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5 Under-Rated Yet Game-Changing Beauty Products

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Oct. 16, 2020 5 min read

When it comes to the beauty industry, you'll always find conflicting views on what one should swear by. Which makes sense, because everybody's skin is made differently, and hence, deserves to be treated differently. That being said, certain basics have persistently been classed as absolute must-haves. A cleansing face wash, an awesome scrub and a stack of mask-sheets - these are skincare essentials most of us have heard enough about and bought several of. These staples are as likely to snag a place on beauty checklists, as they are inside our skincare cabinets.


But today, we'd like to take a while, to talk about products that don't nearly see enough light of the day, even though they more than deserve to. We're talking about skincare game-changers, pure magic in tubs and tubes. These unsung heroes of beauty regimes often get lost in the chaos. Until of course, someone fortunate gets their hands on one of them, and proceeds to wonder why they'd never heard of it! Fret not, we won't let that happen to you. And that is precisely the intention, with which we curated this list of 5 extremely under-rated beauty products worth getting a hold of!


1. Sleeping Mask 

A face mask that works its wonders on your skin, while you rest in a deep slumber doing nothing...why would you pass this one up!? Especially if you're a mask enthusiast, a trusty overnight mask is a product you will come to adore. Not only do the ingredients penetrate your skin more deeply and for longer than an average face mask, but a sleeping mask also acts as a wonderful barrier between your pores, and dirt and dust. The sealing in quality also prevents the seepage of active ingredients, leading to more thorough overnight hydration! 


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2. Tinted Moisturiser

Somedays, you step out with perfectly blended full-coverage foundation. But somedays, your skin needs something a lot lighter, yet almost as effective in brightening up your face. For those days, a tinted moisturiser will definitely come in handy! As the name suggests, it's essentially a moisturiser with some tint mixed into the formula, such that the product not only hydrates your skin, but also gives you a polished and flawless appearance. As a beauty product, it falls somewhere between a BB cream and a regular moisturiser. So you can both nourish your skin and even out your complexion, with a reliable tube of tinted moisturiser!


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3. Dry Shampoo 

As someone who spent way too many of her high-school days putting talcum powder in her hair to combat greasiness, discovering dry shampoo as an adult was nothing short of a miracle for me. Especially if your hair is as tricky as mine, and by that, I mean, manages to become dry when you wash it too often, yet has the audacity to look greasy when you don't, a can of dry shampoo is worth every buck. The ingredients in a dry shampoo soak up excess sebum from your hair and give it a good wash, without the need for water at all. I'm referring especially to busy days, or when you're travelling outside, or have a host of social engagements to attend to. As an emergency life-saver, dry shampoo truly does the job remarkably well! 


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4. After-Shave Balm 

I realised the importance of this beauty product very recently when my bi-weekly wax sessions came to an abrupt halt. With no parlour waali didi to my rescue, shaving off the hair on my leg, arm and wherever else, was the only resort left. But dealing with the after-shaving bumps and ingrown hair, became too annoying too quick. So, I decided to invest in a balm that helps combat these issues, and trust me when I say I'm glad! From reducing itching to reversing skin-damage and from closing pores to prevent bumps and reactions to helping cuts and razor burns heal quickly, an after-shave balm is a staple product, especially during these pandemic-stay-at-home days! 


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5. Peel Pads

Quick, hassle-free and super-effective, that's how I love my skincare products. So naturally, peel pads had to be mentioned. These are especially not all that popular, but get a good set of these and you'll find your skincare regime entirely transformed. It's a deep-exfoliation product, that you simply wipe across your face for an instantly brightened, nourished look. Especially Glycolic peel pads, and those meant particularly for acne and acne-scars, work exceptionally well. They reduce spots, remove dead cells, exfoliate your skin, unclog your pores, and smoothen your skin-tone, all with a single wipe! This product tends to be slightly towards the pricier end, but investing in a pack is well worth the money. 


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Go ahead, give these a shot. And watch your skincare regime transform, one under-rated product at a time! 


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