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Level Up Your Charismatic Persona At Your Workplace With These Trendy Formal Wear

By Anubha Das

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 5 min read

People always give you that crap about Mondays. But having a perfectly styled formal wear to look forward to on a Monday makes all the women not want to drink themselves into a stupor on Sunday night. Formal wear dressing, if done correctly goes a long way in shaping one’s personality. So, what all factors matter when it comes to formal wear. Let's find out all the things around the formal wear to perfect that office look, women! 


Why is Formal Wear important? 


Your Comfort:

The most important aspect of wearing Formal wears to the office would be the level of comfort that it provides during the time-worn. Formal wear ideally should not be heavy structured, unlike the related perception created over time. Remember, your comfort is paramount during those office hours. 


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Your Confidence:

Warriors wear armour to the battlefield and well-fitted formals are what you wear to the conference room. Wear what makes you feel pumped up every time you walk into your office. It makes you feel good about yourself when you take that extra mile to dress up well and not to mention the people taking notice and pausing and noting your presence and words. 
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First Impression Is Always The Last Impression: 

We have all used the quote " Never judge a book by its cover", but at some ratios of life, you need to do that. Whether you go for an interview for it is your first day at work your first impression on your employee counts a lot. In short, wearing formals to work reflects an individual's personality better and creates an impression alongside.trending-formal-wear-women_image

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Beauty In The Grey 

This outfit definitely has an urban cool touch to it. Those ankle length well-fitted pants paired with a sophisticated grey coat is exactly what you need for a modern look. One can make it look much more classy by adding a pair of patent oxford shoes. 

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Trending Pastel Colours

You just can't go wrong with beige as it's one of the most sophisticated colors and works just fine for office wear. Shop for a semi-casual ruffle white shirt and pair it with beige flared pants if you're in the mood for something which is not so formal. You can further accessorize the outfit with a stylish belt and pointed heels. Enter the office like it's the 70's again.


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Plaids For The Fashion Forward One

We just can't take out our eyes off this look as it's just perfect from head to toe. If you're a fan of experimenting with prints when it comes to formal then this is exactly what you need to go for. This look is mostly for the people who work at corporate offices with top-notch meetings happening every weekend. Wear it with confidence to create an impression!

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Monochrome Bold Shades

Don't forget its all about playing with colors so don't be afraid of trying bold shades. If you know how to wear an outfit with confidence then nothing really matters. Get yourself a stylish pleated skirt and pair it with a bold colored top and add a beautiful neckpiece for a complete makeover.

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Textured Trend

Texture, fabric, and weave are three of the most misunderstood words in men's formal wear. Texture refers to the physical surface of the fabric of the cloth. The most obvious effect of texture is, of course, its comfort on your body. No one likes to wear rough, scratchy fabric. From a stylistic point of view, it’s the subtler effects of texture in formal wear is interesting.

trending-formal-wear-women_imagePhoto Courtesy: Pinterest


Types Of Formal Wear For Women


Peg Trousers 

Pegged Trousers are an admirable combination of harem pants and a tapered pant. It has a trouser-like cut at the waist and the thigh area of the pant but then at the end around the ankle, it gathers up together. These pants are immensely trendy and are worn as formal wear with utter sophistication expressing an adorable charm whenever you wear it. Again, it's you who should comfortable with experiment, if you've got the confidence nobody is stopping you from slaying these trendy pants.


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Pencil Skirt

Pencil skirts are extremely versatile as they can be worn for officewear, at a party, at lunch date and probably at every possible place - All you need to do it pair it with the most compatible option, be it a formal shirt or a camisole along with a summer coat. You've got to have a basic black pencil skirt in your wardrobe for sure as it's the most versatile option and goes with every top/shirt. One can never go wrong with a basic color - be it white or black. Though there are other colours that you can go for! 


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Formal Pants

Formal pants are the usual, basic trouser that women wear at offices and workplaces. You can pair up these formal pants with a shirt, blazer, and stilettoes for an extraordinary formal office look or even with a formal top for that matter. We're totally in love with these grey check pants as they look super trendy and way too classy when it comes to office wear. If elegance is what your looks are all about you've got to have these pants in your wardrobe.


Photo Courtesy: Pinterest


Ruffle Top

All you boss ladies ruling the corporate world, a Ruffle red shirt is a must-have in your closet. All you have to do pair it up with your favourite black skirt or that trending printed pencil skirt and you'll shine like a million bucks. Roll the sleeves of your blazer for a relaxed and casual vibe. Stilettos to strut in confidence and a statement bracelet to accessorize. 


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So, keep these things in mind while going for the urban-cool outfits when it comes to slaying at work. 


Now that you perfectly know about the important things that should be kept in mind while buying Formal Wear, you should get going. Classy formal wear can change your appearance and Ombre lane has a lot of different styles & colors to choose the perfect formal wear from.

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Question: Which are the trending prints for work wear?

Answer: Checks, Stripes, and Florals


Question: Which online shopping website is the best for shopping formal wear?

Answer: Zara, H & M

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