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Amandeep Singh Narang

ਅਮਨਦੀਪ...G@LD JADUGAR 💰I am a big time foodie and fun loving person. I live to eat.You can reach me @ 9250317179

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Saurabh Pandey

Delhite | Foodie | Techie | Passionate Blogger | Catch Me On Fb/Insta- @saurabhspss |#Proud_Army_Brat 😎

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GOLD Magician #Foodie_interested in different types of food Student @icaiLoving to spread this app and exploring different types of outlet.

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Rishabh Agarwal


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Siddharth S Rai

Magician🎩 , Public Speaker, 22nd SEP~🎂🎂, LOvE Music 🎶🎧🎸🎵, 📱: 9470080404,

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Shlok Mittal

When you r wide open, the world is a good place

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Mayank Raheja

Engineer in making! Travel and exploring new places, describes me the best. Exploring new things and experiencing new people and food is the best thing for me. First love is working out in the gym to always look the fittest no matter how much i eat😋

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Lavishka Arora

Tasty Food Fan, preferably, I have a Spicy tooth but everybody needs a dessert after having their meal 🤓 Follow me on Instagram - tastes_food ❣️

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Yash Jeena

Magician! 🎩 who loves to travel and make a lot of friends. Soon to be an Architect. #Activist. And lastly BIG FAT FOODIE!! Instagram - oohmyfoodie

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Shrey Dangi

I'm a Fun-loving person, filled with Adventure & Love..A part of Magician Community from quiet a long time and also love exploring new places..Stay in touch @ 7042733765 and write @

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Harshit Kalra

Foodie by heart Magicpin lover by choice

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Asim Khan

Gold Magician's hat on. People call me a die-hard foodie. Well, I don't blame them.

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A big Foodieee 😴🍛😘.. Loves Exploring new places..Sincerely Vegetarian 🍲..Likes to indulge myself in interesting activities..Pursuing Graduation 😎

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Sudhakar Lal

An amazingly hungry Magician। 👑💎खाओ पीयो ऐश करो मित्रों। Eat Eat and nothing else I need!!! A Biggest Foodie on Earth...Can Die for food and can Kill too😜😅.

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Rishabh Sharma

Love to Party 👻 Love to Travel 🙌🏼 Love to explore 😍 Love adventures 😎 Love Music 🎶 Love Pizza 🍕Love Coffee ☕️ Love to love people ♥️ and this list will never end 🤣 Engineer in Making 🤪 Foodie 😋 Party Animal 👻Reach me at 9958300902 😉

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Aarjav Jain

Gold Magician🥇 ..............................Lawyer in the making🎓 ....................... Foodie🍔.......................... Traveller 🌍 .........My craziness is not everyone's cup of tea 🔥..........Life would suck without adventure 🏄

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Sudhir jain

Coffee lover.....n GOLD MAGICIAN.... write me at me @ 9891126124

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Sourabh Patwa

You can call me #ChotaJaadugar (That's how Every Magician know me) ;)

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Alok Jaiswal

I'm on a seafood diet. I see food, i eat it😂😂.. born to eat 👈😋.. non-vegetarian🐓😋😂.. delhite✌✌.. Upcoming engineer😃🎓.. SRK fan😍.. Gold Magician👒😎.. reach me at📲 :9717269124/

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Keshav Aggarwal

Explorer, wanderer and food lover. Gym rat who goes any miles on cheat days to explore local eateries and try every dish on their menu. Loves recommending hidden gems in the city. Come lets talk food and people :)Follow me for the interesting reviews of places of food, shopping and entertainment.

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