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Delhi meri jan (delhi based)Civil engineer🏗️🏘️🏛️🌉Always curious to know new things🤔Foodie😋🤗🍔🍟🌭🍕Love to travel😎😎🛫🛩️🚤Sporty cricket lover🏏

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Rahul Goel

.Miत्रो. .A Moodie Foodie a.k.a Ecstatic Foodie. .Civil Engineer. .Tag me to get featured post.

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Amandeep Singh Narang

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Simzzz Awesome Arora

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Asim Pathan

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Tej Deep Singh Sodhi

I am a foodie person and love to visit good hotels and try every special dishes of that place. I love to go for unplanned trips of hill station with my friends. I belong to Agra but living in saket delhi from last 2 years.I completed my engineering in EC. I work in HCl Noida. I love to sing and dance. When I was young, my mom use to tell me to participate in all the competitions and it does not matter that you win or loose it. so now I am practicing it in magicpin and love to participate in all the competitions which are compatible for me. I love to do friendship with strangers. My favorite dish is butter chicken. My favorite sport is badminton.

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Harshit Kalra

Foodie by heart Magicpin lover by choice

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Nanz arora

#funloving #moviebuff #beautywithbrains #imsexyniknowit #classy

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Naina Grover


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Nilesh Badrike

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Neha Sharma

Addicted to coffee😍 Delhiite● Foodie●Makeupjunkie🤩 Follow me on instagram- theperfectrhythm

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Sudhakar Lal

An explorer, foodie and the most valuable i.e. Gold Magician

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Sudhir jain

Coffee lover.....n GOLD MAGICIAN.... write me at me @ 9891126124

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Dezul Udani

Delhiite, Gujarati, Foodie, Travel freak, explorer but true to Heart, that's me, now let's talk about you.

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Jyotsana Arora

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Shrey Dangi

I'm a Fun-Loving Person, filled with Love & Adventure.. Die Hard Foodie and love to experiment with Cuisines.. Part of the Magician Community from quiet a long time.. Reach out @ 7042733765 or E-Mail :

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The Professor by profession and #ProfessorOfGastronomy by passion on a journey to quest scrumptious food....#travelfreak#foodiegeek

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Richa Singhal

Be you..Be original

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Lavishka Arora

I have a spicy tooth, but who doesn’t need a dessert to end a meal? 🍫

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Sukannya Basumatary

i was born to make mistakes, not to fake perfection.

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