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Try Something New! Top 5 Bangalore Rentals For Biking Enthusiasts

By Ishan Sharma

Updated - Feb. 25, 2020 4 min read

A wise soul once said, "you don't stop riding when you get old, but you get old when you stop riding". Indeed, true to the spine of adventures, there's nothing better than a thrilling bike ride, when you cruise through the world outside, breathing the weather inside and losing the fears of life. 

And you don't necessarily have to own a machine in order to ride, you can always rent a bike in the city. With so many great options to choose from, you'll certainly be spoilt for choice, but we've got it all sorted for you with these best bike rentals in Bangalore. 




Suitable for everyday commute or those fun rides on the weekend, you can choose an economical, easy and snappy way across the city. Zip and zap your way to the office or cruise down the lanes of thrill and adventures, you're sorted for a cool ride with VOGO bike rentals. With fuel cost included, and prices as low as INR 3 per hour, you won't find a better bike rental deal in Bangalore than this is. 

Vogo Bike Rentals Bangalore

Image Courtesy: Bikewale



Royal Brothers

Royal Brothers bring to you the real deal of bike rental scene in India. Being one of the most trusted names across, you can choose from an array of vehicles in their fleet including Harleys, gearless scooters to hyper-rides like Dominars and KTMs. With a presence at more than 40 locations including Bangalore and a belief in quality over quantity have earned them a spot among the best bike rentals in the nation. Go for any of the bikes they offer and you can expect a truly refined experience. 

Royal Brothers Bikes For Rent Bangalore

Image Courtesy: Thrillophillia



Wicked Ride

This one comes equipped with some superbikes in the inventory, so if you've always wanted to feel the thunder within your soul, you can actually make them dreams come true with Wicked ride bike rentals in Bangalore. The process is pretty easy, you just have to sign up once and pick up your dream ride from the preferred location. So head out on the open road, let the breeze caress your hair, and feel the roar of machines combined with the spirit within you. Just don't let your ego take over the throttle. 

Wicked Ride Bike Rental Bangalore

Image Courtesy: Wikipedia




If you feel yourself to be adventurous and nomadic, come and be a part of Bikemania. Touted among the most prestigious names in the bike rental world, the Bikemania takes care of everything that may come down the way. Break downs, rider assistance and much more, just about everything is available at a call to their 24/7 customer care department.  

Bikemania Bike On Rent Bangalore

Image Courtesy: Justdial



ONN Bike Rentals

ONN bikes, another great option for everyday bike rentals or for those occasional sprints across the city, you can choose to ride a bike with their multiple outlets across Bangalore. They have a fairly strict maintenance policy to keep all the vehicles in their fleet in a healthy state. Rely on them if you need a bike that's fun and trustworthy. With regular deals and offers rolled out, even your pockets would feel just as fine as you do on one of their bikes. 

ONN Bike On Rent In Bangalore

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Q. Is there a security deposit involved in bike rentals?

A. Yes, usually there is a security deposit involved, and which is refundable in nature, post to when you return the vehicle in a similar state as you rented. 


Q. What all documents would I need while renting a bike in Bangalore?

A. An original driver's licence (for verification) and a govt authorised address proof. 


Q. Will fuel be included in the entire cost of bike rental?

A. With some providers, it is included, but some of them may not offer the same. 


Q. Will there be a limit on Kms covered?

A. Yes, there usually is a limit on the distance covered as well, but for an exact quote, you will need to get in touch with a rental bike provider. Also, post to the free KMs, there's only a nominal charge levied for the extra distance. 




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