Your guide to go from ‘The virgin tree’ to ‘Lovers’ point’- Delhi University

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If you have studied in the legendary Delhi University, then you surely must have heard the crazy campus myths, which certainly would have added flavor to your gossip sessions at some point in time.

The myths are bizarre and in few cases even scary!


From the scary stories about the College of Vocational Studies being built on a graveyard to the bizarre myth about Lady Shri Ram College having rave parties, the Delhi University is filled with crazy campus myths. Let’s look at a few of them.

  1. Rave parties @ LSR


Much popular myth according to students is that, Lady Shri Ram College is a home for secret rave parties.

LSR is one of the most reputed colleges in the country, and it carries a burden of a bizarre myth such as rave parties!
What makes this myth hilarious is the fact that these parties apparently take place on campus. Shocking!!

  1. The horror stories of CVS


The stories floating around College of Vocational Studies are by far the scariest ones. It is said , that the college is built on an old graveyard and students confess that it scares them to visit their campus in the night.

According to the students, no one should go near the broken playground behind student window no. 2, as it is said to be haunted. The person who goes to this playground, will get haunted by the ghosts of the dead as soon as they leave the playground.It seems like students do have a scoop for their night chit-chattering sessions!

  1. The famous virgin tree in Hindu College


One of the most popular and cynical myth is, about Hindu College’s virgin tree.

It’s a site to see Hindu College on Valentine’s Day, as students of the college believe that praying to this tree will ensure that they will lose their virginity by the end of the year.

This crazy belief makes students do various hideous tasks such as, using condoms to blow balloons and then hang it on the tree. As they believe whoever does this will be blessed by the tree and would end up losing their virginity.

  1. Morning and evening students have diverse behavioral traits


According to the unorthodox myth, only the students who are enrolled in for the morning batch are graced with seriousness, focus and zeal in their life. The evening shift students are the back benchers and class bunkers!

This is surely far away from reality, as both the shift students are a collection of
studious as well as carefree attitude individuals.

  1. The Lover’s Point at Hansraj College


The very famous Lover’s Point at Hansraj College, is the college canteen which is located in the heart of the campus. It is said to be the perfect place for proposal.

Lover’s Point may sound very romantic, but it’ a tiny triangular place which is very occupied with a row of eateries.According to the legends, it’s believed that the romantic hero Shahrukh Khan had proposed his childhood sweetheart Gauri right at this place!

Students have all the reasons to find this place auspicious to propose and seek a committed, loved and long lasting relationship.


“So here it is! You have five out of the many myths you would have been subjected to when you were in Delhi University. Barring all the myths, DU students always cherish their days in the campus and are contented DU pass outs!”

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