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They aim to build a brand which is your friend which understands you, knows your issues and tries hard to resolve them. They aspire to take care of every parents' and babies' well-being from head to toe with safe, toxin-free, international standard products which you can choose without having to think twice. They continuously work with a panel of moms, who give genuine reviews to their products, which they further use on improvisation of their products. At mamaearth, products evolve with an honest and transparent system and have a stringent set of super safe standards that they follow. Know more at

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31/01/2021 02:49 AM
I have been wanting to use natural, toxic-free products for my skin since so long and this brand has come to the rescue. The products I ordered were 'It's Baby Shampoo' and 'Onion hair mask' which are really worth the money. These products are fantastic. I love the fact that the products are natural and don't contain any harmful chemicals. Overall, will buy these again!
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25/01/2021 10:32 AM
The Mamaearth Company is an Indian brand that provides toxin-free, natural baby care, skin care, and amazing hair care products. It specializes in local ingredients and amazing age-old recipes. I tried their hair oil, shampoo, conditioner, and hair mask recently that are all made with an Ayurvedic blend of Bhringraj, Amla and medicinal herbs and on top of that, I also got a discount of Rs. 400 on my order that was above Rs. 999, thanks to Magicpin for the best discounts ever!
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Customer experience with Mamaearth

Smarika Singh profile pic
170.5k Followers , Food Lover, Fashion Enthusiast, Dietician by profession, Traveller by passion..
Smarika Singh at Mamaearth, ,  photos
#MothersTouch #DayOutWithMom #SparshMaaKa #Janni_Sarv_Pratham #DulaarApnaSa #WonderWoman #Fighter #BestFriends ❤👩‍👧👭❣
#ShoppersStop Ambience Mall, Vasant Kunj organized a Superb DayOut for Mommys wherein they gave them a #Makeover Session, gave a chance to #Dress up exactly like their #Daughters & conducted a Fabulous #PhotoShoot. All Mommys were very #Emotional seeing their Daughters in exactly the same outfits. They felt #Mesmerised when Magicpin Team gifted them A #Photoframe with their Beautiful #Daughters standing next to them.. 🤩 Thanks a lot #Magicpin for this sweet gesture as my Mom completely loved it and put it with other Family Photoframes. This picture is very special to me as my mum thanked me for this Beautiful Day ❣. My momma looks very Stylish & Young as per age because she takes care of her Skin, Hair & Teeth on Daily Basis. One BEAUTY TIP that she bestowed Upon me is to Apply & Rub #Rose_Petals on the Lips twice a week to keep them Soft, Shiny & Pink. Also #Brush your teeth twice a day. These two activities make your Smiling Face Perfect. 🥳👩‍👧💃 You look wow in all the pics Smiling your heart out. Thanks #ShoppersStop & #MagicPin. Lots of love to Richa Pasricha and Simran Arora for organizing everything so Beautifully & Gracefully❣👭👍😎🥂 Also thanks to #MamaEarth for their #Toxinfree, #Natural & #SkinFriendly Products that I'm able to take care of my skin even better now. Must recommended are their Daily Day & Night
Cream as they moisturize your skin and make it Shiny, Glowy & Fairer 🤗😍❣
#FashionMeetUp #MaaBetikaPyar #Incomparable_Feeling #Magical_Touch #GoldMagicianSwag #WakhraSwag #SpreadHappiness 👩‍👧🥳🥰😘
Manya Sethi profile pic
228.5k Followers , Khao. Piyo. Mauj Lo.
Manya Sethi at Mamaearth, ,  photos
#motherstouch #MaaKeNuskhe #MamaEarth #MomIsBae A child's ache is healed by a mother's touch, as a mother's ache is healed by her child. 😇 Mother's touch can heal any wound. She infuses love as her medicine and takes care of us , no matter how painful the injury/situation. My Maa has been my Knight in the shining armour . When it comes to beautifying oneself, my mother believes in #PrakartiKaSparsh . She is not a huge fan of cosmetics and emphasises on using all things natural and which are easily available at home. One of the most effective beauty tips that my mother has bestowed upon me is how to take care of my hair , the natural way. Since my teenage days, I have been an active experimenter type with my hair. I love getting them colored in different shades every now and then. This process leaves my hair really frizzy, moisture-less , brittle and damaged. So, my Maa , being my #Superwoman came to my rescue with her special natural remedy from her magical #MaaKeNuskhe Ka Pitara 🤩 . Her magical ingredient is Banana ! It honestly does magic! Not only one has to eat bananas but also apply it to the hair. It plays an important role in strengthening of the hair. Mash one/two bananas (according to hair length) and apply it on the hair , straight from the roots to the tips . Leave it on for 10-15 minutes and TADAH! Rinse off with your favorite shampoo and feel the difference. It actually does wonders! Thanks Maa for being my forever SOS .❤️❤️❤️ #DayOutWithMom #ShoppersStop #ShoppersStopXMagicpin #MaaKaSparsh 🌼🌼
Smarika Singh profile pic
170.5k Followers , Food Lover, Fashion Enthusiast, Dietician by profession, Traveller by passion..
Smarika Singh at Mamaearth, ,  photos
#MothersTouch 👩‍👧 #MaaKNuskhe #MamaEarth 🥰 #ShadesOn 😎 #PyariMaa 👭 #Mumma 😍
I feel extremely #emotional whenever I get a chance to write something about my mother. "Maa wo pyar se mujhse sunnna chahti hai, Mamta ki Chaadar bichaati hai, dhyan rakhti hai har ek ka aur khud bas muskurati hai" 🤗 I feel if #TrueLove is there then that's between a Mother & her Kid. ❣ Har Maa jee jaan laga deti hai apne bache ki khushi, achi sehat, unnati aiwam ache bhavishay k liye. My mother gave me wings to fly. She asked me to fulfill all my dreams with best of my efforts. She taught me to learn from my own mistakes. Breaking all norms of society, she just wants her family's happiness. This picture is special because she took me to #New_York, #USA because I wanted to see #Statue_of_Liberty. 🌹🥳 She let me live my life exactly the way I want. 😘❤ She believes in internal beauty so what beauty tip she has bestowed upon me is to #SMILE #ALWAYS ,no matter how hard the situation gets. If we are happy, we can stay young always 🥂🥰 Also she asks me to drink Detox Drink daily so that my skin remains vibrant from inside & no pimples outside. Additionally #MamaEarth Night Cream helps me a lot in making my skin smoother, shinier so that I can love my skin more when I daily get up in the morning. Love you Maa , Pyari Maa, Mumma ❣
#MaaBetikaPyar #AnokhaRishta #MamtakiMurat #DivineSoul #CrazyFriend #LoveGoals #Touchwood 🥰😍
Khushi Sharma profile pic
Khushi Sharma at Mamaearth, ,  photos
It's a body yogurt from , which is made up of coco and smells amazing.
Some of it's features are-
- long lasting moisturization
- lightweight formula
- quick absorption
- made with natural ingredients
- suitable for all skin types

Available on - and Amazon

#mamaearthskincare #mamaearthbodycare #bodyyoghurt #skincareroutine #mamaearth #ubtanbodyyoghurt #cocobodyyoghurt #skincare #glowingskin #loveyourskin #healthyproducts #goodforskin #beautyhack #glowingskin #beautifulskin #freshskin #skincare #skincareroutine #cocoa #coffeelover #coffeeaddict #coffee #whiteshirt #bluejeans
Ankit Gulati profile pic
126.4k Followers , Food, Travel & Fashion Blogger😎
Ankit Gulati at Mamaearth, ,  photos
Mothers 🤱are creators and an immense source of strength. She🥰 is the one whom you can rely in your good and bad times. People might change😭 but #Mothers will always see hero in her child🤗🤗🤗. On this Mother's day I sincerely thanks🥰 mine as well as all mothers out there for giving utmost love, strength and Postivity👍. Lot of people value their ladies quite less as they are Non working but frankly if they are handling backend work successfully🤱 only than we are able to achieve our Goals. Love your Parents and do something good for them everyday♥️. Follow me at #Magicpin for more such moments and info.👍👍👍 #MothersTouch #MaaKeNuskhe #MamaEarth #MothersdaySpecial #LoveYourMom #ValueHerSacrifices #DoGoodForMomEveryday #PromiseYourselfForDoingGoodToHer #GodOnEarth #Ootd #Fashion #WhatsUpDelhi #GoldMagician #DayOutWithMom #MomIsBae
Tej Deep Singh Sodhi profile pic
87.5k Followers , #foodlover #digitalmarketer #chickenlover
Tej Deep Singh Sodhi at Mamaearth, ,  photos
#motherstouch Mother is like a root of a plant . Mother is like a breath of our body . Mother is a pillow who keeps supporting and pushing her child towards success . Noone in this world will ask you whether you had food or not . But the mother is the one who always thinks and ask us everyday that have I had food or not . She is the one who can give her own food to us but never let the child sleep in hunger . My mother is also the same as all the mothers in this world . She loves and cares for me a lot . Now it comes to #maakenuskhe . She always make a hair oil which is the mixture of coconut oil and amla and boils it together which strengthen my hairs and keeps it shinning. I am really thankful to #mamaearth for make a organic shampoo .Mamaearth’s\xa0Happy Heads shampoo gently cleanses and promotes healthy scalp and hair by removing the built-up residue from the\xa0scalp. It has Bhringraj & Amla for hair nourishment and Biotin which makes hair thick. I am free from harmful chemicals like SLS, paraben, phthalate, dyes and artificial fragrance. Use it for clean and healthy scalp by deeply nourishing your hair from roots to tips. Thank you #mom and #mamaearth for making my hairs soo strong and shiny . #happymothersday to all . 😘😘😘😘😘😘😘
Naina Grover profile pic
36.5k Followers , 🌺Create your own style, let it be unique for yourself and be identifiable for others!"🌺 Keep supporting! Keep loving!💕 For business enquiries, contact:
Naina Grover at Mamaearth, ,  photos
#MothersTouch Noone can replace my love for My NAANI MAA❤❤❤ And the picture itself is evident enough to define the bond between a grandmother and a granddaughter. #BESTBeautyTip She always taught me to WEAR SMILE RATHER THAN WRINKLES to stay healthy and it is good to take care of your skin as in times of gold, the village air was refreshing and not so polluting like the city life these days. But always try to use natural products rather than chemicals.
Here are few lines to express my love for her:
Your lips whisper softly, kind words of praise,❤
Your strong hands caress cold fears away.❤
Your shining eyes glow, from sweet peace within,❤
Your silver hair reveals the years you have seen.😎
Your tender heart beats, with a kind gentle love,💓
Your soul carries peace, from your Lord up above.😍 Your arms reach to hold, all those that you bless,💁
To welcome us all, in the warmth of your nest.
Your spirit responds, to the tears that we cry,😭
Your thoughts remain calm, with God as your guide.💁👩‍👩‍👦‍👦
Your back may be sore, from the years of great care,😍
Yet, your face fills with warmth, from the love that you bear.✌
Your prayers lift the burdens, so we will not fall,❤
Your love is so precious, that you give to us all.👩‍👩‍👦‍👦
Thank you dear Grandmother, YOU we adore.😎💓💓
Prerna R Nikam profile pic
Prerna R Nikam at Mamaearth, ,  photos

In the current pandemic situation worldwide Mamaearth has taken such a nice intiatiative
chose me as a one of the #GoodnessAmbassador for that I'm really greatful.

This sanitizer is built according to WHO guidelines.
1. Triclosan Free
2. Dermatologycally tested.
3. SLS free.(Sodium Lauryl\xa0Sulphate). .
Thanks for sending me these sanitizer to pass onto the needy ones.

Our real heroes domestic vendors, delivery boys, watchman, lift operator needs their weapon to fight against #covid19
Cos they are risking their lives for us to stay safe 💪 Mamaearth

#stayhome #staysafe

Don't create fear & let's all together #fightcovid19
. #coronavirusprecautions #handsanitizers #coronavirus #covid_19 #mamaearth #mamaearthproducts
Lavishka Arora profile pic
141.4k Followers , I have a spicy tooth, but who can say ‘no’ to a beautiful dessert after a satisfying meal? 😜
Lavishka Arora at Mamaearth, ,  photos
#MamaEarth #MadeSafe

With changing time, people have shifted to organic home solutions to calling services at Urban Clap to get shiny hair or glowy skin.

In this big world of messy chemical filled products that are bad for your skin and hair in the long run, #MamaEarth offers #MadeSafe products for our skin and hair. They have an amazing line of baby products too!

#MothersTouch is not only about the beauty tips that have been passing down the lineage but also about the amazing products that we explore together. We have our mother-daughter time every now and then, when we apply #MamaEarth’s C3 face mask and watch comedy movies.

The completely organic mask does wonders for your skin. It is effective in removing tan and blemishes. Priced at ₹599, this is definitely a must buy. Also you can get ₹300 off by using vouchers from magicpin!

#MothersTouch #C3FaceMask #MaaKeNuskhe
Megha  Gupta profile pic
Megha  Gupta at Mamaearth, ,  photos
Hair is the most important part of our personality.
Good and healthy hair enhance our personality gives us a perfect look. I was tensed for my reducing hair density and continuous hairfall becouse of stress. One fine day my sister suggested me this amazing permanent solution for my hair health by @mamaearth onion hair mask with onion oil and organic bamboo vinegar.

Onion oil is knowm for working on roots of hair straightening them and reducing hairfall.

Onion oil reduces hairfall repairs already damged hair also restores nutrients

It makes hair thick and strong and give it a natural shine.
I feel my hair is growing thicker, stronger and shiny. I strongly recommend this amazing permanent solution for my hair.
Go for guys! Its worth trying #mamaearth #magicpinxmamaearth #mothernaturemagic
#fromnaturewithlove #switchtolove #safetouse #themeghagupta #beautyblogger

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