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Fabulous Mommy Bloggers That You Should Be Double Tapping On Instagram

By Anubha Das

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

Following your passion, juggling your career, home, and a kid or two can be extremely overwhelming and that's only normal. There a lot of amazing mothers in our country who are rocking this and setting new trends and goals. Here’s our personal favourite mix of funny, creative, inspiring, and the most relatable moms on Instagram that you must follow.


Harpreet Suri

With a very quirky and catchy Instagram handle "momwearsprada", Harpreet Suri one of the most celebrated mom on Instagram right now. This mom who loves her coffee as much as she loves Arhann and Aayat is a must follow an influencer on Instagram.  We're definitely in love with her dressing sense and the way she carries herself - which makes her look like a complete mommy diva. Her feed is a platform to share her views on fashion & beauty with fellow fashionistas who believe that style is not limited to any shape, size or age. A complete powerhouse of entertainment - Empowering several women to break the stereotypes and take the first step of being Fabulous! 



Saru Mukherjee Sharma

Sara Mukherjee Sharma is a fashion enthusiastic, fitness motivator and of all the above an amazing mom. Ranked as one of the top mom bloggers by WorldOfMom, Saru's Instagram account "diapers and lipsticks" speaks enough about her. Defying all the stereotypes about women being withheld after having a baby, she's definitely encouraging several women out there to step out of their comfort zone and do their best. 



Haajra Fareen

This mom has an Instagram feed which covers a lot of amusing and creative pictures of her kid which will make you go all "aww". Haajra Fareen is super-responsive to her followers and supporters, which means daily interaction, constant engagement, and twice-a-day posts. She is one of those mom bloggers who has excelled the art of communicating through her pictures and the captions. 




Juhi Bhansal

Juhi is one seriously fashion-forward mama who specializes in offbeat travel experiences along with her husband and daughter. Not only this influencer shares her exciting travel stories but she is also a follower of lazy parenting style. You would definitely want to take some inspiration from this educationist who is an Associate Director at Ahmedabad University as her looks and travel stories are always simple yet offbeat making her stand out as one of the best mom bloggers in India. Follow her on Instagram to check out her latest wanderlust stories.



Komal Narang

Sharing "myhappinesz", Komal Narang is one of the top mom bloggers in India. The first look at her Instagram feed and you'll be all chippy and happy looking at the amazing captures of her family. Her feed may be total #momgoals but she indeed knows how to keep in real by posting pictures with her husband and her kid. This beauty and lifestyle bloggers has her own youtube channel that has been adding colours to everyone's life since the starting.



Teejay Sidhu

You all must know Karanvir Bohra who recently came in Big Boss, but you would be missing out on a lot if you ain't following his wife. Yes, we are talking about Teejay Sidhu who is a mom to twins named Vienna and Bella. This mom influencer has a very popular instgram account ‘Twin Baby Diaries’ which shows the world through the perspective of fraternal twins. With various jobs surprisingly, including that of an on-screen actor TV host, explorer, etc, Teejay shares regular peeks into her own life – her twins and adoring family!



Anupriya Kapur

She discovered running in 2009 - which became her passion and she planned on working hard for the same. Anupriya has participated in many marathons and ultra runs - almost 100kms a month - which is definitely impressive. For her running is a source of positivity, confidence, and growth which keeps her motivation high. Apart from running, she's into gymming as well, breaking stereotypes of women being considered as "Weak". She is also the Co-Founder of "Imbue Naturals" - which is her recent venture where she released her product Imbue Intimate Hygiene Foam is the one-stop solution to your intimate hygiene problems. Way To Go Girl!




Simrun Chopra

Let this fitness mom influencer guide you through the real art of fitness and healthy recipes - Her Instagram feed will definitely give you some high-time motivation that you've been looking for. Her core strength and on point healthy food recipes will leave you awestruck for sure! Nobody knows how capable their bodies are until they start working out - Simrun's hard work, core strength and toned body reflects her successful journey towards the path of fitness.



Ishna Batra

A brilliant content creator aka Ishna Batra-Her incredible dressing sense and regular twinning pictures with her little daughter definitely makes her stand out and be the best version of herself! When in doubt about what outfit to wear - One scroll through feed will inspire you with several looks. We're definitely in love with her dressing sense and the way she carries herself - which makes this mom look like a complete diva.



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