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5 Quirky Stores To Buy A Valentine’s Gift In Mumbai

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Feb. 14, 2020 2 min read

Celebrating love with gifts and roses is so old school. Going universal is okay, but isn't anything the special one in your life deserves. You ought to quirk things up in order to bring out that long-lasting smile on the face of your paramour. And when in Mumbai, the list of options is quite long and all things inclusive of gadgets, home decor, personal items and much more. 


So choose from one of these places to buy a quirky Valentine's gift and make sure that you have one less thing to fight about for the rest of this year. 


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Hitplay At Santacruz

From Champagne Flutes & Wine Glasses to magnetic key holders stuffed toy bookmarks, Hitplay brings to you the quirkiest of gifts for occasions like Valentine's Day. Order online or visit the store in Mumbai, you're eyes are in for a treat. Statutory warning - You might end up buying more than you need so be careful and don't get tempted enough.

Hitplay Mumbai

Image Courtesy: JustDial


Cheap Jack Collections At Bandra

Come here for those unique home decor articles, not so cliche antiques and photo frames that fit in almost every corner of your life. Just gazing at all the cool stuff here would make you a fan, and then you can choose from their offbeat Valentine's Day collection to gift something to your bae.  

Cheap Jack Mumbai

Image Courtesy: DNA India


Gift Gaali

If you're one of those couples who are friends forever before madly in love, then you'd have the right pick here. Their tagline says, swear your way to express your love by gifting one of their ("highly unsocial") wall decors and you're sure to be the cool one among. If not for your bae, you'll definitely find something for yourself here. 

Gift Gaali

Image Courtesy:


Happily Unmarried

Touted to be India's coolest lifestyle brand, Happily unmarried says they are irreverent, desi & fun! Offering some lifestyle bundles of happiness that are cool and fun on the bottle while a treat for your skin inside, would make for the best Valentine's gift you can think of.  

Happily Unmarried

Image Courtesy: Just Dial



And who hasn't heard of Chumbak in the city? Well, it's understood if you have not, no one likes to share all the cool stuff among. From watches to fridge magnets to dresses and cool stationery, Chumbak is like an explosion of colours and flavours in a store where adults become kids again. Ask me, I always have to keep myself from buying something I don't need. Even if you come here without a clue of what you need to buy, you still won't leave empty-handed.   

Chumabk Mumbai

Image Courtesy: Knocksense



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