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Subanti Rabha 16 Sep 2023

Ordered fish in schezwan sauce. Now what went wrong? 1. Fish fillets-actually there is fish only d breadth of a knife rest is all coating. It's like u coated paper 5-6 times, coating tasted like raw atta 2. Sauce was a sweet and hot curry feels akward with rice making u confused about d taste 3. Seems like hastily made cheap nepali Chinese food. Just d branding of wow Momo. My take: Paper cutting fish coated in 5-6 times and dipped in sauce with confusing taste. Coating feels like a big wet flour and then u find little fish. Order at your own peril. U will find better Chinese food in d street below

Vikas Bhatia 31 Aug 2023

I had the Chicken Tikka Pizza at Valentino Pizzeria and it was delicious! The 10 inch thin crust pizza had a perfect crust and flavourful toppings. I would definitely recommend it to anyone looking for a delicious pizza experience!

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