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Thoughtful Valentine's Day Gifts Your Lady Would Love!

By Somdutta Mazumder

Updated - Feb. 12, 2021 8 min read

I know you've probably encountered way too many reminders so far to forget the fact, but here's another one nonetheless. Valentine's Day 2021 is almost here! Considering the year that we successfully endured, I believe the day of love is even more special this time around. All of us have been counting our blessings lately, and if you have a gorgeous woman who stuck by your side through it all, well, we'd definitely count you in as one of the luckier people on the planet. 


And that special lady in your life, deserves nothing other than world-class treatment on V-Day, along with your undivided attention, and a gift that makes her gasp in joy! Now, when we say you need to get her a fantastic Valentine's Day present, we don't mean you have to necessarily shell out big bucks in the process. Instead, go for something small but meaningful, something that may be thrifty, but makes your girl's life better in some way.


Before you break into a sweat from all the stress of choosing the perfect Valentine's Day gift, we'd suggest going through our list of 10 ideas, each of which would make a delightful present for your lady love! 


1. Green Tea Glow Pack Gift Set From Plum 



5 in 1 Box @ NR 1,328 


Why She'd Love It 

You know what's better than receiving a skincare product as a gift? Receiving a whole box of goodies, replete with the most awesome all-natural home facial products from Plum, along with a free fancy golden clutch to stash it all in! We think a skincare hamper is such a practical gift for a woman, especially one like Plum that contains a face wash, face mask, night gel and a face mist, all from their at-home facial Green Tea series. With an end-to-end collection of skincare products as a Valentine's Day present, your girl will have all that she needs in 1 box to fine-tune her skincare regime. 


Image Courtesy - Plum



2. Dress Material From Ajio 



Kalamkari Print Cotton Dress Material @ INR 400 

Pochampally Ikat Cotton 2.5 m Dress Material @ INR 714 


Why She'd Love It 

Have you been thinking about presenting your girlfriend with a gorgeous dress for V-Day, but the prospect of them either not liking it, or the dress not fitting them properly, is discouraging your noble intentions? Well, what if we recommended a gift that will result in exactly what you want, but according to your girl's preferences and minus any hassle on your end? We're talking about a pretty printed dress material, that your partner can get weaved into the dress of her dreams. Think about it, no fitting troubles, you don't need to spend hours looking for the perfect silhouette, and your girl gets to own exactly the kind of apparel her closet needs, and she can design it herself. We see absolutely zero losses here! 



Image Courtesy - Ajio Indie Picks 



3. Baby Yoda Pocket T-Shirt From Bewakoof 



INR 325 


Why She'd Love It 

Despite of a global pandemic demanding our attention most of last year, a lot of eyes around the world were fixated on Baby Yoda instead. And honestly, can you blame those folks? Just look at how adorable he is! So, to answer the question posed above, your girlfriend will be delighted to have a cutesy Baby Yoda graphic playing peekaboo on her t-shirt. Especially if you want to make your valentine's day gift count, but without shelling out a lot of money, a t-shirt with graphics matching what your girl loves, is an ideal budget-friendly V-day present idea! 


Image Courtesy - Bewakoof 



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4. Rockerz 550 Headphones From boAt



INR 1,999


Why She'd Love It 

As someone who absolutely loves discovering and listening to music, I can say with 100% assurance that there's nothing I hold dearer to my heart than my beloved pair of headphones. So, if that sounds like something your girl does or would enjoy, but is missing out on the gadget bit, why not grab this chance to emerge as her hero? Crafted especially for serious music lovers, the boAt Rockers 550 headphones are power-packed, super-efficient, and extremely wallet-friendly, considering the unparalleled quality of audio experience offered! 


Image Courtesy - boAt 



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5. Personalised 2021 Planner From Zoomin



INR 249 Onwards 


Why She'd Love It 

I know what you're thinking, but let's be real for a moment. Most of us are yet to put our NYE resolutions to action anyway! So, as far as planning a year properly is concerned, it's never too late. Especially when you can customise the medium of planning according to your girl's taste, insert quotes she loves, include photos of the two of you, and edit the layout however you please. So, why not motivate her to sort out all her commitments, with a planner custom made just for her? You can get this done on Zoomin, and present it as a special Valentine's Day gift for your unique lady. 


Image Courtesy - Zoomin



6. Set Of Earrings From Myntra  



Set Of 6 Earrings From Jewels Galaxy @ INR 449

Set of 6 Gold-Plated Earrings  From Jewels Galaxy @ INR 449 


Why She'd Love It 

I'll be honest here, I tend to dislike receiving jewellery as a present. Mostly because of how much money is invested into 1 piece that I can only wear on a couple of occasions around the year. But if someone were to give me a set of 6 different earrings I can mix and match however I please? Sign me up! We're quite confident that your girl would adore these sets of 6 earrings from Jewels Galaxy on Myntra, because of how utterly elegant each pair looks, along with the endless styling possibilities they'll bring to her jewellery counter! 


Image Courtesy - Myntra 



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7. Polarized Vincent Chase Sunglasses From Lenskart 



INR 999 


Why She'd Love It 

Now that the weather is just beginning to get warmer, and we're all set to step into spring 2021, it's the perfect time to invest in a pair of uber-cool shades. And this pair from Lenskart has been on our mind for a while. With classic Tortoise brown, round-rim frames and polarised lenses that reduce reflection, glare and eye strain while enhancing colour contrast and visual clarity, these Vincent Chase sunglasses would make for an immensely practical and useful Valentine's Day gift for her. 


Image Courtesy - Myntra 



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8. Relaxed Afternoon Printed Sling Bag From Chumbak 



INR 1,995 


Why She'd Love It 

Because the print on this sling bag elevates its status from that of an accessory to a constant state of mind. It's so soothing to the senses and aesthetically pleasing! Every girl needs a breezy sling bag to pair with her summery dresses, and we wholeheartedly recommend getting your girl this quirky one from Chumbak, right in time for her summer wardrobe to officially open. The design is clean and classy, while the graphic is both skillfully crafted and easy-going in equal measure.


Image Courtesy - Chumbak  



9. Nykaa Online Shopping Gift Card 



E-Gift Card Worth Rs 2,000 @ INR 1,940


Why She'd Love It 

If your girl loves all things makeup, but you on the other hand zone out at the mention of a mascara, we have the ideal solution for you and your Valentine's Day gifting needs! Just present her with a Nykaa E-gift card, and let her shop online to her heart's content! She'd love it for a number of reasons, first of them being, she won't have to pretend to like the lipstick shade you chose, and then get it secretly returned behind your back. Instead, she can get what she wants, and so will you - making her happy. 


Image Courtesy - Freepik



10. A Pamper Session From UrbanCompany 



Based On Chosen Package INR 1,599 Onwards 


Why She'd Love It 

Sometimes, the most meaningful thing we can present a loved one with is much-needed time off! So, this Valentine's Day 2021, spoil your girl silly by booking an at-home salon package for her from Urban Company. Let the professionals dispel some of her stress, and help her unwind with their fantastic beauty services. Honestly, if my guy got me this as a Valentine's Day gift, I'd never let him break up with me! 


Image Courtesy - Freepik


Oh, and don't forget to shower her with loads of affection, care and hugs! Happy Valentine's Day 2021. 


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