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8 Tiffin Services In Bangalore Offering Healthy Homemade Food

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Sept. 13, 2023 6 min read

There's no dearth of fancy grub and pub spots in Bangalore to head to for a bite. But while eating junk or processed food once in a while can feel rewarding, making it a daily habit can wreak havoc on your health. Besides, pizza for dinner or burger for lunch gets real old real quick. You need nutritious, healthy food to sustain yourself in the longer run. Well balanced meals that give your body each nutrient it needs to survive and thrive, should be what you consume on a regular basis. 


But we also know how challenging it can be for bachelors to ensure a steady supply of healthy homemade food. Especially if you're new to the city, cravings for ghar ka khana can strike out of nowhere, which no convenient fast food can satisfy. If that sounds like the situation you're currently in, our guide will rescue you from unhealthy eating habits. We've listed the best tiffin services in Bangalore, that'll deliver full, nourishing lunch or dinner meals to your doorstep on the daily! 


1. Masala Box

This 100% homemade tiffin service vendor in Bangalore is without a doubt the best in the business. Masalabox takes care of your every need. The food from Masala Box will evoke a sense of nostalgia for home. The food is prepared in home kitchens with utmost care and precaution and using only top-quality ingredients. You can choose from their array of meal plans based on your preferences and budget, and select dishes from their vast menu to be delivered for free to your doorstep. 


Image Courtesy - magicpin


Website - Masalabox

Contact Number - 08061972252




2. Bhavna Tiffin Service 

With the tagline of "Ghar Jaisa Swad", Bhavna Tiffin Service is a simple, no-frills tiffin vendor based in Bangalore. They offer meals priced as low as Rs 50, teeming with delicious homemade vegetarian dishes. Both their lunch and dinner plans comprise 4 chappatis or rice, a nutritious sabji, a bowl of steaming dal, and a nourishing green salad. This is an ideal option for those with unpredictable schedules, as you can order your lunch between 7 AM to 9 AM and dinner between 4 PM to 6 PM on the day you need the meal delivered! 


Image Courtesy - Bhavna Tiffin


Contact Number - 8076567677




3. Oota Box 

Oota Box is a chain of tiffin service in Bangalore that offers access to healthy food prepared by home cooks spread across the city. Their food network consists of more than 1k homes along with a community of stellar chefs that are proficient in their specialised cuisine. The yummy food is prepared with great care by these home chefs, and then delivered to your house in neatly packaged boxes by Oota Box. There's an assortment of cuisines and dishes available that you can choose from, including North Indian, South Indian, Jain etc. All 3 meals of the day will be delivered either in the form of a one-time order, or regularly as a subscription model. 


Image Courtesy - Oota Box on Facebook


Website - OotaBox

Contact Number - 08045936030



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4. Rotiyana Tiffin Service 

This tiffin service in Bangalore is not just your regular meal server but actually, a food startup that cooks Indian and Chinese dishes. They serve over 5000+ meals in a day, mostly targeted at corporate groups. They also provide their services to small scale events and individuals. The food is prepared using fresh and organic vegetables and other raw ingredients. They don't provide breakfast but offer the customers tasty homemade Lunch and Dinner options. 


Image Courtesy - Rotiyana on Facebook


Website - Rotiyana Tiffin Service

Contact Number - 084314 34551




5. Namma Dabba 

Offering healthy homemade food from various home kitchens across the city, Namma Dabba vows to bring the convenience of doorstep delivered meals to the office goers of Bangalore. This tiffin service in Bangalore offers both weekly and monthly plans, suited for all kinds of budgets and preferences. They have a variety of cuisines one can choose from, such as North Indian, South Indian, Gujrati and Rajasthani. The prices are ultra pocket-friendly and the delivery service is quick and hassle-free. 


Image Courtesy - Namma Dabba on Facebook


Website - Namma Dabba

Contact Number - 096209 62032




6. Butti 

Butti is a meal delivery subscription service based in Bangalore, designed to meet the needs of health-conscious working folks across the city with timely lunch and dinner meals. Their food is well-balanced, nutritious and prepared with the greatest care and the best fresh ingredients. They offer 10-day, 20-day and monthly packages in both North Indian and South Indian categories. You can choose your package to include breakfast, lunch and dinner, at prices as low as Rs 499 for 10 days! 


Image Courtesy - Butti


Website - Butti

Contact Number - 9108690643




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7. Tiffin Meal 

Tiffin Meal is a tiffin service in Bangalore that prepares daily box meals and caters to corporate groups, small party gatherings and paying guest owners. It's very easy to access as all you have to do is choose a meal plan that suits your needs, make the payment and update delivery information. They also have a 'Food on Demand' menu! Their motto is to keep you healthy, increase your productivity and provide you healthy, nutritious and home-style food cooked using organic vegetables. The best part is that they take care of the environment by using 100% food-grade reusable Tiffin boxes, which also keep your meal piping hot and fresh.


Image Courtesy - Tiffin Meal on Facebook


Website - Tiffin Meal

Contact Number - 9663636123



8. Desi Tiffin Box 

A cloud-based tiffin delivery service in Bangalore, Desi Tiffin Box will fulfil all your cravings for homecooked Desi food. With a tagline of New Day New Menu, they promise to bring an amalgamation of awesome variety and unparalleled taste to your regular meal options. Their meals are light on the wallet and healthy for your fitness goals. You can choose a plan that delivers food either to your home or office, and pick from various sizes of subscriptions! 


Image Courtesy - Tiffin Meal on Facebook


Website - Desi Tiffin Box

Contact Number - 7619 128 447



The taste of home is one subscription plan away! 

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