanilla Ice-Cream

Did you think I was going to leave out ice-creams from the list of milk-based recipes you can easily make at home? Looks like I've done my homework and its time for you to make the best of my little effort too. I know some you hate milk but you'd have to be an A-class psychopath to hate ice-creams. This particular YouTube tutorial for ice-cream at home is one of chef Kunak Kapur's easiest recipes that you can follow and you don't even need eggs for this. Now, this is the kind of brain freeze I can handle in my life right now.


Learn How To Make Ice-Cream Her

Vanilla Ice Cream

Image Courtesy: Pint Sized Baker


5. Mango Milkshake

Straight from Alyona Kapoor's (the wife of Sanjeev Kapoor) kitchen to yours, a healthier avatar of your basic mango shake is here with the season's greetings. While all the milkshakes can do the trick but there something personal about mango milkshakes that bring families together. Note that this is a low-calorie milkshake that will not only satiate your mango cravings but also take care of your skin and waist inches.


Learn How To Make Mango Milkshake Here

Mango Milkshake

Image Courtesy: Health|Beauty|Fitness


Its time to meet the long hated milk halfway! 



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