Valentine's Day Special #2: Gift Ideas For Your Girlfriend To Make Her Fall In Love Again

By Anubha Das

Updated - Jan. 14, 2019 5 min read

Valentine's Day is almost here and the week brings the rush of emotions, excitement and well expectations. After all the grinding and hustling throughout the year, your darling deserves a day of pampering and indulgence. Let this Valentines be a tribute to the moments you both had each other's back for and the beautiful times you've created and will be creating. Make your girl feel the most special throughout with some of these gifting ideas for Valentines Day.


1. Sephora Gift Package 

Even though there are a lot of women who don't like to be gifted something, they are keen towards getting something special from their boyfriends on Valentines Day. Gift your better half an amazing Sephora Gift Package to make this Valentines Day the best day of her life. If you are wondering about what gift package to choose then try going into the Sephora shop with bae and stay close while she looks around, see what she takes her time looking at, and voila there it is; the perfect Valentines day gift. valentine-gifts-girlfriend-valentine's-day-2019-sephora-gift-package-image


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2. Her Favourite Brands Gift Card

Most of the girls have their favourite brand of clothes and shoes. You might feel hopeless at the counter not knowing what to buy for your sweetheart exactly at these stores, but you could always gift your girlfriend her favourite brand's gift card. There is nothing better than this Valentines Day gift to surprise your better half.valentine-gifts-girlfriend-valentine's-day-2019-image


3. Handbags

Seeing as though Valentines Week 2019 is just in the corner, many men will begin their gift hunt, and one of the few gifts that men realize that cannot go wrong with women as a Valentines Day gift is a handbag. Much like a suit to men, handbags are the females’ armor. So go on a journey to the handbag hinterlands of fashion and get the best one for your girlfriend this Valentines Day.valentine-gifts-girlfriend-valentine's-day-2019-handbag-image


4. Makeup Subscription Box

Does your girlfriend love to pamper herself? The answer is always yes and we have the best valentines day gift idea for the men. Don't worry about spending a ton because makeup subscription boxes come to our rescue where the best of all products are delivered to you at affordable rates. Subscribe her to a makeup subscription box this Valentines Day and she ’ll think of you every time she grabs some lipgloss on the go.

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5. Book Subscription Box

One book is expected, but 12? Well, that’s just romantic. Buy your sweetie a Book subscription box this Valentines Day to make sure they have a new book to read every month of the year.valentine-gifts-girlfriend-valentine's-day-2019-book-subscription-box-image


6. Romantic Getaway

If you want to really spice it up this Valentines Day then book an increasingly popular mystery romantic vacation. You pick the budget and the dates and let her find out where you’re going once you get to the airport. This is by far the best romantic gift you can plan out for your bae this Valentine's day 2019.

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7. Take A Workshop Together

If your partner is as spontaneous and adventurous as the single person writing about the best Valentine day gifting ideas then you can always be creative and register yourself to a hobby workshop. This out of the box valentines day gift idea will make you and your bae spend some quality time together on Valentines Week 2019 and make amazing memories to cherish for the rest of the year.valentine-gifts-girlfriend-valentine's-day-2019--image


8. Breakfast In Bed

Nothing beats waking up to good food and a hot cup of tea/coffee, how about making her favorite breakfast/dessert as a surprise this valentine's day. Make it special for her by waking up a little early and putting in a little effort of cooking on your own to win her heart and make your valentine's day a special one.valentine-gifts-girlfriend-valentine's-day-2019-breakfast-in-bed-image


9. Make Her A Mix Tape

If you think this is old school then you're definitely going wrong, nothing can beat the 90's trend of making a mix tape for your bae. Put in all the songs which remind you of the best memories you had with her to make her feel special if that's too cheesy for you then add some cool love songs from the 90's.valentine-gifts-girlfriend-valentine's-day-2019--mix-tape-image


10. Bunch Of Roses

Giving flowers on Valentine’s Day is a timeless romantic gesture for couples all over the world. Flowers are a simple, yet thoughtful gift that demonstrates your love for another person. Gift a bunch of beautiful roses to your soulmate this Valentines Day to make sure that love is in the Air.valentine-gifts-girlfriend-valentine's-day-2019--bunch-of-roses-image


Even the slightest of gesture can make her feel grateful for having you. Happy Valentine's Day and have a kickass love month everyone.


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Q: Which is the most popular day of Valentine’s Week?

A: Every day is important in the Valentine week list, though the most popular one is the Rose Day.


Q: What's the valentine's day list for 2019?

A: 7th Feb - Rose Day, Hug Day - 12th Feb, Kiss Day 13th Feb, Promise Day 11th Feb, Teddy Day 10th Feb, 9th Feb Chocolate Day, 8th Feb Propose Day


Q: What is the origin of Valentine's week?

A: As per history, the day first became associated with romantic love within the circle of Geoffrey Chaucer in the 14th century, when the tradition of courtly love flourished.