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We Reviewed Revlon's New 24-Hour Kajal!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Feb. 23, 2021 6 min read

I've noticed one thing to be true in the case of makeup fanatics; while we love all our products dearly there's bound to be one specific category each of us is helplessly fixated on. I know a girl who unabashedly loves collecting different shades of mauve lipstick, and another who's obsessed with highlighters. What about me, you ask? Well, I am, for the lack of a better word, absolutely nuts about eye makeup. Playing up my eye makeup is my no-nonsense hack to looking a lot more put together than I am feeling on any given day, and while I am far from curating a full-fledged collection, I do have an impressive bundle of liners and Kajals in my own stash. I'm also constantly on the lookout for new worthy products to include in my army of eye makeup. 


All this to say, the buzz around Revlon's new Kajal launch had already wafted its way to me. And truth be told, I had been meaning to try it out and see if the product lives up to all the hype. But as it turns out, the product managed to reach me instead and all my doubts were put to rest. With a resolute mind, I decided to test the Kajal and jot down an authentic, 100% honest review. So, on cue, here it is. 


What I Got 

I received a gorgeous scarlet package with this message card stapled on the top. From inside the box, I retrieved two samples of Revlon's latest makeup launch - their 24-Hour Kajal pencils. Both the products came in the shade of Intense Black, and had promises of being sweat and water proof along with smudge and transfer proof, scribbled on their cover. It all sounded wonderful to me, and my first feeling was that of relief, because I now had 2 products handy in case I ended up loving the Kajals! 


Image Courtesy - magicpin



Image Courtesy - magicpin


What I Thought 

First of all, I figured I will review the product across the parameters mentioned on the box. So, I tested the Kajals across the following criteria - (1) sweat & water proof (2) smudge-transfer proof (3) application (4) feeling on the eyes. Here's me summarising my views under each of these brackets:


1. Sweat & Water Proof 

Personally speaking, this is THE most important judgement criteria for me as far as eye makeup is concerned, simply because I consider myself to be a leaking faucet in human form. Also critical is the product's ability to persist even when my face is streaming with sweat. So full disclosure, I thought real hard about the homeless dogs in our country, and within a few seconds, I produced the tears I wanted. To my surprise, the Kajal was largely in place even after my outburst had ended. So, 5/5 for tears. 

Next up, water. I tested this quality with a simple approach, I splashed some water on my eyes. I was a tad surprised because the Kajal didn't immediately run down my face, although in all frankness, it did fade a bit. But then again, I don't plan on drenching my face with water when I'm wearing makeup anyway. So for small traces of water, the Kajal shall work just fine. I'll score it a 4 on 5. 

Lastly, I was worried that this quality of the Kajal, as awesome as it may be, will also create obstacles when it comes to taking my makeup off. So I decided to try Micellar water on the product. Thankfully, it seemed to be able to differentiate and my eye makeup came off quite seamlessly. Impressive, to say the least! 


2. Smudge & Transfer Proof 

Before I tested the Kajal on my eyes, I read up a bit on what it is made of. Apparently, this Kajal is constructed out of highly cross-linked silicone resin & Trimethylsiloxysilicate (TMS), which helps it last for up to 24 hours with little to no smudging, even during inclining temperatures. This piqued my interest the most, since the summer season usually translates to badly spread Kajal stains around my eyes. 

I started by rubbing my eyes aggressively, to see if the kajal would stay put. Surprise surprise, it did for the most part. The lines stayed as dark and crisp as they had been when I first drew them on my eyes, but there was a very minuscule amount of smudging in the outlining area. I also tried rubbing my eyes with normal intensity, and in that case, the Kajal did not move a smidge. So on this parameter, I give the kajal a 4.5 on 5. I tested its resistance against transfer by dabbing a tissue on my eyes. For this, I score the Kajal a perfect 5 on 5, because there was no residue whatsoever. 


3. Application 

Considering its promises to stay in place and just as dark 24 hours later, I thought applying the Kajal might be a bit of a struggle with lots of removals and re-tries involved. But I actually found the application to be the product's best feature. The Kajal was super smooth and just glided under my eyes, and I found the product to be softer than my current go-to Kohl. The application was immensely easy, with just a stroke doing the trick. The outcome was also even and clean. So for this category, I give the Kajal another 5 on 5! 


4. Feeling On The Eyes 

After experimenting with random Kajals I found on street stores for several years, I only recently realised the importance of buying from a brand that you trust. Mostly because all those unnamed Kajals ended up irritating my eyes sooner rather than later. A lot of them would leave a sting or a burning sensation, leading to tears and followed by heavy smudging. But this one was touted to be approved by an ophthalmologist. 

I can say with surety that they're being a cent per cent truthful. The product did not, in any way, feel damaging to my eyes. On the contrary, I thought the Kajal left my eyes feeling soothed, but that could be purely psychological. In any case, no irritation or negative reactions. So on this parameter, a perfect score is certainly warranted. 


In Conclusion 

Remember I said I felt relieved that there were two products in the package, just in case I ended up loving it? Well, I did, and I continue to feel glad. I'd recommend this Kajal to all the ladies who are looking for high performance in their eye products, but would also like it to be affordable and coming from a reputed brand name. Revlon's new 24-hour Kajal delivers on all its promises, stays put exactly how you'd like it to be, and feels great on the eyes. All this at such a pocket-friendly price? This is what I call a steal, my friend! 


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