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Shopping on a Budget? Try These Zara Lookalike Alternatives Online

By Anubha Das

Updated - June 11, 2021 5 min read

If you're fashion-inclined, then it's likely that you have Zara bookmarked on your web browser. Zara lovers can't get enough of the fast-fashion chain, and for good reason. The retailer's current, ever-changing selection of everything you want to wear offers prices you just can't beat. But even if your closet is filled with the latest pieces from the brand, it's likely that many other fashion people (perhaps even the ones you know) have the same pieces as you. Not only this, the prices of this high end brand can sometimes burn a lot in your pocket. But, worry not! There's a way to get that similar Zara feel without spending half your month's paycheck on it.

Below we've rounded up five Zara lookalike that are affordable and has on-trend vibe as Zara.  Keep scrolling!


1. Satin Strappy Camisole at Myntra


We don’t know about you, but we always find ourselves scrambling to dress for special occasions. Minutes before the party starts, we reach for our over-worn LBD for the tenth time. This year we want to shake it up for the summer break, yet old habits die hard, so we need a reliable item we can throw on and look fabulous in. Enter the satin top. You can try out this Zara lookalike satin camisole top from Marks & Spencer. You can wear this option alone or over a tee if you’re looking to dress it down. Go for an all-basic look that’s anything but boring with fitted pants, ankle-strap heels, and layered necklaces.


Image Courtesy: Mynta and Zara


Zara Price: INR 1990

Lookalike Price @ INR 779



2. White Crop Top From Amazon


Ever since designers sent bare midriffs down their spring runways, crop tops have gone on to rule the red carpet, street style blogs, and, chances are, your favourite mall storefront. We have been drooling over this Zara crop top, but it is priced really high. Don’t waste the never-ending summer on choosing what to wear. Just slip on this simple yet beautiful piece from ILLI London. This can be worn as an off-shoulder top and features a cropped length, and drawstrings at the front. Not sure how to wear this? Go with high-waisted trousers for the most flattering look.


Image Courtesy: Amazon and Zara


Zara Price: INR 890

Lookaline Price @ INR 499



3. White Smocked A-Line Dress From Myntra


If you're Zara-obsessed like I am, then this might not be news to you, but in case you aren't aware, Zara's website has a "best sellers" section, where the product that is currently selling extremely well is grouped together in one place. And, this summer season it is all about that cute and beautiful A-line dresses. However, looking at the price, not all can afford it. Worry not, try out this smocked dress from Iniesta instead. It will give you Zara feels and look sweet in all the right ways. Afterall, no wardrobe is complete without a  perfect maxi dresses to choose from. Sport it with some casual accessories and a flat sandal. You can also try out a hat to add a tint of panshe to it. 


Image Courtesy: Mynta and Zara


Zara Price: INR 2990

Lookalike Price @ INR 629



4. Off-Shoulder Bardot Crop Top From Myntra


Off-shoulder has become a cult of sorts and fashionistas don’t seem to get enough of it! And, Zara has introduced some cutting edge bardot crop tops in their collection. We have been eyeing the new arrivals and flagging the best looalike alternatives so you can spend less time digging and more time filling your cart with the pieces that'll incite compliments from friends and longing stares from strangers like this one. It is a beautiful piece by Aawari that looks high end. Layer some dainty and chunky neck pieces and a body chain to accessorize. To finish off you can add a pair of Chelsea boots and a bandana or a headband.


Zara Price: INR 1890

Lookalike Price @ INR 490


Image Courtesy: Mynta and Zara



5. Wide Leg Flared Mid-Rise Clean Look Jeans From Myntra


There's a little secret in the denim world: The jeans at Zara rock. If you spent a full day asking where all the stylish denim you saw was purchased, you'll likely find more than a couple pairs were bought at this high end brand. Like, these wide leg flared jeans! You’ve probably started noticing flared denim making it’s way back this year (love this pair because of the frayed detail on the bottom). With the brand comes high price too. If you think that to rock such a style you'll need to spend half your pay check here then you are mistaken. Check out this affordable piece by Mast & Harbour! They truly justify the style and the price. The high-waisted and long-hemmed structure adds instant length to your legs, and a lot of it! Pair with heels for a few freebie inches.


Image Courtesy: Mynta and Zara


Zara Price: INR 2990

Lookalike Price @ INR 919



Zara is always (like, always) stocked with every item we’ve seen worn by our favorite bloggers and influencers—all at a price that can sometimes make us cringe. But these lookalike alternatives from online portals are beautiful and affordable. So, now you do not need to save up for months for that high end looking dress, top or jeans. Try out these alternatives, and you'll be thanking up later!



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