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#3 IN BEST North Indian Restaurants IN New Delhi
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Street Food
Veg Only, Breakfast
Must Haves:
Palak Paneer, Soya Chaap, Shahi Paneer
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#kakedihattiKake di hatti is mostly famous for their different types of naans, meals and snacks in Delhi. I really appreciate that the waiter guided us through the menu. He helped us to order accordingly for two people, best to avoid food wastage. We were ready to order more but he told us that the quantity is good here and we won't be able to eat so much. Such thoughtfulness of him to serve us the best. Now coming to the taste, it was really good and authentic as per the name. Spices were appropriate and it tasted more like home food rather than famous over spicy food of old Delhi. Aloo naan and daal makhni was the best combo. We added lauki raita and everything went well with pyaaz and chutni. Later we tried mango shake and it was pretty good as well. The food presentation is outstanding. The quality of food is phenomenal. I have been visiting old Delhi quite often but it's always been a hush-hush business visit. Today i took out a moment to enjoy the famous KTH and I'm happy with my experience. I promise, you will never eat tasty food like this restaurant mostly parathas and stuffed naan.#kakedihattichandnichowk #alooparatha#aloopyazparantha #paratha ...