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8 Navratri Special Thalis You Can Devour In Delhi

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Oct. 21, 2020 5 min read

The year might have been a bumpy ride so far, but we've finally reached a happier, more auspicious period of the calendar. I'll be the first to admit, I absolutely love the month of October, partially because of the refreshing chill in the air, but mostly because of the festivities that await. Navratri, Durga Puja, Diwali, Bhai Dooj, these are some of the occasions on the near horizon for us. And they all translate to several opportunities to feast on delicious food, dress up to the nines, and have a great time with our loved ones. 


As we speak, one of these exciting festivals is already underway. The days of Navratri have officially begun, and along with them, the customary festival practices. A lot of us have started with the nine-day Navratri fast, and thus, are currently dealing with the struggle to put a pin on our cravings. With a raging appetite and self-control made of steel, we're ardently hoping for the fasting period to be smooth sailing.


Well, what if we made it a bit easier? What if there was a hearty Navratri meal waiting for you at the other end, wouldn't that make the resolve to fast through the day, more manageable? With these festive meals, you get to treat yourself without compromising on your religious pledge. If you're in Delhi, you're well in luck, for we made a list of 8 mouthwatering Navratri special thalis you can get in the city this time around! 



Image Courtesy - Annamaya On Facebook


This Navratri season, Andaz Delhi has something exciting in store for all the hungry foodies. AnnaMaya has furnished an impressive menu dedicated to the festival, and their Navratri thali is nothing short of awe-inspiring. It comprises of a range of delectable dishes such as a ten leave salad in lychee honey dressing, palak ki poori made of spinach and buckwheat, Sabudana Wada and Dahi Bhalla made of buckwheat flour and sweet yoghurt. They also have a range of mouthwatering desserts to choose from, and all the ingredients in the food have been sourced from local Indian farms. 



Navratri Thali @ INR 1,480 Plus Taxes



Image Courtesy - Sanadige On Facebook


Known for some of the yummiest South Indian preparations in town, Sanadige is all geared up to celebrate Navratri with its festive-special thali this year. This Navratri thali is packed with an assortment of authentic satvik dishes including 3 kinds of starters, 4 main course preparations, samak rice, sabudana khichdi, putti ki puri along with a toothsome dessert. You can enjoy this lavish festive meal for either lunch or dinner, with the former option being available before 3:30 PM from Monday to Friday, and the dinner course anytime after 6:30 PM from Monday to Friday. On Saturdays and Sundays, you can head on over for a bite anytime you like! 



Navratri Thali @ INR 1,111 Plus Taxes



Image Courtesy - Punjab Grill On Facebook


Looking for an authentic yet affordable thali to feast on during your Navratri fast? Punjab Grill is the answer to your prayers! You can get a taste of delicious and unique satvik dishes such as Sabudana bhel puri, Chironji ki dal, Rajgira ki puri and Cheena kheer, to name a few. In true Punjab Grill fashion, their Navratri spread is brimming with the taste of scrumptious street food, while also being mindful of all religious dietary restrictions. You can get a hold of this awesome thali across all Delhi NCR outlets of the restaurant! 



Navratri Thali @ INR 595 Plus Taxes



Image Courtesy - Imly On Facebook


Exceptional taste and impressive variety, these are two things you can expect from the Navratri special thali being dished out by the folks at Imly this year. Especially if you're in the mood to switch things up a bit and try something out of the ordinary, we'd highly recommend trying the Sabudana and Paneer popcorn, coupled with the raw papaya Halwa at this crowd-favourite restaurant in the city. You can either opt for the whole festival spread, or take your pick from the range of Navratri dishes! 



Navratri Thali @ INR 1,200 Plus Taxes (Approx.) 




Image Courtesy - MKT The Chanakya On Facebook


If you're someone who loves their options, you should definitely make a beeline for MKT in the upcoming days. They are serving not 1, but 3 variations of Navratri-special thalis, each comprising of dishes from an entirely separate cuisine. There's the North Indian thali for lovers of authentic festival food. And for those eager to experiment, they also have an Oriental Navratri Thali, and Coastal Navratri Thali up for grabs. Think, lemongrass rice, asparagus and chestnut dumplings made of buckwheat, mango coconut sago and other such exotic preparations that you're unlikely to find Navratri-friendly versions of elsewhere!



North Indian Thali, Coastal Thali & Oriental Thali @ INR 950 Plus Taxes Each



Image Courtesy - The Indian Express


Whether it's for a heavy, full-fledged lunch with the fam, or just some snacks to munch on alongside a cup of coffee, the Navratri menu at Padmanabham this year has all the options you could possibly need. Some of the choices you'll be met with include a chaat made from banana chips as the main ingredient, yummy satvik malai paneer tikka, and a delectable fresh fruit salad. And if the hunger pangs are too loud to ignore, we'd suggest you order the Special Navratra Thali for a happy tummy! 



Navratri Special Thali @ INR 375 Plus Taxes




Image Courtesy - Gulati Restaurant On Facebook


The more the merrier, is that your go-to sentiment? If you answered in affirmative, here's a dining suggestion that will spoil you silly. From fast-friendly kebabs and chats, to special festive breads and rice, and from Navratri special dessert options to Navratri platters of all shapes and sizes, Gulati Restaurant's festive menu is astonishingly expansive! They're also offering a king-size Navtrari thali, replete with a drink, assorted chutneys and a host of sabzis and main course options, delicious enough to turn your festival into a gourmet feast! 



Navratra Khas Thali @ INR 607 Plus Taxes 




Image Courtesy - Mood Is Food On Youtube 


The festive menu at our beloved neighbourhood snack-station Bikanervala, can give the fine-dining spots in the city a serious run for their money this year. There are 3 different varieties in Navratri special thalis and platters alone, coupled with smaller Satvik meals to cure your cravings with. Everything is highly wallet-friendly, so for unexpected whimsies of your appetite, look no further!

Happy Navratri and festival-feasting! 


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