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Soul Curry - Bellagio: Fine Dining At Its Best!

By abbeycadell97

Published Sept. 27, 2016 . Updated Feb. 27, 2018 2 min read

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A place where the chef literally puts his soul in making the curries. Couldn’t have a better name than Soul Curry – Bellagio. This place serves  North Indian Cuisine, and you are bound to fall for what’s on offer at this place! Name the dish and they have it on their menu.

 First Impression:

Located in central market, Ashok vihar, this place impresses with its unique look and decor.
The ambience is perfect for a fine dining restaurant. It tends to make you want to visit again. The tables have revolving centerpieces, which is quite impressive. We didn’t need to move an inch to pass the dishes. Very convenient.
The decor’s beautiful, and perfectly blends in with the theme of the place.  There is very little scope for improvement in this area.


The staff was courteous and humble. The manager will totally win you over. The staff was top notch, and were always around to take care of your needs.
Now, moving on to our favorite section.

What you should order:

– Amritsar Fish: Sole fish served with Onions and Mint chutney. The fish literally melts in your mouth. It’s crispy and creamy at the same time.

 Amritsar Fish

– Dahi ke kebabs: A dish which rarely meets expectations at most places was surprisingly well made at Bellagio. The flavour was just perfect. Hard to beat dahi ke kebabs at this place. Must try!
Dahi ke Kebebs
– Veg Khus Khus Kebab: Oh, we loved this dish! Won me over completely. Cooked to perfection!  You might need to control your emotions to avoid falling in love with it.

– Butter Chicken: The gravy is just lip smacking-ly delicious. Tangy and not too sweet, just the way we like it. The chicken chunks were juicy and tender. Really impressive.

 Butter Chicken

– Goan Fish Curry:  We  were a bit skeptical about going with this one, but it turned out to be a great call. Gem of a curry! This dish can easily be the sole reason we would come back to Bellagio. The best dish at this place, hands down!

 Goan Fish Curry

– Butter Nan/ Lachha: To compliment your curries, go with the Butter Nan/ Lachha. Avoid the Khaata Roti.

 Butter Naan

– By the way Relaxant: A cocktail with vodka base to compliment the curries. Perfect combination indeed!


A restaurant that has been in operation for more than 5 years now, will win you over with its soulful curries and tasty snacks. A must visit for all curry lovers. A special mention to the fish dishes, they were heavenly!
Happy Hogging fellas!

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