Great Valentine Gifts Ideas for the Girlfriend To Save Yourself The Customary Argument

By Mansi Dwivedi

Updated - July 19, 2018 4 min read

Valentine's Day is almost here and the week brings the rush of emotions, excitement and well expectations. After all the grinding and hustling throughout the year, your darling deserves a day of pampering and indulgence. Let this Valentines be a tribute to the moments you both had each other's back for and the beautiful times you've created and will be creating. Make your girl feel the most special throughout with some of these gifting ideas: Valentine Gifts for girlfriend: 


A gift improvised as per her tastes will have the most impact on her as whenever she will look at it, it will forever be a remembrance of how much you love her.

1.Customised laptop sleeve

 Let work be little more relaxing with a laptop sleeve with her favourite colour or simply an adorable picture of you too. Even after a movies session looking at it will bring a smile to both of you all's face.

2. Matching tees

valentine gifts for girlfriend

Let your goals game be on point with these gorgeous tees that are made for one another just like you two. You could also be uniquely proposing her with one of these while putting a ring on that finger. You could go with various ideas like getting a matching tee of burger and fries, bread and jam, or just anything she adores. Be the apple to her pie, straw to her berry, smoke to her high and the one she would want to marry.


valentine gifts for girlfriend


3. Video games

If your girlfriend/fiance/wife is a gamer, boy you've already won at life! Jokes apart, buy some latest games of the season and sit down for rounds of laughter, competition and amusement. Some pizza will only add to the fun!

valentine gifts for girlfriend

4. Accessories (rings, pendants, earrings)

valentine gifts for girlfriend
Diamonds are a girl's best friends and there is no doubt about that however you can also go for artificial jewellery to make her embrace your love for her. You both can get couple bands with your initials in platinum maybe, or a pendant which opens to you all's picture or some beautiful words inside the heart-shaped piece.
You can also opt for some of this customized stuff:

5. A matching pair of socks with your names.


6. Cushion covers with your initials.

valentine gifts for girlfriend



Its the best to gift something of utility as that way the gift is not just a mere showpiece but can actually be put to good use. Also on the cheeky side, she can never really ignore you as the basic utilities are used every day. Choose wisely and put some thoughtful things to the daily routine stuff and she would love to use them for her everyday tasks and chores!

1. Phone cover (multi-pocketed)

valentine gifts for girlfriend
A phone cover is a must and a multi-purpose one only makes routine tasks like managing your credit/debit cards, metro cards and ID proofs that you necessarily have to carry, easier. Coins and change currency can also be easily tackled.

2. Creative key rack

valentine gifts for girlfriend
Another way to add some spark to your mundane lives is by customizing your key rack which you turn to every day for the car keys or to lock the house. Writing cute stuff here will ensure she just never escapes the warmth of your love.

3. Purse/handbag 

valentine gifts for girlfriend

A good handbag never hurt anyone, choose from a large variety of simple, high-end, official ones. Handbags and purses are sure to make any girl lust over. Given the week of Valentine and its theme, you could go for shades of scarlet and maroon. Don't forget to capture her reaction in a picture or video!



There are various other gifts that you can prepare for her that can mean more than the materialistic world has to provide with: 

1. A compilation of videos/pictures

Put together a video of both of your's special, funny and cherishable moments. There's nothing like a gift that makes you smile ear to ear as this one. You can use some individual videos of her friends or people close to her and put it together for the extravagant celebrations.

2. A well-edited wallpaper of you two

Or you can simply create a collage of you two just playing with the camera. Go ahead with experimenting with various filters, over-lapping, and editing features. Let the smile be brighter every time she looks up to see the wallpaper to her laptop/PC as she relishes the vacations and precious time spent together.

valentine gifts for girlfriend