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Cheat Code To The Perfect Wardrobe - 15 Essential Items Every Woman Must Own

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - May 9, 202410 min read

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When it comes to fashion, there is no singular unified look applicable to the entirety of the female population. Preferences and tastes vary across different kinds of women, some picking femininity over boyish outfits, some preferring casual over dressy looks, others opting for monochrome over colours and so on. However, as far as putting together a wardrobe is concerned, there are certain essential items that are a must-have for every woman out there. These mostly comprise of basic pieces that can be elegantly paired with a diverse range of clothes to construct distinct outfits. Read on to discover 15 wardrobe essentials that you should necessarily invest in. 


1. A Classic White Button-Down 

Simplistic yet classy and graceful, a white button-down shirt is one of those clothing pieces that one can never go wrong with. For a formal attire, you can pair the shirt with any pair of formal pants, either in solid colours or striped patterns. For a casual look, there isn't anything classier and timeless than a basic white shirt and blue jeans outfit. There is a multitude of variety even in the category of a white button-down shirt with different kinds of details ranging from ruffles to Chinese collars to embellished buttons. This wardrobe staple is likely to be a life-saver especially in situations where you can't be bothered to think of divergent ensembles. 

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2. The Timeless Little Black Dress

From Audrey Hepburn to Coco Chanel, the importance of the Little Black Dress has been reiterated through multiple generations of women. In times of confusion or little preparation with regard to putting together a dazzling outfit for an evening or a night out in the city, the little black dress is a convenient and inherently glamorous option to opt for. Timeless and elegant, the LBD whilst being a wardrobe staple also lends a great degree of flexibility with regard to styling. You can pair your Little Black Dress with a plethora of accessories, ranging from classic pumps to gold jewellery to bright belts

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3. Pair Of Dark Wash Slim Fit Denims

Speaking of wardrobe essentials, it would be borderline unethical to give a well-fitted pair of jeans a miss. Pick a pair that accentuates your hips and visually elongates your legs. Dark wash jeans are particularly stylish as they can be paired with virtually any top, while also keeping unexpected mishaps such as sudden stains at bay. When you decide to put on a stylish pair of jeans, you have the liberty of deciding whether you want to dress up or down, go casual or extra put-together. Accessories or shoes no bar either. You can don a pair of elegant pumps or play it cool with some sneakers. 

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4. The Basic Black Ankle Pants 

Not every workplace has a casual dress code and many frown upon employees wearing jeans at work. If that sounds like your office, there is another wardrobe staple that you should definitely invest in. A classic pair of black ankle-length pants can augment any formal or semi-formal look with grace and ease. Pick a pair in an easy, stretchable material to ensure all day long comfort without looking like a hobo. 

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5. A Charming Knee Length Skirt 

If we talk about wardrobe essentials, there are certain bottom pieces which are pertinent to any woman's style quotient. A solid coloured knee-length skirt provides you with a more feminine and dainty alternative to jeans or pants. This staple piece is both casual and formal in just the right amounts. In addition, it is also versatile enough to be paired with a range of blouses, shirts or t-shirts making it both work-friendly and trendy. 

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6. A Hipster Denim Jacket 

Perfect for relatively casual occasions such as a brunch with the girls or a weekend date, a denim jacket is extremely utilitarian and thus essential to a woman's wardrobe. It is also an androgynous outfit piece which lends a large helping of effortless chic to any outfit. It can be worn season after season and can be thrown in with any ensemble to amp up the trend factor. Though there is a variety of colours, styles, and details to choose from, a classic medium wash is the most versatile option out there. 

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7. A Striped Crewneck T-Shirt

Another one of those unfailing outfit pieces, a well-fitted crewneck t-shirt with an attractive striped pattern can be your life-saver in the most dire fashion emergencies. Offering a range of versatility, it can be coupled with a pair of washed jeans or some formal trousers or even a medium-length skirt. Depending on the exact colour scheme and pattern, you can also opt from a gamut of make-up looks. For an additional dose of vogue, pick a T-shirt with nautical stripes, also known as a Bateau shirt.  

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8. A Cozy Knit Sweater

A perfect knit sweater can complement any attire, whether it is one involving ripped boyfriend jeans or one with a flowing pleated skirt. Ideally, you should opt for one in a lighter material so as to be able to wear it during different seasons. Fold up the sleeves to channel a casual chic look or keep it simple and elegant by accessorizing with some statement pieces. Minimal patterns and neutral colours are your best bet in the world of knit sweaters. 

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9. A Bold Blazer

Another alluring essential, a dark coloured stylish blazer with the perfect fit can add the oomph factor in most outfits. For max utility, pick one that is flattering for your silhouette in either navy blue or black. If you think this piece of clothing can only be incorporated in the case of formal outfits, think again. Pair your blazer with some straight cut dark wash jeans and a basic T-shirt, put on some gold hoops and tie your hair up in a messy bun. Voila! You've got yourself a sharp and modish look for that Saturday night dinner. 

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10. An Alluring Chikankari Suit 

If you're one to enjoy a generous dollop of ethnic wear in your everyday outfits, be sure to invest in a stunning, Chikankari suit with some elegant embroidery. You can pick this wardrobe staple in an array of styles ranging from classic Anarkali to Patiala to straight-cut. Be sure to opt for a colour that flatters your skin tone. Style this suit with some statement earrings for a more glamorous look. However, if you wish to go for a fusion of Indian and Western, you can don your Chikankari Kurti with a pair of jeans

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11. A Full-length Jumpsuit 

Jumpsuits are breezy, effortlessly stylish and capable of making a powerful statement. Thus, it goes without saying that in the list of closet must-haves, a full-length jumpsuit is highly likely to make a feature. If you are tall, select one which is slightly loose and yet accentuates your curves. For short girls, a well-fitted jumpsuit is the best bet. For the ultimate wardrobe essential, pick a jumpsuit with flared bottoms in a solid colour.

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12. A Statement Saree

For years, you have been wearing sarees by sifting through your mum's closet whenever the occasion arose. But now that you are creating your own perfect wardrobe, it is time to invest in your own statement saree. Fundamental to an Indian woman's collection of clothes, a gorgeous saree is the perfect way to add glamour to any event with lots of ease. The allure of a woman in a saree is undeniable, and hence, we'd advise you to pick your own signature saree from the wide gamut of options available both online and offline.

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13. A Pair Of Classic Pumps 

A classic pair of black pumps will never fail you or your outfits. Effortless, trendy and spiritually uplifting, your pumps will be sure to tell those around you, that you mean business. Equally perfect for that 9-to-5 outfit and a date with your special someone, if you wish to inculcate this staple item in your closet, be sure to invest in a sturdy pair. Pick one which is comfortable, and fits your feet just right.


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14. Peppy White Sneakers 

An essential casual basic, white sneakers have been the go-to choice in shoes for fashion bloggers and Instagram models for quite some time now. Utterly comfortable and reliable, a pair of white sneakers can be paired with anything, whether it is ankle-length pants or your timeless LBD. You can select one from any sports outlet across different price ranges. However, be ready to occasionally devote some time to cleaning and maintaining this wardrobe must-have. 

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15. Tasteful Ballet Flats 

Jack of all trades and master of several, a dainty pair of ballet flats can add grace to different kinds of outfits. Perfect for fashionably lazy days, ballet flats offer an immense amount of comfort. You can decide to select one in leather or suede, the latter being a bit more vulnerable to stains and dirt accumulation. The perfect blend of style and ease, ballet flats can be your preferred option for any occasion ranging from a board meeting to a quick grocery run

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So, this brings us to the end of this list of wardrobe staples, essential for every voguish woman out there. However, eccentric the rest of your closet might be, be sure to invest in these 15 key styling pieces. Since the utility of these pieces is likely to span several years, make sure you pick quality over quantity.