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Introducing magicFloat: A Smart Shopping Assistant By magicpin

By magicpin

Updated - Feb. 5, 2021 2 min read

Looking to save time and even more money? We've got your back. Say hello! to magicFloat, a new magicpin experience which will bring different stores to you in a single app and subsequently help you find deals and score cashback. Think of it this way. One easy-to-shop destination stacked with all kinds of products from your favourite sites coupled with the best voucher codes and unbelievable magicPoints that are applicable on 1,00,000+ merchants. That’s the basis of magicFloat. It's a smart shopping assistant that not only caters to browsing but also saving. To be accurate... saving massively. 



What Exactly Is magicFloat?

The magicFloat is a smart shopping assistant introduced in the magicpin android app. It lets you:


1. Shop all kinds of products from a variety of stores.

2. Provides a clear window into the available vouchers.

3. Helps you apply the voucher codes before you checkout in the app.

4. And finally allows the user to earn magicPoints on eligible items.  



What Does It Change?

magicFloat by magicpin changes the entire face of online shopping.


There's a bottom bar that floats over online stores whenever you are browsing through them via magicpin app and the magicFloat feature allows the app to bring different stores on to your screen where you can find hot deals and score amazing cashbacks.


How Does magicFloat Work?


1. Open the magicpin App & click on the brand/online store you'd like to shop from.


2. As soon as you land on the page, a bar will appear at the bottom of the web view. 


3. Click on it to get a list of coupons applicable for redemption.


4. Copy the code from the list & paste it in the Coupon section or use it as a Gift card.


These codes are 100% successful. Now you'll forever have access to great deals, so you can always shop without any regrets!



What To Do If You Can't See/Use magicFloat Feature on magicpin?


1. You can try another store (it’s visible only for stores where codes are applicable)


2. If you're an MIUI devices user (Some of the Redmi/POCO phones): Provide these permissions by going to -

App settings >> Permissions >> Other Permissions

  • Display pop-up windows when running in the background 
  • Display pop-up window


The feature is currently available only on Android devices. iPhone patrons, please hang in there until we create the same experience for you.


magicFloat is a great opportunity to explore & shop on your favourite brands and online stores without worrying too much about the cost.


Download the magicpin App to know more. 



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