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Hacks To Keep Your Hands Soft Despite The Frequent Washing

By Dr Harsimran Kaur

Updated - Sept. 15, 2020 2 min read

Mantra to stay COVID safe: Frequently wash your hands for 20 seconds every few minutes. Sanitize! Sanitize! Sanitize!

Though this is well ingrained into our psyche by now, most of us are struggling with dry, red, sore, flaky and itchy hands. And we're sure you've been frantically searching for hacks to keep your hands soft, while also keeping COVID at bay! So, here are a few quick tips to battle this struggle.


  • Very hot water will not clean your hands more efficiently. Rather, it will only add to the soreness. Use cold or lukewarm water to wash your hands instead.


  • Antibacterial strong germicidal soaps are a myth! Use fragrance-free, sulphate-free creamy soaps instead.


  • Pat dry or blot dry. Do not rub hard. Change your hand towel as often as possible


  • Repeated hand washing and sanitizer overuse depletes the skin of its natural moisturising factors. Most essential step of hand care is to replenish the same. Use hand cream as often as you wash. Oil based creams work way better than water based formulations for cracked, sore palms. If your skin is too sensitive, opt for petroleum jelly or soft, paraffin creams.



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  • To make things easy, keep tiny moisturiser packs handy at your washbasin, kitchen sink, work desk, handbag or at the bedside table.


  • Face is not the only body part that needs the “night cream”. Nowadays, your hands need it just as much! Once every few days, apply almond or coconut oil or a thick layer of moisturiser at night and cover with cotton gloves. This gives your hands enough hydration to heal and repair.


  • Don’t forget to wear gloves when you sanitize your house. Your hands are not meant for bleach and harsh detergents.


  • Hand care is possible even while working in the kitchen. Use milk cream or vegetable oil to hydrate your hands as you wait for your food to get ready.


Wishing you health and hygiene with happy hands!


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Dr Harsimran Kaur

Consultant Dermatologist & Cosmetologist

New Delhi

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