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Aparna Arya

🎩 Ambrosia Seeker - Foodie, Traveller, Curious Cat, Movie Watcher #AmbrosiaSeeker #YYimTT #AmbrosiaSought

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Nancy arora

Party animal.. love shoppin n travellin

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Tej Deep Singh Sodhi

I am a foodie person and love to visit good hotels and try every special dishes of that place. I love to go for unplanned trips of hill station with my friends. I belong to Agra but living in saket delhi from last 2 years.I completed my engineering in EC. I work in HCl Noida. I love to sing and dance. When I was young, my mom use to tell me to participate in all the competitions and it does not matter that you win or loose it. so now I am practicing it in magicpin and love to participate in all the competitions which are compatible for me. I love to do friendship with strangers. My favorite dish is butter chicken. My favorite sport is badminton.

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Asim Pathan

Gold Magician's hat on. People call me a die-hard foodie. Well, I don't blame them.

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Sudhir jain

Coffee lover.....n GOLD MAGICIAN.... write me at me @ 9891126124

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Amandeep Singh Narang

ਅਮਨਦੀਪ...G@LD JADUGAR 💰I am a big time foodie and fun loving person. I live to eat.You can reach me @ 9250317179

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Lavishka Arora

Tasty Food Fan, preferably, I have a Spicy tooth but everybody needs a dessert after having their meal 🤓 Follow me on Instagram - tastes_food ❣️

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Lakshay Malhotra

Eat sleep eat repeat...thats mt motto👻😎Want to win my friendship...give me food that hits my taste buds😉😋Want to know the rest then hit me up onSnapchat- malhotralakshay

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hitakshi goel

I am doctor to be😍, who likes to eat and travel to different places and trying all types of cuisines and dishes ❤️❤️ food is love❤️

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Shikha Nayak

An inquisitive and avid reader! Never ending love for food 😘 wannabe Engineer in making 😗I relish tantalising cuisines and love exploring them.Books are the love of my life💙Follow me :

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Ishu Goel

Magician 🎩 🏅🥇🥇🥇🥇A Civil Engineer by Profession who loves to explore new places. Wish me on August 7 🎂....For my recommended places check my pin list📌. WhatsApp 📫 me on 8588951591 & 📧 on

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Rujhan Maniktalia

Being a great traveller🚄 to Delhi🌇 i have too become a great foodie🍽️.I use to travel🚐 across delhi with friends👬👫 and discover new places as well new food items.

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Nilesh Badrike

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Kanika Malhotra

Gold Magician 🎩Economics Major, Kirori Mal College, DU 📚Girl from Delhi who travels to eat because she likes it 🍩🌮🍕🍔 TEA LOVER ☕️ I am a Food Blogger & Zomato Connoisseur 💁🏻‍♀️Follow me at Instagram on my very own Food Blog @oohmyfoodie 👅 Check out my blog ✨P.S: My Feed is Original ♥️

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Richa Singhal

Be you...You may reach out at

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Yashh Jeena

Magician! 🎩 who loves to travel and make a lot of friends. Soon to be an Architect. #Activist. And lastly BIG FAT FOODIE!! Instagram - oohmyfoodie

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When a destined #TravelFreak met his #ProfessorOfGastronomy they ended up in unraveling a box that is #Globetrotting spree juxtaposed with #lipsmacking food..... The Travel Box....Follow the journey on Travel Box...for the places and food on you tube. My idea is 9873004771

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Shrey Dangi

I'm a Fun-loving person, filled with Adventure & Love..A part of Magician Community from quiet a long time and also love exploring new places..Stay in touch always through 7042733765 & Fellas..

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Saurabh Pandey

Delhite | Foodie | Techie | Passionate Blogger |#Proud_Army_Brat 😎

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Mayank Raheja

Engineer in making! Travel and exploring new places, describes me the best. Exploring new things and experiencing new people and food is the best thing for me. First love is working out in the gym to always look the fittest no matter how much i eat😋

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Forever Foodie 🍔🍕🎂🍦🍫🍫! A Doctor to Be 💊💉💊💉!

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Paras Arora

Chartered Accountant Photographer Dancer and a Foodie !

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