10 Alternatives To The Good Old Skinny Jeans

Ditching your favorite denim for anything else does not sound like a great idea. It’s a pain when you get out of your bed and can’t choose something worthy from your wardrobe because you know what you are going to wear will guide your mood for the rest of your day. But we can assure you that we can help you pick out alternatives to that skin fit, clingy jeans ( which we all know is a dead trend already ) that can make you look at least as good if not better.
1. Culottes
skiny jeans alternative culottes
2. Joggers
skiny jeans alternative joggers3. Leggings

skiny jeans alternative leggings4. Boyfriend Jeans
skiny jeans alternative boyfriend jeans

5. Track Pants
skiny jeans alternative track pants
6. Bootcut Jeans
skiny jeans alternative bootcut Read our full story on Bootcut jeans here 

7. Harem Pants
skiny jeans alternative harem pants
8. Ruffled Pants
skiny jeans alternative ruffled pants9. Wide Legged Pants
skiny jeans alternative wide legged pants 10. Military Trousers

skiny jeans alternative military pants Also, read our post on ripped jeans here 


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