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Your Weekend Has 60 Hours- Here's How You Can Make the Most of It

By Anubha Das

Updated - June 2, 2021 3 min read

Weekends seem to fly by, but they last far longer than we believe. Between that 6 p.m. Friday zoom call and 6 a.m. Monday alarm clock, there are 60 hours. Even if you sleep for 24 of those, you’ll still have 36 hours awake. That's plenty of time for some fun, relaxation, and, most importantly, recharging yourself. 


In our competitive world, successful people know that great weekends are the secret to workday success. You want weekends that leave you refreshed, not exhausted or disappointed, so you can hit Monday ready to go.


Here some fun things to do while you are at it:


1. Cook Your Heart Out


Cooking can be a chore on most weekdays, especially if you’re pressed for time. Cooking, on the other hand, is the most effective stress reliever when done right. People, it’s time to put on your MasterChef hats! Simple baking recipes are the newest food trend, created with the most accessible fresh ingredients in mind. Look for easy-to-follow and simple recipes so that while ingredients are limited, you still feel fancy!



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2. Pick Up a Paint Brush


Painting is a healing hobby, which is precisely what we all NEED during the long weekend. So, if you've been debating a bit of redecorating anyway, in the words of Chandler Bing, could now be a better time? This weekend, order some paint boxes and brushes and begin repainting that study area or kitchen slab.



Image Courtesy: Hometone


3. Read a Great Book


Take a break from reading the headlines by reading one of these much-loved tales of travel and adventure instead. Here, we’ve compiled our ultimate reading list – they’ll transport you to a faraway place without leaving your living room.



Image Courtesy: Hack Reactor


4. Gulp Some Wine While Watching Your Favourite Movie


Got some wine lying around the house, but can’t help feeling guilty every time you get the intense urge to down it all in one gulp? Well, here’s a pro tip. You can still get drunk at home, as long as you give it a fancy rationale, like an in-house wine tasting session while watching your favourite movie! Rent a good comedy flick from Bookmyshow and enjoy the 60 hours of your weekend to the fullest.



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5. Don’t Give In To The Sunday-Night Blues

Even if you enjoy your work, it’s easy to become exhausted by Sunday afternoon as you consider the task for the following morning. I know I do. Is there a way around this? Yes! Make plans for a fun night thingy on Sunday. Knowing you have something entertaining planned for the weekend, such as a movie marathon or DIY projects galore, extends the weekend by keeping your attention on the fun ahead.



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6. Bond With Your Family/ Friends

Being stuck with your housemates during lockdown is like walking on thin ice, no matter how wonderful your relationship with them is, whether it’s family or friends. The best approach to keep annoyance and sulky moods at bay over the weekend is to come up with inventive ways to occupy yourself. Bonding is essential for creating a light environment, whether it’s trying to replicate old family photos or organising a game night. It is a luxury to seek solace from loved ones, and we should never take it for granted.



Image Courtesy: Thrive Global


That ought to keep you busy for the weekend and enjoy it. But if you (somehow) manage to get through everything on this list – and no, you can’t skip number 5 – then you can check out our blogs for great recommendations on books, movies and easy recipes. Happy weekend!



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