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Here Are The Best Things To Do In Indian Habitat Centre Which One Shouldn't Miss Out

By Anubha Das

Updated - Dec. 14, 2018 3 min read

Supporting art, material culture, craftsmanship, and emerging talent, Indian Habitat Centre has come a long way since 1993. Those who don't know much about this great place to explore in Delhi, here is the list of things that you can do in the Indian Habitat Centre.


1. Explore The Visual Arts Gallery

The first thing on our list of things to do in Indian Habitat Centre is to explore The Visual Arts Gallery. This gallery was founded in 2000 and since then it is a hub for visual arts to seminars promoting contemporary art trends. You will find many famous artists from India & also international artists showcasing their talent at The Visual Arts Gallery. You can find more about the events and seminar happening on the main website of the Indian Habitat Centrethings-to-do-in-indian-habitat-centre-visual-arts-gallery-image


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2. Go To Amphitheatre

You must not miss going to the Amphitheater when you are at Indian Habitat Centre if you are fond of theatre, art, and music. Visiting this Amphitheatre is one of the best things to do at Indian Habitat Centre. It is the replica of the original amphitheater situated in Rome with an open-air theatre. Many pop events are concerts are also organized at this place and even when there is no event being organized the ambiance of this place makes it a good place to flip through books while having coffee. You can book the amphitheater by sending your proposal to the authorities of the Indian Habitat Centre.things-to-do-in-indian-habitat-centre-amphitheatre-image



3. Enjoy Events Stein Auditorium

No wonder everyone who visits the Indian Habitat Centre makes sure to enjoy the events and parties at the best Auditorio known as the Stein Auditorium. This place falls definitely belongs to the list of the best things to do at Indian Habitat Centre being equipped with state of the art infrastructure followed by a 35mm projection. There are a lot of cultural functions, conferences, seminars and so forth events happening every time at this auditorium. You can contact the Stein Auditorium party packages and rental details. things-to-do-in-indian-habitat-centre-stein-auditoriam-image


4. Habitat Library And Resource Centre

The intellectual hub of the Indian Habitat Centre that proved a heaven for all the book lovers and knowledge seekers is Habitat Library and Resource Centre. A great place to read, surf, research, learn and write, Habitat Library and Resource Centre is always packed with who wants to sit in a corner and research or write. They also provide Wifi so that people can use their own laptops apart from having a good range of computers for their members. things-to-do-in-indian-habitat-centre-habitat-library-and-resource-centre-image


5. Visit The Lotus Pond

To go to the Indian Habitat Centre and not visit the Lotus Pond will be a shame! Outside all the artistic world of this place, you'll find a pretty lotus pond with lots of lotus and fishes swimming. Take a stroll outside the Indian Habitat Centre and enjoy the serene vibe near the Lotus Pond. things-to-do-in-indian-habitat-centre-lotus-pond-image


6. Have Breakfast At The All American Diner

The go-to place at Indian Habitat Centre to enjoy an authentic American experience. This joint is unique in more ways that one, from the comfy red booths to the checkered floors and jukebox, the place seems to come straight out of a Hollywood movie scene. The menu is quite a treat as well, adorned by scintillating treats from American and fast food cuisines, and the reasonable pricing makes the experience just perfect.  Having breakfast at his place is definitely one of the best things to do at Indian Habitat Centre. things-to-do-in-indian-habitat-centre-the-all-american-diner-image


Now that you have the list of the best things to do at Indian Habitat Centre, plan out an outing right away! 


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Q: Which is the best place to eat at Indian Habitat Centre?

A: You can eat at All American Diner. 


Q: Who do you need to contact for the membership?

A: You can contact the Indian Habitat Centre for any kind of membership.


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