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This V-Day, Give "The Man Of Your Dreams" A Gift Of His Dreams!

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Feb. 17, 2021 7 min read

Valentine's Day is just around the corner and however cliched you might think gifts are but in the real world, we take this opportunity to make our significant other feel loved and appreciated. Now, I don't deny the fact that love needs no worldly materials to express itself but I don't see anything wrong in exchanging things that the other might need in the form of V-Day gifts. It's a form of caring that comes from the heart. 


Now, after establishing the importance of giving, I'd like to address a common problem among the ladies. Choosing the perfect present for our man. Believe it or not, it might be difficult to understand what goes on in a girl's mind but its way easier to pick out a gift for her. On the contrary, guys may not be that complicated but it's no less than a task to look for things they'd like. 



Well, that's where I come in. Thanks to my window shopping skills, I was able to gather 10 items that would be a perfect & thoughtful Valentine's Day gift for your husband or your boyfriend. 




Price: INR 2,997


You cannot put a price on time. Especially when your bae can have multiple features along with it. Now, this is a super cool gadget you can gift your husband or boyfriend on Valentine's and he'll respect you for it. Not only it's a highly sophisticated smartwatch from Fastrack but it also has the world's slimmest gesture control, activity tracker, 24-hour active sleep tracker, weather updates, scrolling notification, vibrating alarms, 5-day battery life, OLED displays and so on. You'll be pleased to uncover that this smart band is a water-resistant and dust-proof device which could be used for anything and everything. Surprise your man with one of these and he will appreciate it till the end. 

Image Courtesy: Fastrack




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2. Bay Peach Eco Stain-Proof Polo T-Shirt From Turmswear

Price: INR 1,299


Crafted with endless patience, a t-shirt which may seem normal on the first look but is a well-thought Valentine's day gift for your bf. This apparel is the result of Turmswear's smart wear series which is anti-stain, anti-odour, germ-free, 60% cotton and quick dry. For all the gym freak guys or just really messy husbands, this t-shirt will be a gift he'd never forget. Why? Well, he is going to wear it all the time. I personally like the polo-neck and the colour but these guys have tonnes of designs and colours you can choose from. So, go ahead. Buy your man a V-day present that's trendy and thoughtful. 

Image Courtesy: Turmswear





Price: INR 1,249


Spoil your man with this beard care box from The Man Company. If your boo loves his beard as he loves you, this combo as Valentine's day gift will be perfect. It's a complete beard grooming regime carefully chosen by Ayushmann for the gentlemen in your life. The box contains 3 products - Almond & Thyme Beard Oil, Almond & Thyme Beard Wash and Almond & Thyme Beard Wax. Each product is enriched with nourishing ingredients and essential oils to cleanse and manage his mane better than salons. If you ask me, this gift is a royal treatment for his beard and an ultimate pamper kit he deserves. 

Image Courtesy: The Man Company




4. Wine Cork & Bottle Opener Set From Chumbak

Price: INR 690


If your guy is the heart of every party or even a host, this tropical-themed wine cork along with a bottle opener will be a perfect Valentine's gift for him. Just gift wrap it with a heartful note of love inside and you'll see his face lighten up with every word. 

Image Courtesy: Chumbak Online




5. VINCENT CHASE POLARIZED Sunglasses From Lenskart

Price: INR 1,199


A single gift that would not only compliment your man's style but also save him from the dreadful rays of the sun. Yes, sunglasses. Precisely, these black green full rim hexagonal vintage ones. These glasses have a sleek design that would look good on almost all face-types and they are sturdy and high on strength, which means he will be able to take care of them for a long time. It's an impressive Valentine's day gift idea for your boyfriend or even husband especially you're fond of exploring the great outdoors with him. 

Image Courtesy: Lenskart



6. Bond Street Solid Formal Brogues By Red Tape From Myntra

Price: INR 1,049


Formal Brogues are a man's bread & butter essential. What a thoughtful Valentine's Day gift would be to get him a pair from one of the most trusted brands in the world, Red Tape. These are brown round-toed formal brogues with cushioned footbed (That means they are super comfy) and a textured TPR outsole (That means they are super stylish). Moreover, this is a versatile colour which would look good with every formal outfit your man might don into. 

Image Courtesy: Myntra



7. Adventure Awaits Van Printed Small Backpack From

Price: INR 299


For the travel junkie in your life, a gift of the highest practicality and usage. This Adventure Awaits printed backpack is a small token of love from Bewakoof equipped to take care of his travel essentials such as phone, passport, sun-block, sunglasses, etc. Sidebar: You can fill this bag up with his favourite things and turn it into a full-blown surprise that he'll never forget.

Image Courtesy:




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8. Pamper Your Bae With A De-Stress Massage From Urban Company

Price: Starting INR 999


Valentine's day is an opportunity to make your significant other feel loved and relaxed. And what better way to do it than surprise him with a De-Stress full body massage combo from Urban Company. In this package, your husband or boyfriend will be de-stressed by a professional male therapist who will bring his own massage table, essential oils, aromas, candles, music right at your doorstep to send your man on a mini-vacation hassle-free at his on house. And don't worry. The entire pandemic situation is taken into consideration. The setup is extremely hygienic and safe. Also, Happy Valentine's Day!

Image Courtesy: Urban Company




9. Jib True Wireless Earbuds From Skullcandy

Price: INR 2,999


Skullcandy's new true wireless earbuds is another great earphone under 3K that your bf will really appreciate. And that too as Valentine's day present. He'll lose his mind. Why? Well, first of, it has a noise-isolating fit. Secondly, a 22-hour battery life. Then it's quite easy to connect and even easier to control. But the best feature of these wireless gadget is... these earbuds have a dual microphone. You know what that means right? Clearer calls with no disturbance from the surrounding. I mean, if I can be entirely honest, it's a single gift but benefits both. 

Image Courtesy: skullcandy




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10. Meals Of The Moment's Bestselling Dabbas

Price: INR 649


The gift of food is priceless. And if your man isn't such a great cook but has to eat whatever he can make in the kitchen, these Dabbas from MOM will put a smile on his face. Probably for the rest of the week. These are ready to eat meals prepared by pouring hot water in them. There's Pav Bhaji, Poha, veg biryani and more. If you love him, then show him that you care by sending him these beautiful, yummy boxes as Valentine's day gifts. 

Image Courtesy: mealsofthemoment




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Celebrate Valentine's Day with your man by making him feel loved and valued. Give him the best V-day present and watch him fall head over heels (Yeah! It can happen to guys as well) for you all over again. 



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