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We've Listed The 6 Best Navratri Thalis In Mumbai!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Oct. 21, 2020 3 min read

For as long as I can remember, October has been my favourite month on the calendar. Partly, it's because of my perpetual hatred for summers, and a preference for the slight chill this month introduces to the air. But mostly, it's because of the melange of festivals that await around this juncture of the year. What will follow now is an auspicious epoch, loaded with plenty of reasons to celebrate. Navratri, Durga Puja, Diwali, Bhai Dooj, you can take your pick from which one you look forward to the most. Hint: all of them!


In fact, we no longer need to wait for one of these. The season of Navratri has officially arrived, and as we speak, several of us pledge to practice restraint and complete a 9-day fast. As someone who's been there and semi-successfully done that, I can certainly tell you it's not easy to hold back for so long. Sometimes, the stomach wants what the stomach wants, and trying to reason on the grounds of religion can be a tricky affair, to say the least. 


Don't you think it would be slightly easier if you allowed yourself a treat every now and then, for the next 9 days? You might have to absolutely stay away from alcohol and meat, but nobody said you can't indulge your tastebuds! Don't worry, we're talking about delicious food that complies with the customs of the festival. So, on that note, here's a list of the most scrumptious Navratri thalis in Bangalore city we compiled just for you! 



Image Courtesy - Veg Platter


Get your festive cravings satisfied at a price that's surprisingly easy on the wallet, by heading to Rajwada Thal in the next 9 days. Their Fast Meal Box option is perfect for these month-end days when our pockets aren't that heavily lined. It's a simple, no-frill meal option that boasts of a comforting, ghar-ka-khana taste, along with meeting all the requirements of Satvik food! 



Fast Meal Box @ INR 180 Plus Taxes



Image Courtesy - India Chronicles


We've found a place that will be bridging the gap between Maharashtrian food and authentic Navratri dishes this year! Annapurna's special festive menu has some interesting choices you can opt for, including Khobra Kachori, Farali Misal and Sabudana Khichdi with Khamang Kakdi! All their Navratri preparations taste exceptional, and the smaller portions are perfect for some mid-day emergency snacking! 



Each Dish @ INR 120 Plus Taxes (Approx.)



Image Courtesy - NDTV Food


The festive season paves the way to an overactive sweet tooth, and we completely get that. Which is why we decided to include some Navratri-special Indian dessert options you can treat yourself to. Head on over to Tewari Bros. for a menu packed with yummy, creamy mithai choices. We'd particularly urge you to try out the roasted dry fruits, for a bowl of Vrat friendly snackables! 




Image Courtesy - FoodFellas For You


Does the thought of some special Navratri Kachodis make your mouth water uncontrollably? Well, since thoughts can't feed you, we'd suggest you make a beeline for Navaratna Restaurant in Mumbai city for the real deal! Their menu has been extended with a new section for Upwas Snacks, which comprises of snacks like Kachodis, Sabudana Vada, and fast-friendly French Fries! Perfect to grab a quick bite, if you ask us. 



Each Upwas Snack @ INR 100 Plus Taxes



Image Courtesy - India Today 


Time and hunger wait for no one. So in moments of utter impatience, you can safely place an order with Faasos. Their Navratri special menu is nothing short of absolutely awesome, with a host of festive dishes to take your pick from. The best part? Each meal portion is perfect for a one-person lunch, so if the whimsy for a special treat strikes you out of nowhere, you can always get Faasos to send over a Navratri-special bowl! 



Navratri Meal @ INR 150 - 200 Plus Taxes

What's a festival, without a feast? Happy Navratri! 


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