This Group Will Help You Travel Without Technology

By Sanjay Gouda

Updated - Feb. 5, 2019 1 min read

Go beyond the digital & digitization - something unparallel & unmatchable. Yes! You hard that right! Travel without the gadgets and engrave true memories to the fullest. Sounds something imaginary, right? Yes, this group (Your Trip Ends Here) will help you experience and explore the eternal beauty of the mother nature at its most. Rejuvenate your soul on your next vacation with a digital detox. This travel group plans completely screen-free trips for travel junkies. So, Give A Break To Your Gadgets And Travel Without Technology.


No Check-Ins Or Snapchats, Just Pure Travel

Your Trip Ends Here is a unique initiative to encourage travel enthusiasts to truly get into the spirit of exploring. They plan trips to unconventional locales and encourage people to truly experience travel. In today’s digital world, it’s hard to completely disconnect, with the need to update your Instagram stories or your boss e-mailing you during your vacation. As much as we’d like to avoid our phones or laptops, we’re inevitably drawn to them during our trips, hence missing out on half the experiences. Instead of this, get to truly experience the bliss of nature and feel at one with yourself. At Your Trip Ends Here, all kinds are trips are planned, from camping to road trips on bikes, exploring old towns. They plan trips in groups, giving you the chance to interact and travel with a bunch of interesting strangers.



If you’ve been having trouble organizing your next trip, ditch the usual and travel with Your Trip Ends Here. Check out their Facebook page for more information or contact at: