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Why 1UP is the hottest new Italian restaurant in DU

By abbeycadell97

Updated - Oct. 25, 2019 2 min read

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“There’s nothing more romantic than Italian food.”

This statement holds true for 1UP, which impresses with its romantic ambience and delicious food! It is one of the best italian restaurants in Delhi.


Located right next to Oberoi Maidens, Civil Lines,  1UP  is a feast for the eyes.  Its soothing exterior tempts you to walk in. The location itself is beautiful and easily accessible.

The ambience is like those old world French cafes that one sees in the movies.  It’s hard to be in a bad mood once you’re in, irrespective of the food. What’s more, there’s a separate section for sheesha, which is embellished with beautiful lights.

Service was upto the mark. The manager and the staff totally won me over. Humble, polite and timely in serving everything.

WHAT should you order:
Sex on the Beach: A pleasant blend of vodka and juice. Worth a try!

Banana Nutty Pancakes: Out of this world pancakes which satisfy your soul.  What more do you want from a place?

Triple Chocolate Shake: Delicious and mouthwatering. It’s quite filling, so save some space in your tummy!

Penne Alfungi: A white sauce pasta with just the right amount of flavour!

Margarita: The margarita was just perfect!  Highly recommended.

Sheesha: Sheesha has been mentioned quite a lot in this post already, but it really is that good! Try light flavours like the brain freezer for a great experience. You also have a choice to order the special hookkah. Plus, you can order a mix of two different flavors such as pan and kiwi.

They also hold event nights which are quite popular, and are highly recommended.


All in all, 1UP totally lives upto your expectations! The courteous staff is always around to help you. A variety of dishes to order, from pastas to pizzas or pina coladas to margaritas, this place has it all and won’t disappoint you. I would highly recommend you to try it out on a Saturday evening or night.

Happy Hogging fellas!


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