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Travelogged #4 Your Comprehensive Guide To Things To Do In Nainital

By Anubha Das

Updated - March 7, 2019 bookmark icon 7 min read

A Little Tranquil Place Called Nainital

Nothing can beat the real beauty of flora and fauna at Nainital, you'll be awestruck by the essence of Nainital Lake - where can even go for a boat ride throughout the day. The whole town is surrounded by high magnificent mountains making the town look more breath-taking. The highest point nearby is Naina Peak or China Peak, with an elevation of 2,619 m.


Best Time To Visit: All year round (Avoid the monsoons)

Places To See: Nainital Lake, Snow View, Tiffin Top, Naini Peak

Things To Do: Sightseeing, Ropeway Rides, Elephant Safari, Boating, Camping, Trekking 


Things To Do In Nainital:


1. Boating At The Beautiful Lake

The first thing on the list of things to do in Nainital would be boating and yatching at the beautiful lake of Nainital. It being said that this lake is amongst world’s highest lakes for yachting and that is why there is no way that you should miss out on this experience when you are at the magnificient Nainital.travelogged-4-things-to-do-in-nainital-image


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2.  Visit High Altitude Zoo

Covering an area of 4.693 Hectares, Nainital's High Altitude Zoo is the home of various species who falls in the endangered category, a significant number of which are embraced by individuals and creature associations. This high altitude zoo is situated at a stature of 2100 mtrs which makes this zoo a good place for some animal and fowls. Privately called as 'Sher ka Danda', Nainital Zoo is situated at slope slant in Nainital.travelogged-4-things-to-do-in-nainital-image


3. Shop From The Tibetian Market

Revive the shopaholic in you whenever you're in Nainital since they have a good tibetial market from where you can shop vibrant jackets, suits, umbrellas, accessories, and fabrics which will leave you spoilt for choices. Do give the Tibetian markets a visit to for retail therapy and you'll end up shopping more than you have imagined.travelogged-4-things-to-do-in-nainital-nainital-zoo-image


4. Watch Sunset at Hanuman Garhi

Hanuman Garhi sanctuary is additionally popular for its vital area. It is situated at such a height and at such a site, from where the dawns and dusks are masterfully unmistakable. The people who visit Nainital don't pass up on the chance of watching the entrancing perspective of nightfall that one can get from this place. You cannt miss out of the sunset when you are there.travelogged-4-things-to-do-in-nainital-hanuman-garhi-image


5. Experience The Ropeway Journey

Enjoy riding the ropeway at Nainital which is said to be a boom for the people who wishes to enjoy the breathtaking views of Naini Lake and the whole Nainital hill station. Each year this ropeway draws hundreds of tourists who wants to enjoy the surreal view of the msot amazing hill station in India.travelogged-4-things-to-do-in-nainital-image


6. Try Out Rock Climbing

Nainital is endowed with every adventurous activity like Rock Climbing where you can indulge yourself exploring the hidden dimensions of the mother nature and take a break from boring city life. If you are one of those who loves exploring places with a mountainous backdrop, then try out rock climbing at this place.travelogged-4-things-to-do-in-nainital-image


Local Attractions:


1. Naina Devi

Naina Devi  is located atop the Naina hillock near the Naini Lake, and draws thousands of devotees every year to Nainital. There are many shops in close proximity to the Naina Devi Temple from where one can buy the prasad and pooja items. Goddess in this holy temple is represented by her two eyes. travelogged-4-things-to-do-in-nainital-naina-devi-image


2. Buckingham Palace of India

The Governer's bungalow in Nainital is known as the Buckingham palace in India which is a must visit when in Nainital. A walk through the heritage site gives you a fascinating experience of the old British days. Visiting this place in Nainital would give you a rare view of how the major Government authoritues used to live back in the time.travelogged-4-things-to-do-in-nainital-image


3. Jim Corbett National Park

Cure all your stress at the most alluring palce in Nainital where you can explore the depth of Corbett's Bijrani Zone which is home to exotic birds and mammals as well as get up close to the ferocious king of the Corbett, tigers. Spanned over beautiful areas of Pauri Garhwal, Almora and Nainital of Uttarakhand state in India, Jim Corbett National Park is a large and appealing site and is amongst the oldest parks in India.travelogged-4-things-to-do-in-nainital-jim-corbett-nathional-park-image


4. Cheena Peak

Naina Peak is most noteworthy slope and one of the well known places of interest in Nainital. This pinnacle is additionally called as China Peak and Cheena Peak by local people in Naintal. Because of high height and lavish green timberland way, Cheena Peak is most loved place in Nainital for trekking among voyagers and tourists.travelogged-4-things-to-do-in-nainital-cheena-peak-image


5.  St. John Church

Named after the bishop of Calcutta, St. John Chuch is Nainital is one of the earlist building in the hill station. The Old Church of Saint John in the Woods of Nainital has one such Cementry that you could investigate. The Church itself with its recolored glass windows and antiquated wood seats is a place worth visiting when you are visiting Nainital.travelogged-4-things-to-do-in-nainital-st-john=church-image


Best Time To Visit

The best time to visit Nainital is all year long since this hill station is always crowded with people coming from all over India and abroad. Though you must avoid the monsoon season.

How To Reach Nainital?

By Road: Nainital enjoys excellent road connectivity with several cities and small towns of north India. Daily bus service to Nainital is available from Delhi and Kathgodam. Coaches like Volvo, AC and non AC are available in this route. 

By Train: The nearest railway station to Nainital is Kathgodham Railway Station. From there you can book private taxis or take a bus to Nainital.

By Air: Nainital has a good connectivity from all the metropolition cities through air. 


Places To Visit Near Nainital:


1. Bhimtal

Bhimtal, a small lake city that hasn’t yet been overwhelmed by tourism and is far less crowded than Nainital. It’s a mesmerizing destination steeped in legend. Named after Mahabharata’s Bhima, it’s older than Nainital and its road connecting to the Kumaon Hills, Kathgodam, Nepal, and Tibet is believed to be part of the ancient Silk Route. It’s still in use to this day. There isn’t an endless list of places to visit in Bhimtal but it boasts stunning locales that more than make up for it.travelogged-4-things-to-do-in-nainital-bhimtal-image


2. Kathgodam

In Kumaoni, Kathgodam stands for timber depot. Kathgodam may be a railway station for most tourists traveling on to more popular destinations, but it has an interesting history. Direct trains from cities such as Delhi, Kolkata, and Jammu Tawi to Kathgodam provide easy access to travelers to the Kumaon Himalayas. When you step out of the station and wait for your cab to take you to Nainital, Ranikhet, Almora or any of a number of places that are accessible from Kathgodam, take a step back to appreciate what may be the most beautiful railway station in India.travelogged-4-things-to-do-in-nainital-kathogodam-image


3. Almora

A town profusely rich in cultural heritage, exquisite wildlife, and exhilarating views of the Himalayas, it should not be surprising that there are plenty of places to visit in Almora. Another jewel in the crown of Uttarakhand, the quaint, picturesque town of Almora makes a great destination for a peaceful hill holiday. You will feel blessed to set your eyes upon the many revered Himalayan Peaks like Nanda Devi and Trishul from the pinnacles of Almora. The deluge of centuries-old Almora temples which are a remarkable example of architecture will take you back in time. And, its invigorating air and verdant greenery are too much for the city people to take in.travelogged-4-things-to-do-in-nainital-image-almora-image


4. Kumaon

Kumaon is a breathtaking region extending from the northern ends of Uttarakhand up to Tibet. Blessed with an abundant natural beauty, biodiversity, crystal clear lakes, and snow-clad mountains, there are numerous tourist places in Kumaon that draw thousands of tourists annually.travelogged-4-things-to-do-in-nainital-image-kumaon-image


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Q. What are the best places to visit in Uttarakhand in December?

A. Auli, Dhanaulti, Dehradun, Mussoorie, Mukteshwar, Nainital, Bhimtal, Ranikhet, and Chopta are some of the best places one can visit in Uttarakhand in the month of December.


Q. What is the best time to visit Uttarakhand for a honeymoon trip?

A. Nainital, Mussoorie, Kausani, Ramgarh, and Bhimtal are some of the most romantic destinations in Uttarakhand to go on a honeymoon.