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5 Things We're Expecting From The Most Awaited Season of Money Heist

By Anubha Das

Updated - Sept. 2, 2021 2 min read

Nobody could have predicted that Money Heist, which premiered on Netflix three years ago, would become one of the most popular non-English series on the site. Fans of the spectacular heist programme may be found all around the globe.


As we wait for the fifth and finale season to air, here are 5 things that we are expecting from the most awaited season of Money Heist.


P.S- There might be some spoilers! 


1. Lisbon To Die?


Lvaro Morte explained how he sees his character The Professor on the programme ending soon after the release of season four. “The Professor was a very odd man, a very lonely guy, and what happened with the band and finding love, it's a pretty short chapter in his life,” he remarked, according to Express UK, when speaking at the Chelsea Film Festival in May 2020.


If we're talking about the character's conclusion, I'd want to see him return to that loneliness, that lonely existence that he's more accustomed to and appears to be more at ease in.


 Fans are guessing whether his love interest Raquel aka Lisbon would die or part ways in the future season as a result of his remarks.


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2. Miguel Ángel Silvestre & Patrick Criado To Enter the show


In an interview with Entertainment Weekly, show creator Lex Pina announced that actors Miguel ngel Silvestre and Patrick Criado will join the cast in the upcoming season.


We don't know whether Ganda is alive or dead, despite the fact that the gang defeated him. This might pave the way for Miguel ngel Silvestre to take over as the next villain.


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3. Manila’s backstory


Pina told the newspaper that Manila has a unique personality. Denver's childhood buddy, who is a trangender and poses as one of the captives, will be explored further in the future season.


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4. Standoff Between Alicia and The Professor


Alicia Sierra discovered Professor's hideaway and kidnapped him at gunpoint in the last scene of Money Heist season four. Pina also confirmed to Entertainment Weekly that the two opponents will face off in the next season.


Image Courtesy: Daily Express


5. Alicia’s Real Identity


Fans have been debating Alicia's true identity since she revealed herself to be Tatiana and might have joined the heist team in season 5. Many people believe Berlin is her true spouse German, who was mentioned numerous times in the previous season.


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So, are you ready for the biggest heist?



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