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Ballet, Freestyle Or Hip-Hop: These Top Dancers In India Have Definitely Defined Each Dance Form Better

By Sonam Satija

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

Pick your favorite dance form and get inspired by these Top 10 Dancers In India who have beautifully defined their respective forms of dancing.


1. Ryan Martyr

Moving people with positivity and dancing skills - Ryan has established himself in the dance industry as one of the most captivating dancers. One just can't take their eyes off his beautiful choreographies which speaks for itself. His flexibility and improvisations will leave you awe-struck. He was also a finalist on So You Think You Can Dance's India Chapter which totally makes us proud!




2. Meher Malik

You'll be mesmerized to witness Meher Malik perform one of her belly dancing pieces. Her dancing skills will make you want to learn belly dancing too. One can easily watch her dance and learn at her very own studio in Haus Khas Village - Delhi. This Banjaran has left just blank with no words to express about her impeccable belly dancing moves. She was also selected as a contestant in India's Got Talent which made the audience fall in love with her art. For her, dancing is not just a career-oriented movie but a purpose in life to grow each day and become a better version of oneself.




3. Sadhwi Majumder

A Bharatnatyam dancer who will leave you short for words if you'll go through her dance covers. Follow her on Youtube or Instagram - once scroll down through her feed which leaves you inspired to learn more and take dance as a hobby. Her perfection is clearly evident as to how she has mastered the art of dancing throughout her journey as she started young. She was also one of the top 15 contestants in Dance India Dance - Season 5. It's evidently clear how all of these dancers have proved their worth and made India proud with their art and efforts.




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4. Prosenjit Kundu

An excellent dancer and a teacher with brilliant dancing skills when it comes to B-boying, Hip Hop, Popping, Locking and what not. This guy has no limits as his potential speaks so much for itself. His dancing skills have made him travel around the globe to learn every form possible as experimenting and learning is the key to success. He also started his very own dance crew which is known as "Kundu House Project" apart from that he was also a judge on India's first ever Street Dance Television Show known as "Footloose". You just cannot miss out on his workshops if you're into dancing!




5. Gaurav Mankoti

Yes, we're talking about the guy in the center - Gaurav Mankoti, started his dance journey from college to making it Dance Plus Season 1 where he gained his fame. He has also trained in Germany Urban Dance Camp and has mastered his dancing skills in hip-hop, urban dance, contemporary and so much more. It's a treat to one's eyes to watch him perform as his fine dancing skills will make you want to move. And again we just can't deny how he kills his group choreographies and we have already mentioned about the insane dancing duo with Chandni is people's favorite. His training has definitely made him the dance he is today - renowned amongst the best and keep the stakes higher than ever to grow each day and master those sharp moves.




6. Chandni Srivastava

It's amazing to witness any dancer's journey as there is no full stop to it if you're focused and Chandni has definitely set an example for all the dancers out there by proving to be one of the best. Her journey starting from leading the western dance society of her college to choreographing celebrities is definitely inspiring. You must have noticed her performing with Raja Kumari in most of her events and it's great to see how she's come a long way. And, of course we just can't forget how her duo with Gaurav Mankoti has the most coordinated choreographies giving us goosebumps every time. Yes yes.. I'm hinting at "Shape Of You"!




7. Ram Pradeep

A Dancer, Teacher, and Choreographer - Ram Pradeep rather Donny, you're missing out on one of the best if you have attended his workshops or watched his videos. You've got to follow him to learn the most top-notch choreographies trending this season. He is also the founder of the "Allstars Production Ltd" in Delhi where several dance forms are taught. Yes, of course you can be a part! 




8. Mekhola Bose

This boss lady has definitely got the right attitude, confidence, and moves which makes her a beautiful dancer. Be it her classical moves or waacking - she slays them all with her fine dancing skills. She's also a part of a dance group called "Crafts Of Kammotion" - if you're looking forward to watching more of her videos (Youtube Now!) and she was also a contestant in Dance Plus 3 representing the "House Of Suraj". Making the country proud with her moves, she's definitely the right kind of motivation we need in life when it comes to dancing.




9. Prerna Nepali

An MBA Graduate and a professional dancer - Amazing right? Prerna Nepali was one of the semi-finalists in India's Got Talent which still makes us proud. That doesn't stop her from moving forward as she makes sure to experiment with each dance form and admire the art in every style. Her flexibility and sharp moves will leave you for endless admiration. Her love for waacking has led her to places and she makes sure there is enough awareness about the dance form as she attends and organizes several waacking festivals to focus on what she loves and make people aware about this brilliant form.




10. Jahnavi Sheriff

Her dancehall moves will definitely get you in the mode for some dancing. Jahnavi Sheriff, recently also bragged the second position in Dancehall Queen Asia - which is a proud moment in itself. Been teaching for almost 5 years now, she has mastered the art of dancing by going an extra mile each day and organizing several dancehalls and being a part of many to encourage this dance form. For her dancing is about putting in efforts to grow every day as a dancer without being too hard on yourself and loosening up your body to let it move freely.




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