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Who are magicians?

Magicians are a bunch of cool people who like to explore new places and share their experience with others. We give huge visibility on app for all magicians, and they are the ones who inspire others on the app.

What is a magician’s badge?

Magician’s badge indicates the quantity and quality of activities done by a Magician. It is indicated by a hat icon on the profile of the MagicPin user. The top most level is Gold and it is a elite level of the programme. Only top 10% of the magicians get to be gold every month. The next 20-30% of the magicians are Silver Level and the entry level is Bronze.

What are the perks of being a magician?

Bronze - You get a one time merchandise and invite to Xclusive Magicians’ meetup.
Silver - you get limited exclusive cashback code along with all bronze level perks
Gold - You get 100% cashback code and all the silver/bronze level perks.

What is a Magicians’ meetup?

The meet-ups are a great way of meeting Magicians as well as other active MagicPin users. There are many games and activities planned for the Magicians.

What is a caption?

Caption is the description you add to your post telling about your experience.

What is the suggested pattern of a caption?

Start with one hashtag that will describe your entire experience. eg #FrozenDelights #Collegeouting etc After your first hashtag, write your caption detailing your experience. Please be specific in your captions. Talk about a particular thing/dish you liked at that outlet. Try to be as grammatically correct as possible. End with couple of more hashtags which will go in with your post. Try not to include more than 5 hashtags.