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Add Meaning To A Mandate With These Quirky Diwali Gifts

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Oct. 27, 2020 11 min read

Let me dodge all the fancy words, and jump straight to the point. I'm done with receiving Son Papdi for Diwali every single year. Or that easy box of random chocolates. I mean, I don't even like chocolates, do you not know me at all gift-giver!? 


Dry fruits, chocolates and crockery sets have been circulated across Indian families so often and with such zest that the country morphs into a giant game of Passing The Parcel during the festive season each year. If you wish to tap out and bring a genuine smile as opposed to pseudo gratitude on the faces of those you celebrate the festival with, read on to discover some unconventional Diwali gift ideas to draw inspiration from! We have been sure to curate Diwali gift ideas for the diverse groups of stakeholders in your life. 


For Those, Close To Your Heart 

This is your clique. The people you go back home to. The people who make life worthwhile. Picking the perfect Diwali gift for the people in your innermost circle can be a daunting task especially when the expectations prescribe presenting them with something personal, meaningful and handpicked with careful thought. Check out these Diwali gift ideas to spark some joy and love in the lives of those you wholeheartedly adore.


Closet To Your Heart

Image Courtesy: Pexels


1. Personalized Flip Sequins Pillow With Secret Message 

This gift embodies the crucial elements that sustain a close relationship. Comfort, fun and private jokes. A reversible or flip sequins pillow is one that changes patterns when you run your hand over it. What we are advising you to do is to pick a secret message instead of a pattern for an easy, thoughtful and practical gift. Your loved ones can snuggle into the pillow when they're feeling weary or sad followed by revealing the secret message to recall some cherished memories. 

Image Courtesy - Amazon


2. Fruit Infuser Bottle 

With the advent of modernity induced sedentary lifestyles, our incessant worrying about the well-being and health of our loved ones has magnified two-fold. We worry, we discuss, resolutions and promises are made and then promptly forgotten over the next few days. So this Diwali, why not opt for an unconventional gift that not only brings joy but also physical fitness. A fruit infuser bottle, as the name suggests, steeps the minerals and nutrients from cut-up fruits into the drinking water in the bottle and thus makes for an immensely functional Diwali gift. 



Image Courtesy - Scootsy


3. Framed Art With Inspirational Quotes

Much to our dismay, it is physically impossible for us to constantly be around those we love in order to motivate them when they are feeling blue. However, what we can do is institute certain factors in their regular environment which will disburse inspiration when we can't. For instance, some decor items such as these framed inspirational quotes with vibrant artwork can be utilized as instant pick-me-ups. 

Image Courtesy - Etsy


4. Personalized Munchies Hamper

Best suited for your friends, siblings and cousins (wouldn't recommend gifting a box of heart attack to your parents for Diwali), a personalized hamper can be the perfect, personally curated Diwali present. Ditch the random snack hampers available at your everyday sweet shop and instead put some thought into the kind of snacks they are particularly fond of. Collect these cherished food items and organize them into their very own personalized munchies hamper. 



Image Courtesy - The Perfect Gift


5. Coupon For A Digital Class

Remember those baking classes your mother has been raving about for over two years now? Why not surprise her with a coupon or voucher to some free classes or workshops in the subject matter of their choice? Whilst being one of the most useful gifts out there, it can also act as the perfect motivator for those you love, to finally learn what interests them. The derivations from such a gift would span a time period longer than just one festival which makes it especially rewarding! 

Image Courtesy - Cult


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For Those, You Wish To Impress

Some wise person once said, "fake it till you make it" and that is essentially what we are trying to do with this category of people in our lives. Ranging from our superiors and colleagues at work to that distant Aunty from London you've never seen in person, these are the people we want to please with impressive annual Diwali gifts. Read on to discover plenty of such seemingly luxurious items that will not burn a hole in your pocket. 


Wish To Impress

Image Courtesy: Pexels


1. Crystal Candle Holder

The allure of anything studded with sparkly crystals is undeniable. These candleholders constructed with stunning crystals make for gorgeous decor items, especially during the festival of lights. Best part? They are not half as expensive as they appear to be!

Image Courtesy - Cage Coin


2. Printed Breakfast Table

So far, we have maintained a persistent emphasis on Diwali gifts that are both unconventional as well as pragmatic. A fold-able breakfast-in-bed table is an item that is extremely practical and brings in heaps of comfort and convenience into our everyday lives but one often not considered significant enough to invest in. Buy one with an appealing print and gift it to your office friends as an attempt to showcase how just thoughtful you are. 

Image Courtesy - Pepper Fry


3. Velvet Throws

Speaking of things that look and feel expensive but quite commonly are actually affordable, we cannot give the mention of velvet a miss. A velvet throw blanket emanates expensive taste whilst being reasonably priced? Bonus? Unremitting cosiness!

Image Courtesy - Walmart


4. Assorted Tea Set

Nothing says refined preferences like good taste in quality tea. At least, that's what the Britishers led the world to believe. But after several years of rampant tea abuse, I have to say that I agree with them. When you're looking to impress somebody with a thoughtful Diwali gift, ditch the normative hampers resplendent of junk food and sickly sweet treats. Instead, pick a tea hamper with diverse teabags of eclectic flavours such as green, lavender, chamomile and your classic English tea

Image Courtesy - Shopify


5. Agate Coasters

Does this one even warrant a description? These stunning coasters are tremendously aesthetically appealing and bring a whole lot of class to the table, pun intended. They blare out screams of being pricey, deluxe and bourgeois. However, little do the recipients know that despite looking like they cost you a fortune, they are available online at reasonable prices

Agate - Trunk Home



For Those, You Barely Know 

This group consists of all the people in your life you come across on a regular basis, but barely ever stop to chat with. It also entails those folks that you need to send a gift to due to social obligations. Now, we don't have nearly enough information about them to conjure a gift that would be mutually meaningful. However, that does not inevitably mean that you will need to resort to good old sweets and dry fruit boxes.  


You Barely Know

Image Courtesy: Public 


1. Scented Candles Set

There is a very thin line between being impersonal and being a total tool while deciding on Diwali gifts. Candles straddle this line perfectly. Throw in a comforting scent for good measure and you've got yourself a Diwali gift that can be broadly generalised to apply to the entirety of the human species. 

Image Courtesy - Jomalone


2. Travel Cosmetics Kit

Yep, there we go playing around with the practical angle yet again. However, imagine receiving presents from people that can not be put to any good use. However insufficient your knowledge of another individual might be, certain facts are obvious and applicable to all. For instance, human beings tend to travel at least at some point in their lives. Which further implies, that a travel kit full of useful toiletries and cosmetics will largely be considered useful regardless of the bond you share with the other person making it the perfect unconventional Diwali gift for acquaintances

Image Courtesy - Amazon


3. Adult Colouring Books

Yet another fact that can be generalized to most people in present times is that we are all stressed albeit some more than others. Well, stress or no stress, a relaxing unwinding session will be appreciated by just about anybody. An adult colouring book is the perfect solution to this, providing the recipient with some much needed time with the self. 

Image Courtesy - Holston Pony Club


4. Quirky Fridge Magnets 

The best part about fridge magnets is the wide spectrum of emotionality they offer. They can range from extremely private jokes to general musings, thoughts and statements. Dig deep in the chaotic heap of your memories, and try to pull out a random fact or two about the person you intend on presenting this gift to. Even something as generic as their favourite animal will do. Based on this data, pick a quirky fridge magnet that is likely to, at the very least, make them chuckle occasionally. 

Image Courtesy - Pepper Fry


5. Cute Planters For Indoor Plants

Another impersonal, generic Diwali gift idea that is also incredibly cute. Now that sounds like a fair deal, doesn't it? There is an expansive variety of adorable and funny planters available in offline as well as online stores that can be extremely useful for growing succulents. If your acquaintance seems like they are fond of having some greenery around them, this can make for the perfect unconventional Diwali gift. 

Image Courtesy - Home My Design


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For Those Behind The Scenes 

These are the actual superheroes of our lives that save us from daily hassles and inconveniences. Unnoticed and largely under-appreciated, their help allows us to be organised and stay in order. From your maid who you'd be absolutely lost without to your driver who bestows you with the gift of mobility, the Diwali gifts for this category of people in your lives should be worth way more than just money. 

Behind The Scenes

Image Courtesy: Stay Mauritius


1. Lunch Treat For Your Domestic Help 

Every day that you order your choice of food to be delivered to your house, your domestic help goes back and prepares food with the same 3 ingredients for an entire family of hungry stomachs. This Diwali, why not brighten up their lives with a lunch treat at a fancy restaurant? It will be an experience that they will cherish for decades to come and be thankful to you for. 

Image Courtesy - Prexels


2. Offer Weekly Classes For Their Children

This Diwali gift idea requires little to no cash spendings and yet manages to make a significant difference to a needy person's life. All you need to do is offer to dedicate a few hours of your time to teach their children. You could cover any topic ranging from school subjects to essential life skills and the next thing you know, you've contributed substantially to shaping the future of a child with little means. The best part of this Diwali present is that it will be just as rewarding for you as it will be for the recipient. 

Image Courtesy - Hindustan Times


3. Buy Them Groceries For Two Weeks

If you wish to extend your valuable aid in simplifying the life of someone who devotes hours to taking care of yours, choose to opt for this utilitarian Diwali gift. Buy them two weeks' worth of groceries and watch as some of the stress on their face dispenses almost instantaneously. 

Image Courtesy - Asian Foods UK


4. Buy Them A Water Purifier

Pretty self-explanatory, there doesn't exist a Diwali gift as constructive as facilitating someone's access to clean drinking water. A water purifier or filter will make truckloads of difference in your domestic help's life and health. Looking for a selfish angle to this relatively pricey Diwali gift? Cleaner water = better health = less leaves from work. Think smart. 

Image Courtesy - Amazon


5. Just Ask!

When it comes to those with few resources at their dispense, the most impactful help can only be extended by asking them what they exactly require. So this Diwali, sit down and have a conversation with the people operating BTS of your life. Take some time out to understand their problems and on the basis of this, come up with a Diwali gift idea that will solve these problems to a certain extent. Afterall careful thought is what makes a Diwali gift truly meaningful. 

Image Courtesy - Indian Women Blog

So here we are, at the end of this guide to unconventional Diwali gift ideas for the various kinds of people in your life. Take a pick, invest some thought, and you're sure to pleasantly surprise a lot of people on this auspicious occasion. 


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