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Honeymooning in Goa Just Got Easier - Explore All The Beautiful Places To Visit In Goa For Your Honeymoon

By Nishtha Gandhi

Updated - Dec. 24, 2018 bookmark icon 11 min read

Sunset is our favorite color and this statement goes for a lot of us. There is nothing better than a sunset that doubles as natural candlelight when you are spending the best days of your life with the most important person of your life. Old Portuguese style buildings, palm trees, and sea breeze, beer in the mornings and wine at night, I am sure, even the sound of all this with your loved one is cheesy and romantic. If you're planning for your honeymoon in Goa, read this blog in detail to jot down all the places you should be visiting while you're at it.



CHECKLIST FOR YOUR HONEYMOON: Places To Visit For Your Honeymoon In Goa



The best time to be in GOA. It is flooded with tourists, the whole town is lit because of the festive season. The clubs are full. Activities are happening at the fastest pace and you wouldn’t ever find yourself trying to figure out where to go or what to do because the activities of the city will be at brim.



These are the best months to visit if you want to escape commercial life and want fewer people around you. Calm and peace are in abundance in Goa during these months. You can also go and explore the unexplored places in Goa, the not-so-visited historical sites and places near Goa like the churches, heritage sites, waterfalls.



6-7 days are apt if you want to cover most of Goa


A beach capital, a tropical state, a coastal city, a party animal's dream paradise. Tell me one thing that Goa is not. There are beaches that will make you feel at peace with your life partner are the ones worth going to when you're on your honeymoon in Goa. Put that sunscreen in loads of quantity, wear your hat and shades, adorn your bikini and your swimming trunks and head to these beaches for a romantic day out.

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Best Beaches in South Goa: 

  • Butterfly beach - Butterfly Beach is the beach of butterflies. It is one of the most picturesque beaches among all the beaches of Goa. The beach is mesmerizing. Not known to many, the place is a perfect relaxing holiday destination. If one is lucky, one might see sea urchins, sea cucumbers and even redfish early in the morning. Dolphins doing acrobats is not a rare scene here.


  • Hollant Beach - The Hollant beach in Goa attracts tourists mainly for its sunrise. It lies in the south of Goa, along with the foothills of the Western Ghats. Visitors to the Hollant beach in the state of Goa will certainly find it a surreal destination. One of the finest and cleanest beaches of the state, the beach is an oasis of tranquility and is a perfect place to spend your holiday in solitude.


  • Palolem Beach - Palolem Beach is a stretch of white sand on a bay in Goa, South India. It’s known for its calm waters and for its nightlife, including “silent discos” where partygoers wear headphones. Lined with palm trees and colorful wooden shacks, the beach faces Canacona Island, known for its resident monkeys


Best Beaches in North Goa:

  • Ashvem Beach - Ashvem beach is a small flat sandy beach located to the north of Morjim. Most of the tourists can be found on the southern part of the beach. The northern end has a small lagoon with a rivulet flowing across the beach. 


  • Vagator Beach - It is one of the most serene beaches in Goa that remains clean and peaceful since it is a relatively offbeat destination. This crescent-shaped beach that has golden sand and glittering water, is divided into two parts – North Vagator Beach or the Big Beach and Ozran Beach or the Little Beach. 


  • Arambol Beach Beautiful and serene, this beach has a boho vibe to it that doesn’t exist in any of the Goa beaches anymore. It provides solitude for the tourists that are looking for some alone time. It is comparatively left untouched as compared to the other mainstream beaches in the North of Goa.

    There are many beaches in Goa that you could go to in the day for relaxing – The top 18 beaches in Goa that are worth going to.




  • Dudhsagar WaterfallsLiterally meaning the ‘Sea of Milk’, the waterfalls mark the southern end of the state of Goa. It is beautifully nestled in the Bhagwan Mahaveer Sanctuary & Mollem National Park among the Western Ghats. The beauty of the falls must not be missed on your honeymoon tour of Goa.
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  • Monkey Beach - Monkey beach welcomes you with the fine aroma of barbeque fish and some vegetarian delicacy. Enjoy some chilled beer with some delicious Goan cuisines. Monkey beach is so beautiful that you will love to relax on the beach. People love to take bath in the sea and then sunbathe on the sand. And if lucky, you will get to meet god’s best creation- dolphins. They look stunning the way they twist and twirl.

    places to visit in Goa

  • Japanese Garden - This Garden is situated atop a hill in a place called Sada in Vasco Da Gama. It gives a breathtaking view of the Arabian sea. Maintained by the Mormugao Port Trust, this place is well-maintained and safe to visit and usually witnesses locals and children. Down the garden is also a small beach to overlook and enjoy the waters of the Arabian sea.

places to visit in Goa

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  • Fort Aguada: Fort Aguada is located on a hilltop near the mouth of the river Mandovi. The fort was named Aguada which means water in Portuguese because of the presence of three freshwater springs inside. This fort was constructed in the year 1612. During its use, ships would stop at the lower fort for supplies and water. Overlooking the vast expanse of ‘seeming to be endless’ blue waters in front of it, Aguada is one of the most popular tourist destinations of Goa.

places to visit in Goa

  • Chapora Fort: Another popular destination for the tourist, this Fort overlooks the Chapora river and that’s where it got its name from. This fort is also known as theDil Chahta Hai’ Fort because a blockbuster Bollywood movie was shot here in 2001 and since then, this fort has become an insane attraction for the youth. This fort was built as a place of strategic importance and defense purposes, this served as the area of enmity between the Marathas and the Portuguese to gain control over it. It is recommended to visit this fort in the evening to be able to enjoy the lush views in better weather.

places to visit in Goa

  • Terekhol Fort: Located at the Northern tip of Goa, Terekhol Fort was originally constructed in the 17th century by Maharaja Khem Sawant Bhonsle of Sawantwadi. The fort has a Church for the Holy Trinity in the courtyard and it was established in the year 1764. This church later came to be known as the Church of St. Anthony. The church is open for visitors only on special occasions such as the annual feast, which generally falls in the month of May. The fort has been renovated and converted into a hotel called the Fort Terekhol Heritage. The view of the golden sand of Keri Beach and the Terekhol River from the fort will captivate you.


Feel history repeating itself while visiting these heritage sites in Goa to get the real vibe of the place. 




  • Divar Island: Panjim - Stepping off the ferry from Old Goa onto beautiful little riverine Divar Island, you have the distinct feeling of entering a long-lost land. This island is surrounded by marshy waters and makes for a lovely, languid exploration, and though there’s not much particularly to see, it’s a serene and seldom-visited place to take in the atmosphere of old-time rural Goa.

    places to visit in Goa

  • Pequeno (Bat Island), GoaFor someone looking for adventure and serenity, the Bat Island welcomes you to the deep blue sea and scenic beauty you've barely ever seen before. Sing songs at the beach, sit around a bonfire, have the time of your life. This island is one of the best places to do snorkeling in Goa.
    places to visit in Goa

  •  Conco (Monkey Island), Agonda, Goais a wooden Island. It is also known as the Monkey Island because it used to be inhabited by monkeys coming from the surrounding jungles. Even now, you can spot a bunch of Monkeys here and there. 

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  • Vanxim Island, North Goa - This island is situated on the banks of river Mandovi. This is literally a forgotten island. The really surprising thing about this island is that it is unheard off and it is also nowhere to be found on the map. But you can enjoy the silence on the island amidst the unknown air that people have forgotten. A church and a chapel built hundreds of years ago, a sea of mangroves, old Portuguese Goan houses surrounded by lush greenery and lots of peace are what this little island has to offer.

places to visit in Goa

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  • LPK WaterfrontLove Passion Karma is one of the most exotic clubs in Goa. The name of the club rightly describes the ambiance and the interiors of the club. The club is surrounded by terracotta statues and structures that give it a very exotic and off-beat look.

places to visit in Goa

  • Club Cabana: This club is situated on the top of a hill. Very closely located to the Anjuna’s Saturday Market, it is completely lit with neon lights. It has multi-level dance floors as well as a swimming pool next to the bar where you can sit with your feet dip in water and a drink in hand.

places to visit in Goa

  • Club M - Marabela Beach: Club M at Marabela Beach Resort is one of the top clubs in Goa where you must stop by through your club-hopping. It has a lounge area where you can chill and a champagne terrace with a cool vibe to have fun with your friends.

places to visit in Goa


While you’re partying, make sure you stay hydrated in the humid weather of Goa and try these 13 drinks while you’re at it. Drinks to tackle even a 13th the Friday in Goa.



  • Go For A Couple Massage: Go for a luxurious massage together in one of the massage parlors or spas in Goa. Enjoy that time together to unwind, rejuvenate and fall in love again.

places to visit in Goa

  • Night Time Beach StrollRemove those flip-flops and sandals, and take a long walk on the beach bare-feet, this is the best way to have long and deep conversations and having fun with your lover.

places to visit in Goa

  • Spend One Weekend On A Houseboat: Rent a houseboat for a weekend. They come with a bedroom and living room, besides the deck and a kitchen with a small staff to take care of all your needs. The lovely scenery makes your decision so romantic and cheesy.

places to visit in Goa

  • Sky Gazing: Lie down and gaze at the stars, Goa sky is very clear of pollution and the stars are very visible. Stargazing is a very good way to form a connection with your partner and fall in love with every moment you spend with them.

places to visit in Goa

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Romantic Resorts in Goa:

  • Taj Fort Aguada Resort & Spa

 The resort has a lot in store apart from the picturesque view. A Surreal Sundowner makes the long day fade away and four-course gourmet meal surrounded by nature with rocky trek with adventure at every step of the way will make sure your days feel satisfying.


Location: Sinquerim, Candolim, Bardez, Goa 403515
Cost: approx INR 12,800 per night
Attractions: Champagne Sunset Cruise, Private Dining under the star, Adventure Activities


  • Dona Sylvia Beach Resort

For people seeking a great holiday retreat that also offers a glimpse into the rich traditional Goan culture, Dona Sylvia Beach Resort is just perfect. The Resort features dining venues and bars, the Spa and Salon services, Conference facilities, Shopping arcade, Fitness center, Fun pool area with great music and a Kids club with daily activities. Dona Sylvia Beach resort offers one of the most romantic wedding settings in Goa.

Location: Cavelossim, Mobor, Goa 403731
Cost: INR 11,520 per night
Attractions:  The Sohum Spa


  • Heritage Village Resort & Spa

At Goa, the party never stops and nor do we, a practice of not to settle down with anything except absolute comfort, entertainment, and relaxation. The resort location has been carefully picked out, at the virgin beach of South Goa and to Arossim and Cansaulim beach. Proximity to the nearest airport and railway station is an additional advantage.

Location: Arossim Beach Road, Cansaulim, Arossim, Goa 403712
Cost: INR 15,360 per night
Attractions: Watersports, activity zone


  • Royal Orchid Beach Resort & Spa

The Royal Orchid Beach Resort & Spa, Goa is located at Uttroda Beach and has close proximity to Madgoan Railway Station. The resort is ideal for beach weddings and has rooms with plunge pool to make your stay in Goa the most relaxing one.

Location: Utorda Beach Rd, Majorda, Goa 403713
Cost: Approx INR 11,007 per night
Attractions: Utorda Beach


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