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Here's Your Much-Needed Winter Hair Care Kit

By Trishi Dhingra

Updated - Dec. 10, 2020 5 min read

I bet Rapunzel, the bearer of those long, lustrous, golden tresses never had hair problems. But sadly we do. Although I understand it's completely mad to compare our hair with an animated character, you get my point, right? Now, winters aren't the most joyful time for our hair. The cold weather gets to our body, hair first. Not only it makes our scalps dry and itchy but also makes our hair frizzy and dull. And if that wasn't enough, the static, oil-bound effect those cute and comfy caps, mufflers, etc. have on our precious locks is there to make the situation worse. 


Enough blabbering, let's get to the point. The season is going to spare no hair thus leaving us with only one option... to find the perfect solution to curb the hair problems. Guess what, 6 of those quick-fixes will be revealed right here. Yes, you read it right. I have in my stash six awesome hair care tips and products that will in no time restore your hair to what it was before. Ready?


1. Raw Nature's Citrodora & Clarysage Hair Oil

Price: INR 349


With a unique blend of 6 natural oils such as olive, sesame, coconut, orange, tea tree & more, Raw Nature's Citrodora and Clarysage oil should be your go-to hair product for the winter. Every ingredient in their solution is a godsend for your locks. From fighting dandruff to deep cleansing the hair follicles to moisturizing the scalp, this oil takes care of all the hair problems. It also stimulates hair growth and limits the production of sebum (a protein which results in dandruff) in your scalp. Furthermore, you don't have to worry about stickiness because this oil is ultra-light. It's quite easy to wash and lastly smells amazing. Thanks to the welcoming citrusy fragrance of the Citrodora. 

Raw Nature

Image Courtesy: Raw Nature


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2. Arata's Hydrating Shampoo

Price: INR 269


What's that one thing you lack during winters? Well, moisture. And its not difficult to figure out how it affects our hair. The season makes our hair dull & frizzy and scalp dry & itchy. So, the perfect magic formula would include hydration and nourishment. Am I a genius or what? Getting off-topic. Anyhoo, that's why I recommend Arata's Hydrating shampoo. It's a soothing, moisturizing little formula for your dull hair. It is designed to nurture, hydrate and cleanse your hair. Rich in antioxidants and cooling herbs such as thyme, sage, rosemary, etc. They not only reduce the irritation and inflammation in the scalp as a result of dry weather but also boost blood circulation and hydration. The lavender in the mix also works to clean the scalp. If you ask me, this one-of-a-kind amalgamation of plant-based ingredients would definitely do your hair some good. 


Image Courtesy: Arata


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3. Seer Secrets Probiotic Mask 

Price: INR 599


Seer Secret is known for its Au Naturale use of ingredients and this product is no less. So, if problems like roughness and dullness of your hair have been weighing on you for many winters, I think this hair mask should be enough to do the trick. The essential oils such as rosemary and tea tree trigger a cooling effect on your scalp which ultimately reduces dryness and itch in the scalp. The onion in the recipe works like a strengthening agent. It rejuvenates the root of your hair, promotes hair growth and takes good care of your scalp. I mean, that's what you need during winters. A hair mask that reduces irritation caused by dryness in the scalp. 

Seer Secrets

Image Courtesy: Seer Secrets


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4. Plum's Olive & Macadamia Rich Nourishing Conditioner

Price: INR 675


A silicon-free hydration blend which gives your hair a smooth, shiny, silky texture you've been waiting for all winter. The plant-based proteins and conditioning agents will bring life back into your dull and damaged hair, and the macadamia in the mixture will tame your frizz like magic. Result? Soft and smooth detangles. The conditioner by Plum is a 100% vegan product known to leave no unnecessary build-up on hair and repairs them with love & care. They've mastered the science of happy hair already. All you have to do is apply this conditioner on the ends, leave it for a few minutes and wash-off. 


Image Courtesy: Plum


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5. Mamaearth's Hair Serum With Onion & Biotin

Price: INR 299


Good hair day during hat-season is a tough call. But with Mamaearth's fantastic hair serum, I think it's possible. The biotin in the formula makes your hair thick and shiny while the onion makes your hair strong... even if they are coloured or chemically treated. It's a dermatologically trusted product which also reduces hair breakage, frizz and detangling of hair. The moisture in the hair is a primary requirement for winters and the olive oil in the concoction handles that very well. So, wear as many hats as you want because "tis the season" of snowfalls and magic... and not hair fall & other ridiculous problems. 


Image Courtesy: Mamaearth


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6. Batiste's Dry Shampoo From Nykaa

Price: INR 299


I saved the best for the last because this will solve all your problems. Now, if you're remotely like me... washing those tresses during winters is a task I don't want to indulge in every day. But that doesn't stop my hair from going all greasy and frizzy. So, this dry shampoo will ensure you have no bad hair day even if you haven't washed them. Keep it in your travel pack or purse or whatever because you never know where you might have to go. 


Image Courtesy: Nykaa


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I hope you and your hair feel ready to step into winter without worrying much about those hair problems. Happy winters!


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