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4 Ways To Steal The Show With Bold Eyes

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Dec. 14, 2020 3 min read

The worst part about make-up? There are no rules for the perfect look. The best part about make-up? There are no rules for the perfect look! 


One thing we ladies often tend to forget about make-up is that the point isn’t to look like someone more attractive, the objective is to put your best face forward, literally. And if you think your eyes are the highlight of your facial features, you have every right to let the world know! 


An alluring eye-makeup look that makes your best features pop, can be magnetising enough to attract the attention of everybody in the near vicinity. Also, bold eyes can work as a great confidence booster, and make you feel like an absolute glam-doll. To rouse you into brushing up your eye-makeup skills and move on from just relying on your good old kajal, here are 4 dramatic eye-makeup looks that will steal the show, for sure! 


1. Winged Smokey Eye

When you address eye-makeup, giving the classic smokey eye and winged eyeliner a miss is perhaps the eighth deadly sin. So, we put the two together! The perfect smokey eye requires a generous amount of primer, the pairing of rich, dark colours, careful blending and artful smudging. When you throw a classic winged eyeliner into the mix, the outcome makes for an eye-makeup look, that most can’t take their eyes off! 


Image Courtesy - Pinterest


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2. Gold Cut Crease

The cut crease is the holy grail of statement eye-makeup looks. A cut crease is essentially the makeup term for a clean and defined eyelid crease, made prominent by cutting across it with makeup. This little trick tends to make your eyes look wider by adding depth and dimension and giving you a doe-eyed look. A shimmery gold eyeshadow on the lid and a darker, bronzer shade on top of your lid is a simple, yet immensely effective of making a bold statement with just your eyes. 


Image Courtesy - YouTube 


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3. Orange And Champagne 

When you talk about eye makeup looks for Indian skin tones, the shade of rust can unanimously be voted as one of the most flattering hues. The combo of a burnt orange eyeshadow with a classic champagne pigment creates a striking look, that is easy to achieve with two or three complementary eyeshadow shades. 

Image Courtesy - Glaminati 


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4. Electric Blue Kohl 

When all else fails, you can safely fall back on your beloved kajal, but with a contemporary twist. A stroke of kajal in electric blue or any other striking metallic shade can furnish you with some much-needed drama and flair, without the need to spend hours watching YouTube tutorials and perfecting your makeup skills. 


Image Courtesy - Twitter 


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Parting words? Keep plenty of make-up cleanser and tissues at hand, for practice, will eventually make you perfect or in this case, Insta selfie-ready! 


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